Don’t let the mood be rainy

Don’t let the mood be “rainy”

The continuous spring rain, the sticky air, and the grey sky become “more dense”.
Under this sky, our mood “can’t help it” has become “grey” and “rainy”.
“So depressed”, “exhausted” and “so boring” have become our mantras.
I wondered, where was the happy and passionate you hiding?
Why does it all get so bad?
How can we reproduce the “clear sky”?
In this regard, psychologists said that temperature, humidity, air pressure, sunlight, etc. in our lives will affect mood.
In spring, it is cold and hot, low air pressure, high humidity, and rain and rain, and the sun is rare. Those depressed and irritable negative emotions are more likely to come in, and the mental illness is more likely to be repeated.
An epidemiological survey at the University of Munich in Germany also found that human emotions are closely related to climate change.
For example, in hazy weather, the sky is dark and the air is dirty, which easily stimulates the visual center of the brain, causing people to have depression and pessimism.
Emotion transfer method 1. Go to exercise.
During exercise, the brain releases endorphins, a veritable excitatory hormone.
Therefore, doing more sports, such as running, jogging, yoga, playing ball, dancing, etc., can help you get rid of stress and stay alive.
2. Close to nature.
The famous French writer Moaro believes that the most extensive and benevolent sanctuary is nature.
The vastness of forests, mountains, and the sea makes individuals seem small.
The grudges between people are not worth mentioning, and the trauma of the soul can be soothed.
Therefore, if you put yourself in the embrace of nature, go to the mountains and look at the flowers and plants, all your worries will drift away with the wind, and your mood will return to peace.
It is recommended to set foot in the countryside on weekends to experience nature.
If the economic situation and time permit, it is better to let go of your work and travel for a while to enjoy complete relaxation.
3. Talk to a friend.
Bacon said, “If you tell happiness to a friend, two people will share happiness, if you pour out sorrow to a friend, you will be divided into half sorrow.
“So, when you are unhappy, you can find out your friends and have a chat, and talk about your bad emotions in order to get the sympathy, enlightenment and comfort of your friends.
At the same time, you can get more emotional support and understanding as you talk about your troubles.
4. Listen to music and sing.
Music helps to regulate emotions. When you are in a bad mood, don’t forget to listen to your favorite song, or open your throat to express a song that expresses your mood at the moment.
With singing, your feelings of depression, depression, or sadness can be released.
5, shouting to solve Qian worry.
When the heart is depressed, you will feel a breath of gas in your heart, and you will feel uncomfortable without venting it.
At this time, you can go to the open place and make a shout of your heart.
When you shout, try to confide what you feel depressed.
The more authentic and thorough this disclosure is, the better.

Tips for women discharging to men


Tips for women discharging to men

“Funny is an act of pleasure, because people are happy because they have charm.

And because women are inherently more sensitive than men, generally the woman sends a provocative signal first and controls the rhythm of the whole provocative action. The man is usually the passive one.

“This provocative process is called” discharging “,” it feels like an electric shock “, and” calling “means that there is a feeling.

  Maybe many women think that beautiful women are often full of power and very attractive to men.

In fact, although appearances play a very important part in attracting the opposite sex, there are other ways to enhance their attractiveness: choosing appropriate environmental bars, cafes, dance halls and other public places is a good place to meet the opposite sex.

The dim lights in the venue can make the outline look better, soft music helps to create a romantic atmosphere, and strong music can make people feel more open and enthusiastic.

  Those who know how to “discharge” and release “signals” are more popular with both men and women.

Experiments have shown that taking women as an example, if 35 “courtship signals” are issued in one hour, they can attract the attention of four men on average.

However, it should be noted that the signal cannot be the same when sending the signal, and the mode must be constantly changed.

  Outstanding clothing dresses Ladies should apply a little fat powder to make themselves more visible in the crowd, while men do not prevent them from showing their social form with a straight suit or mature clothes.

  Appropriate eye contact uses the “window of the soul” to communicate. It is an extremely important part of the “discharge” process. It is best to maintain eye contact for one or two seconds, because too long will make you feel uncomfortable, but too short and easyNeglected.

The eyes that refuse to return can best catch the eyes of others.

  For the right conversation, try to open each other’s boxes with a more humorous sentence.

Personalized content can touch your own education or simple background, so as to find common ground with the other party and increase the intimacy of each other.

