Black Warrior Chen Peide unveiled the Taekwondo Center

“Black Warrior” Chen Peide unveiled the Taekwondo Center
On the 7th of January, Zhao Lei, former deputy director of the Boxing Taekwondo Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport, was sentenced to 10 years in prison by the Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court for bribery.The anti-corruption punch of the Chinese sports world finally hit the National Games!The day before yesterday, the anti-black warrior and the former director of the Zhejiang Sports Bureau Chen Peide said: In the past, many things were wrapped up, and now in the context of the central government’s anti-corruption efforts, these have been exposed.This is the first official sentenced because of the National Games, but I think he (Zhao Lei) will not be the last. With such anti-corruption efforts, it is definitely a good thing for the development of Chinese sports!Chen Peide (Information) There are four major problems in the National Games. In 2001, Chen Peide and Song Weiping set off a black sweeping storm in football, so they have the title of black sweeping fighters.In fact, in addition to fighting against corrupt officials and players in the fake ball and black whistle in the football circle, Chen Peide has also been fighting the shady of the National Games.Regarding the problems of the National Games, Chen Peide concluded that there are four points: First, record-breaking projects (such as track and field), mainly by taking stimulants to improve performance.Second, the whistle-blowing items (such as football) are mainly won by buying referees.Third, scoring projects (such as gymnastics) are to do well the work of the center’s leaders and referees in advance to achieve the gold medal’s stated purpose.The fourth is in terms of athletes’ qualifications, some are mercenaries who do not follow normal procedures, and others are age-based.I think these four points are the main problems of the National Games.I once mentioned the Taekwondo Center with the Central Inspection Team. In July last year, the Central Inspection Team entered the State Sports General Administration. At that time, the inspection team called Chen Peide to give him some views on the shady scene of the sports circle.Chen Peide said that he wrote a report to the inspection team: I later saw the inspection team’s summary report, which quoted some of the original words in the report I wrote.  Afterwards, Chen Peide also accepted the inspection team’s call, and the inspection team hoped that he could go to Beijing to discuss in detail.Therefore, Chen Peide immediately bought a flight ticket to Beijing and chatted with the members of the inspection team for a long time.I told the inspection team that some management centers had problems, and (I) mentioned the Taekwondo Center.In the previous Taekwondo competition, there was such a problem of falling over when you touched it, which must arouse the awareness of all parties.