Siesta for more than thirty minutes

Siesta for more than thirty minutes

It is said that Lianhe Zaobao reported that a recent survey of 1,000 office workers in the United Kingdom showed that 3/4 of the stakeholders will have “nap syndrome” after lunch.

  Most of these office workers reach their peak work efficiency at 12 noon, and then go downhill, especially between 2 pm and 4 pm.

  In two hours, people will feel extremely tired, dull, always unable to work hard, work efficiency becomes low, and they are particularly prone to errors. These are all manifestations of “nap syndrome”.

And men have more severe symptoms than women.

  Experts believe that a large number of reasons for the “nap syndrome” are that many office workers love high-sugar foods at lunch, or high-fat foods that are difficult to digest, such as french fries, hamburgers, and fried chicken.

In addition, in order to save time, some office workers ask takeaway to eat before imitation.

Experts recommend that you do not stay for a few hours before you are allowed, it is best to go to a nearby restaurant for lunch, or occasionally go out and breathe in fresh air. These all maintain good physical and mental conditions, and people can afford to cope with the whole

  Experts Experts, don’t blindly suppress your drowsiness. When you are sleepy at noon, you should take a short nap, which will help improve your attention and work efficiency.

  However, you must pay attention to the time of your nap.

After a healthy siesta, 15 minutes to 30 minutes is most suitable.

A NASA scientist once conducted a study that found that a 24-minute siesta can most effectively improve the driver’s attention and performance.

If you sleep for too long, you will have mild headaches for the first half hour and general weakness, which is caused by “sleep inertia” and is not conducive to afternoon work.

  So, a truly healthy nap is longer than 30 minutes.

And develop a habit of taking a regular siesta every day.

Yuxingcao decoction bath for urethritis

Yuxingcao decoction bath for urethritis

Reader Zheng Xia of Lanxi, Zhejiang: When I was a child, I always saw my grandmother planting grass in the yard, especially in summer.

Sometimes I saw my grandmother cut off some of this grass, washed it and put it in a pot to fry water. Later, I saw her washing her lower body with this water. I was surprised, so I asked my grandmother why?

She told me that this is Houttuynia cordata. Use it to fry the water, drink it to cool down and reduce fire. If you wash it, you can treat frequent urination and have a good effect.

Since then, I remember Houttuynia cordata.

Not long ago, a little sister became ill and said it was a urinary tract infection. She wanted to urinate all day long, but it was painful and itchy, and she was distressed. I introduced her to this formula, which was cheap and convenient. She tried it. NoJust a few days.

  Liu Yongheng, Doctor of Oncology, Guang’anmen Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences: Houttuynia cordata, named after its strong fishy smell in its leaves.

It has good antipyretic, detoxifying, broad-spectrum antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and damp-wet effects, so it has certain curative effects on frequent urination and dysuria caused by bacterial infections.

  For external use, Houttuynia cordata, 10-30 grams of dried product (double the fresh product), simmer in a bath.

It should be reminded that because Houttuynia cordata contains volatile oil, it should not be fried for a long time.

This recipe applies only to women.

Moreover, once the condition worsens, you should go to the hospital in time.

6 causes of premature ovarian failure in white-collar women

6 causes of premature ovarian failure in white-collar women

Introduction: The menopause of women in the modern workplace is greatly advanced, and the phenomenon of premature ovarian failure occurs. There are many causes of premature ovarian failure, which have a great relationship with psychology, environment, diet, disease and even heredity.

The causes of premature ovarian failure in white-collar women are as follows: 1. Psychological factors.

Poor emotional conduction Reduces secretion of immune-active substances in the body.

Strong mood swings or sudden huge mental stimuli alter central nervous system changes, cause menstrual disorders, and cause premature ovarian failure.

Frequent business trips, changes in the environment, and emotional stress can also cause menstrual disorders.

2. Infectious factors.

Mumps in young girls can be combined with ovarian inflammation and eventually develop premature ovarian failure.

3. Environmental factors.

Rubber products, flame retardants, pesticides, plastic products, antioxidant metabolite 4-ethylene, tobacco, etc., endanger human reproductive function.

4, living eating habits.

Women who fall asleep after 23:00 due to lack of sleep, poor sleep quality will affect immunity, cause menstrual disorders, premature ovarian failure.

Long-term birth control and drug weight loss cause malnutrition and lack of protein, which can cause premature ovarian failure.

Adolescence is the stage of ovarian development. If you wear tight underwear and make it develop and evolve, your ovaries are vulnerable.

5, menstruation, marriage and childbirth history.

The menarche is earlier in menopause and the menarche is later in menopause.

Menopause time is related to the initial number of follicles and the rate of follicular failure.

Repeated egg retrieval or ovulation-promoting drugs for birth can also cause premature ovarian failure.

6, genetic history, previous surgery history.

Chromosomal abnormalities, menopause before the age of 40 years, and a history of pelvic surgery are risk factors for premature ovarian failure

Watch out for heart trouble in the office

Watch out for “heart trouble” in the office

Not long ago, China Human Resources Development Network launched the “2005 Chinese Mental Health of Employees” survey.
Of the 5,000 people surveyed, 25.
04% have a certain level of mental health problems, which means that one in every four respondents has mental health problems.
Further data analysis shows that the psychological health problems often encountered by the respondents are: feeling unhappy, depressed, irritable, hesitant, doubtful or despising themselves, always feeling that they are not important in their work.
  In life, we are all concerned about our physical health, but we often overlook our mental health.
Competition in the workplace is intensifying. Long-term psychological pressure has caused serious imbalances in the workplace, which has led to the emergence of mental health problems, which directly affect their work and life.
  Inferiority and inability to see your own value Wang Wang 璞 25years old magazine editor
In the year she left Shanghai, she became more and more plain and unaffected by the influence of simple folk customs in Bianyushan Village.
Two years ago, she applied to be an editor at the current magazine.
Naturally short and unobtrusive, she always deals with her appearance and clothing in the simplest and most economical way.
Wang Yan is very personal. She has just joined the work, she is passionate about everything, she is conscientious and responsible, and she has a lot of energy. She works hard and is happy.
Wang Ye’s writing is good, so the magazine agency asked her to take charge of the more important fashion sections.
  But this arrangement annoys a bunch of beauties in the office: Does she know fashion?
No matter how good the writing is, don’t look at your own morals . The words of wind and wind are constantly pouring into Wang Xi’s ear.
Wang Ye looked around, and the beauties dressed in fashion drifted past her like a scene of moving scenes; then look at herself, the bottom of the box, facing the sky, like a cute village aunt.
This episode interrupted her excitement by half, and she no longer felt right about walking, and went wherever there were few people.
She also tried to change her image with fashionable dressing, but the “plain” in her bones made her unable to “foreign”.
  Wang Biwen’s pen is really good, but it is an airy style.
But the most attractive aspect of fashion is the kind of charm and enchantment that is essentially reflected, including text.
This undoubtedly presents another problem for Wang Ye. The so-called text is like him, and Wang Ye’s words are also plain and plain.
Soon the leader also discovered this problem and gave her the opportunity to change, but it is easier to change a person’s writing style in a short period of time, and her advantages are gradually overwhelmed.
In the end, the leader also gave up and pulled her out of the fashion section.
  Constant frustration made Wang Xi’s self-confidence disappear little by little. She could not see her own value, and her original health and liveliness had disappeared.
She looks forward to her change and strives to make it happen.
Later, she really changed, but she became sensitive, fragile, and timid. She is no longer the original Wang Xi.
  A low diploma made her mentally unbalanced. Lin Linxi, a 32-year-old employee of a trading company, graduated from an adult college. She entered the company through a friend relationship, also known as “opening the back door”.
But when she joined the company, it was the time when the three generations of the old, the young, the young, and the middle generations alternated. In addition, she was smart and active enough to cope with the work, so her disadvantage was not obvious.
  However, with the retirement of older employees in batches, the number of new college students has continued to increase, and the company has gradually expanded. Gradually, Lin Xi feels that coping is no longer easy.
First of all, her diploma is not worth mentioning in front of the famous university students. Secondly, foreign trade, language is the key. Previously, everyone’s foundation was not good, so she can still support, not to mention that, after all, she was young and depended on it.Self-study is still okay to deal with ordinary work, but now the first thing that new employees pass is the language barrier, so Lin Xi’s shortcomings quickly become apparent.
Some important customers and lists have gradually become the treasures of those excellent younger generations, while Lin Xi’s work is becoming more and more marginalized.
  She was not convinced. After all, she was not old enough and wanted to go to tuition in her spare time.
But in the end, people are in their thirties and have just given birth to their children. With this energy, it is enough to cope with their current work and life. How can they make time to learn English?
Looking at the young man’s high toes, he couldn’t swallow that breath.
  Sometimes, it is normal for work to collide with colleagues, but in Lin Xi ‘s view, others always think that others are intentionally embarrassed, and bullying her does not have a good diploma. Therefore, she often fights for a little thing to be blushing with red eyes.Domineering posture.
Over time, colleagues in the office began to alienate her intentionally or unintentionally, which made her feel more aggrieved, and her temper became more and more irritable and irritable, sometimes it was unreasonable, and colleagues who knew her said that she had changed.
  When she was calm, Lin Xi also regretted and was very distressed, but her stubborn personality made her unable to put down her posture and had to hold her back.
This situation made her very scared, afraid that she would be out of control, and even more afraid that such an emotion would one day affect her family life, which was a result she did not want to see.
 Constant hard work makes her exhausted. 炎 Zhao Yan, 29-year-old assistant to the head of the securities company, Zhao Yan graduated from a prestigious university with a lovely appearance and a beautiful figure.All this made her confident in her future, and her parents, relatives and friends were very optimistic about her.

After work, her ingenuity made her the best among employees.

So, after seeing her strength, she hoped to design goals for the future and work hard.

She was praised for her excellent work, and of course attracted a lot of gossip and sarcasm.

Zhao Yan’s easy-going personality made Zhao Yan take all this very lightly. She would not take into account that others only think that she only cares about her own development and leadership.

  However, Zhao Yan’s efforts did not bring her due return, even if it was a positive from the leader.

In the second year after taking part in the work, the leader orally praised the employees who had worked hard and had outstanding performance at the work summary meeting at the end of the year, without her.

This is indeed a big blow for Zhao Yan, because it shows that she is part of the leadership and also an evaluation of her work.

She was very unhappy, but she couldn’t say clearly, let alone talk to a leader.

Of course, Zhao Yan still has confidence in herself. She firmly believes that, depending on her abilities and performance, she will soon and quickly lead the leaders to look at her.

After that, Zhao Yan began to work harder, working much more than 8 hours a day.

Because Zhao Yan University’s major is finance and her intentions, her market analysis report is always the most convincing.

The leader gradually began to value her ability and essence, and often re-ran some important tasks to her to implement and deal with, which made Zhao Yan see hope again.

  As a result, Zhao Yan gave up almost all of her spare time. Every day, except eating and sleeping, was work.

But she is willing, because this is the only way she can achieve her goals.

The company has regulations that new employees can compete for middle-level cadres after three years of outstanding work.

Finally in 2003, Zhao Yan was promoted to the backbone of the company’s business, but this painless “book cover” left her depressed for a long time.

In any case, she still had a little gain and affirmation, and went one step further from her goal, although this step was not great.

Zhao Yan felt that what she lacked most now was English, so tutoring English became another focus for her.

  Last year, Zhao Yansheng, who has performed well in various fields, served as the assistant to the department head. However, at this time, she was no longer happy. She felt from physical exhaustion-she had worked very hard and her performance was very good, but she was affirmed by her.Always so shy.

29 years old is no longer young for women, and she has not enjoyed love so far.

As she gets older, her advantages will gradually disappear, and the newcomers are prepared, which makes her feel more stressed.

Zhao Yan couldn’t see her future more and more. She began to worry, irritable, and work for her own future.

  Experts remind that the pressure caused by salary distribution, work performance and personal development has penetrated into all aspects of our work and life.

This kind of pressure can cause some mental illness in professional people at different levels.

  Zhang Xichao, a lecturer at the Institute of Human Resources and Management Psychology, School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University, put forward the concept of “occupational stress management” in response to this phenomenon.

The concept is not to completely eliminate this pressure, but to alleviate or disperse it.

  There are many ways to decompress, you can go on a trip to relax, you can strengthen physical fitness, you can seek the emotional care of relatives and friends, you can also learn some time management methods, improve work efficiency and work skills, and so on.

There are a variety of methods, and one of the fundamental principles is: either change your response to the situation, or change the way you look at the situation.

  There is a short story about stress management: the trainer picked up a glass of water in the classroom, and then asked the audience: “How much do you think this glass of water is?

“Some say it’s half a catty, some say it’s a catty, and the lecturer says,” The weight of this glass of water is not important. What’s important is how long you can take it?

Take one minute, anyone can; take an hour, you may feel sore; take a day, you may have to go to the hospital.

Actually this glass of water has the same weight, but the longer you hold it, the more heavy you feel.

It’s like we are under pressure. If we keep putting pressure on ourselves, we will definitely feel more and more unbearable in the end.

What we have to do is put down this glass of water, take a break and then pick up this glass of water so that we can hold it longer.

Therefore, you should put down the pressure you bear in time and take a good rest after you shorten it, and then pick it up again, so that you can take longer.

“The workplace has left everyone with sweat and pain, and also records laughter and achievements.

Relaxing your mind and putting your mind right can really turn work into something you can look forward to.

Decryption: details of women how much men care

Decryption: details of women how much men care

The attitude of the Chen Xian Trading Company’s 31-year-old married for three years: Absolutely care about attention: ★★★★★ Because of working relationship, I often participate in some negotiations or business receptions, such dressing requirements are very high.

  Over time, I started to pay attention to my wife’s dress.

I remember when I first got married, my wife always asked me for advice.

I can look at her casually and find her problem.

For example, necklaces and earrings do not match, shoes and handbags are not the right color, and so on.

If I go out with me like this, I will always feel awkward, as if the cheekbones are in my throat.

Later, the wife who got fucked was annoyed by herself. Her working environment was not necessary so strict. According to me, she was not qualified every day.

I have come to think that professional women’s clothing is very important, which can not help but represent personal taste, but also shows that your life is good.

Especially in small details, if my company’s employees wear beautiful clothes, but the shoes are not clean, I would not realize her.

  Opinion: I don’t know if it is a blessing to find such a man.

To be honest, most of the demands of Chinese people for their appearance now only stay at a good or bad level.

Not many people really understand self and taste.

So how to wear is considered correct, it is really difficult to say clearly.

  The editor of Jinqiao Magazine was 30 years old and married for one year. Attitude: It ‘s just a trick for advertisers. I do n’t want to follow the attention: ★★ It is reasonable to say that half of my wife is dressed for me, at least a half, or a quarter, IIt should be responsible.

But I found that no matter how seriously I came up with an idea, she always had to change the outfit I said was bad.

There is also the color of the lipstick, and you may have to change it before going out.

I want to tell her that everything looks good, but she is not satisfied with what she wears.

Later I had to use negation to maintain dignity.

It ‘s really serious to wear it like this; it ‘s just a little bit better than a ghost.

In fact, I think the so-called details match is just a trick for advertisers to cheat women. I don’t want to follow suit.

  Opinion: Typical men who are tortured by women.

In fact, they pay more attention to women’s details, but they are reluctant to say more because of fear.

Women must not turn men into this, or the world will be turned upside down.

  Zhang Fengxiang Electrical Engineer 28-year-old married for six months Attitude: Do n’t ask me, I ca n’t know the concerns: ★★ Our wardrobe is big enough, and I do n’t know how many clothes my wife has.

  But she didn’t feel enough, and she had to make countless combinations of these clothes when she was fine.

Just group as you like, she must ask me to express my opinion seriously.

I am of course “pretty”, but my wife said that I lied to her, so I said this was not good, that was not good, and my wife said that I hit her.

Later, I had to be vague: “It looks good, but if you try it that way,” my wife is very satisfied.

God knows, I ‘m a student of electrical automation, how can I see that pink-blue top ca n’t be matched with a pearl necklace, but should be paired with a crystal.

Especially when my wife asked me which pair of earrings was more suitable for her eyeshadow color, I made an idiot look, which was pretty good.

  Opinion: Smart men, they probably don’t really care about women’s details, but they basically belong to the type of sister-in-law.

But women should never listen to them, otherwise they will lose their lives when they go out and can only blame their unwillingness.

  Attorney Gu Fang’s 35-year-old attitude for ten years of marriage: very concerned, improving the details must be a good thing. Attention: ★★★★ I remember taking my wife to a friend’s party and found that the wife who was always calm was very strange that dayGesturing like a foreigner.

I stared for a long time, only to find that she had painted a bright and strange flower on the index finger of her right hand, and it was very eye-catching.

I secretly laughed. The conservative and introverted wife actually had such a thought, and she changed her listlessness.

I was very happy, so I hinted that she was so beautiful, and her old friends could easily talk and laugh with her.

My wife didn’t like too fancy dress, but I think if she is willing to put some effort on lipstick or scarf, it will definitely change her image. This is definitely a good thing for us.

  Opinion: A good man, knowing the details is also a way, and better at appreciating the details.However, most of his actions are still emotional, if women really ask him technical questions, I am afraid to think twice.

  Zhuanghe Real Estate Manager’s 25-year-old unmarried attitude: The details are very important. I absolutely have to supervise her attention: One of my female colleagues has lost a client due to an exaggerated corset.

This lesson made everyone dare not to be sloppy.

My girlfriend is doing insurance sales. She has a great body. You can say that everything is beautiful.

Once she wore a straight skirt, but a pair of black mesh socks, and I was scared to let her change.

Going out like this, those men don’t have a long nosebleed.

I think like most men, the more hot the other wife’s wife wears, the better, and you ca n’t show others your things.

Especially in the face of customers, others are likely to be misled by such details about your attitude towards the whole person.

From then on, as long as it is working time, I will carefully check her clothes and makeup. The more you work outside, the more you need to dress decently.

  Opinion: It can’t be said that this is a selfish man, and women sometimes inadvertently show up, it will indeed amplify a lot of content.

So I hope that more sexy women, be careful, not just the height of the skirt and the collar, sometimes the red rope above the thin pedals will change the way others look at you.

  Wulang advertising planner married at 26 years old. Attitude: Even if I am a makeup artist, I’m already dizzy. Attention: ★★ I admit that I am very sensitive to color, but as soon as my wife is faced, this sensitivity becomes an idiot.

  Her black people were very white, but she wanted to be “whiter”.

Or just change a dozen eye shadows and ask me where I am relatively.

Plus a dozen lipsticks, a dozen eyeliners, a dozen eyebrow pencils, I think even if I’m a makeup artist, I’m already dizzy.

I had to pretend to do some serious research, and then tell her what she hadn’t tried.

The wife looked suspiciously. God testified that I would also like her to be more beautiful, but there is really no need for me to turn this off. It is simply a game of cat and mouse-I believe, if I were a blind manShe may be able to dress more decently.

  Pclady commented: A woman is naturally a genius in dress. Unless he is a professional, don’t expect him to pick out the one you are satisfied with in hundreds of colors.

So women do n’t have to sculpt details like this.

Many times, tedious collocation is just a psychological comfort for women.

  Friendship reminds women skills: A.

Most men are not as interested in details as you are.

For those big men who can wear socks in two colors, too much detailing can only make you more like a “woman”.


The perfect detail is your extension of the taste of the dress. Maybe you should teach him how to appreciate and then guide him to make comments on you.


For anyone other than you, your details are the clearest to you.

Don’t change your beautiful hair just because of wearing beautiful earrings.

Too many details naturally contradict each other. At this time, simplicity is the best.


Sometimes advertisements can really mislead you, and maybe even the inventors don’t know how much worse than dozens of lipsticks in one color series.


Finally, ask a man when you are really unsure.

If you obey, he will definitely become your most reliable image consultant.

  Small survey: Survey question: How much attention do men pay to details.

  Respondents: 25-35 years old male.

  The first time you meet, will you notice the details of her dress?

  Will 25.

5% will not be 59% depending on the situation15.

5% Do you like women who have special details?
  Like 26% dislike 37.

8% doesn’t matter 36.

Will 2% just the right details change your impression of her?
  59% will not 22.

5% don’t know 17.

5% Would you like to answer a woman’s inquiry about the details of the dress?

  Yes 39% Don’t want 48% Don’t care 13%

What can a woman eat with weak blood and energy?

What can a woman eat with weak blood and energy?

Women’s sensitivity to qi and blood is much greater than men’s, so they should pay more attention to qi and blood, otherwise it will definitely affect the quality of life.
The following is a brief introduction on how women adjust qi and blood.

Look at these.

.hzh {display: none; }  我们经常说一个人体虚、身子不强健,一般这种虚弱是分为两大类而言的。One is deficiency of qi and the other is deficiency of blood.

When our body is unwell, it is usually caused by insufficient blood.

So if you want to regulate your body, you need to start with nourishing blood.

  1. The main manifestations of the body with blood deficiency and blood deficiency are: pale and pale, pale lips, dizziness, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia and more dreams, dry stools, women’s menstrual period, light and pale, light tongue, and slipperyShaojin, weak pulse, etc .: Tonic should be used to nourish blood, nourish blood, and produce blood. The blood tonic can be selected from Angelica sinensis, Ejiao, Shudi, Mulberry, etc.

  Food for blood deficiency: black bone chicken, black sesame, walnut meat, longan meat, chicken, pig blood, pork liver, brown sugar, red beans, etc., can often be replaced.

  Blood deficiency food products: 荸荠, garlic; Corresponding: Angelica cooked land chicken; Huaishan sirloin pot; Huai Judai fish; rose Huai Ju dew; avoid or eat less: seaweed, grass cardamom, lotus leaf, white wine, mint,Chrysanthemum, betel nut, raw radish, etc.

  2. The main manifestations of Qi-deficiency and Qi-deficiency are: lack of qi, laziness, fatigue, low voice, shortness of breath, easy sweating, dizziness, palpitations, paleness, loss of appetite, asthma, spontaneous sweating, prolapse, prolapse of uterus, Tongue pale and fat, tongue marks, weak pulses, etc., for functional decline, may not necessarily be diseased, Qi deficiency requires qi, qi for qi supplementation can be ginseng, astragalus, codonopsis, etc.

  Tonic deficiency food: beef, chicken, pork, glutinous rice, soybeans, white lentils, jujube, catfish, carp, quail, scallion, shrimp, mushrooms, etc.

Can often choose alternate clothes.

  Qi deficiency food products: hawthorn, bergamot, betel nut, garlic, scallion, radish, coriander (cilantro), turnip (rutabaga), pepper, pepper, middle finger, perilla leaf, mint, lotus leaf; not eat orEat less: buckwheat, grapefruit, mandarin, kumquat, kumquat, orange, coriander, raw radish, ground skull, mustard, coriander, Junda, amomum, chrysanthemum, tea and tobacco and tobacco.

  Correspondingly: Huaishan lily lotus seed soup; Shenyao suckling pigeon; spiced beef; peanut rice and jujube burned pork trotters; 3, a total of females with anemia or blood deficiency have symptoms of blood deficiency, such as dizziness often occurs,Dizziness, dull complexion, insomnia, dreaminess, irregular menstruation, etc., and people with blood deficiency constitution are often thin and weak, with poor physical fitness.

  You can often eat foods for nourishing blood and nourishing blood, such as spinach, black beans, carrots, amaranth, lotus root, black fungus, chicken, pork, lamb, sea cucumber, etc .; fruits can be mulberry, grapes, red dates, longan and so on.

At the same time, it can also be used in combination with traditional Chinese medicine to supplement the blood. Commonly used blood tonics include angelica, saffron, saffron, Chuanxiong, Baiji, Ejiao, etc.

Using these Chinese medicines and blood-enriching foods to make delicious medicinal meals, such as angelica ginger mutton soup, gelatin stewed rice wine, Siwu chicken soup, etc., has a good effect of nourishing blood.

  4. Qi deficiency and blood deficiency Qi and blood deficiency generally appear in anemia, leukocytopenia, thrombocytopenia, major bleeding, women’s menstruation, etc. The main manifestations are: both Qi deficiency and blood deficiency manifestations, Tonic should use Yiqi Shengxue, training qi and blood, qi and blood.

  Corresponding expectations: Qi and blood: bonito tofu soup; qi and blood tonic soup; medicated chicken; women with qi and qi deficiency often show symptoms such as weak complexion, pale face, fatigue, high leucorrhea, irregular menstrual cycle and other symptoms.

  Some qi-enriching drugs can be used for conditioning, such as ginseng, astragalus, atractylodes, jujube, licorice to stew chicken or ribs to qi.

Ginseng tonic has a certain degree of particularity. Use ginseng tonic at home should be extra careful. It should be based on a small dose and short course of treatment. It is best to consult a doctor before taking it.

Qi deficiency women should eat more radish, jujube, pork rib soup and other qi-enriching foods in autumn and winter seasons; on the medicine supplement, you can drink the “four gentleman soup” made of astragalus, ginseng, atractylodes and licorice.

Watch small gestures to expose your relationship

Watch small gestures to expose your relationship

When couples get along, many small movements can clearly indicate the reliability of the relationship between the two. Try to see these body language codes that represent the meaning of caress.

  Speech is pale and unreliable. Experts who study body language believe that more than 90% of the communication between men and women does not need to speak, so you can understand by analyzing your body language and some intimate little movements between you and your lover.The union of feelings between you.

  Holding in your hands when you are afraid of kissing a couple, holding each other’s face in your hands is one of the strongest and most natural feelings. This action has far exceeded the meaning of kissing itself.

Usually people do not need to design in advance when making this action, or an expression of near-instinct love, this action expresses the emotion that two people want to be completely isolated from the outside.

  The sweetest and most touching moment of hair mess is yours. He stares affectionately at your face and gently helps you to brush a strand of hair hanging on your face behind your ears . If this action is done in a large court,It’s tantamount to declaring to everyone that you are in a relationship.

If in the presence of only you two, this action represents his silent voice: I want to take good care of you.

  Don’t forget to honor your lover in the same way, why?

I am afraid that this must be changed from the perspective of chemistry. Primates are used to grooming their partners’ hair. This is a way of caring for each other. Therefore, you should also pick up this forgotten instinct and instill your love in each other.Body.

How do women respond to men’s touch?

  When you join the PARTY, you may have the following experience: in the crowd, when you are not ready, you gently squeeze his side, or he walks around you and suddenly grabs your waist from the back .Moving your feet usually chooses the way of anticipation, which is a natural behavior and contains a lot of playful elements.

The implicit word is: Remember us last night .?

In addition, you can make this kind of gentle hoeing, and the small twisting movement shows that they know the tolerance and habits of the other person’s body very well.

What couples do through this behavior is not physical pleasure, but psychological satisfaction.

  But be careful, if your move in the crowd contains the meaning of “marking”, something you want to express is: he is mine, take your paw away!

Then it means that your relationship hinders conflict and requires fresh motivation and vitality to sustain it.

  The conjoined baby walked side by side with two people walking on the street with broken bones proclaiming how harmonious you were. When you surrounded the cross on each other’s waist and advanced at the same pace, it also showed that you are not just couplesYou can also reach the realm of good buddies emotionally. When you face the world with this harmonious and unified attitude, it shows that you are a real couple. You not only feel like a fish in terms of emotions, but also build a trust.And mutual assistance.

  Except for the strangers who flirted in the row at the Pilohan bar, one sitting on the other’s leg was firstly a couple proclaiming their relationship and at the same time promoting their happiness.

Whether it is a man or a woman who sits on each other’s legs, at the beginning of the relationship between the two, this posture declares that your relationship has developed in depth, the depth of the relationship occurs, and this posture has the meaning of declaring territory.

  The most popular Pilohan sitting method is the seat belt type. The person who is used as a chair tightly embraces your waist from behind with his arms. This situation usually indicates that one of you is not very secure about this relationship. MaybeThere is a feeling of discomfort in the tightness of one party’s body. The true feelings are only known to the two of you.

  Hold hands!

Hold hands!
  Observe the couples who like to hold hands. Most of their hands are held tightly in their palms and their fingers are crossed, like the claws of two birds clasped together; perhaps you would think that they did so at will.When you hold hands in this way, you can easily transfer information to each other through the movements of your fingers. The tightness of your fingers also shows that your relationship is inseparable, and it is the most important gesture that can rub the degree of the relationship between the couple.

But this posture of holding hands usually also appears in those occasionally paired male and female playmates, especially two people who decide to be together temporarily unaccompanied at night, this posture will make you feel trust and dependence on each other.

In addition, the fingers holding hands will not make people feel nervous and awkward.

  The movement of leg friction under a table that no one else can see is using the friction of legs to communicate lightly. This is a common scene in public places.

Although you are already close, this little action is very provocative and full of sneaky adventures.

When the teased party leans their legs more towards the other side, or a woman puts a leg on a man’s thigh, let alone doubt the firmness of their relationship.

At the same time, this method is also suitable for one party who wants to draw the attention of the other party back to themselves. For example, women find that men have been watching the waitress for too long, and they will use this small gesture to remind him: it ‘s useless to see you.Gotta go home with me.

This trick is more brilliant than the effect of turning his face on the spot for a long time.

  Ominous body language may be the time to say goodbye when he has the following gesture of rejection.

  Inability to hold hands: This lack of passion is analyzed from the perspective of human physiology that he has tried to get away.

  Avoid eye contact: Men with other thoughts in their hearts are usually afraid to look directly into your eyes.

  Hug indifferent: A hug that makes you not feel love means that he is not happy with you.

  Routine kissing: If he’s absent-minded when kissing in public, it means his mind is no longer with you.

  In the communication between two people, the party who has research on body language behavior can often put aside the initiative, because they don’t need to ask, they can understand your mind by “seeing”.

Observe your other half, from the gestures when he speaks to the number of times he raises his eyebrows, and explore the inner world you may never notice or imagine.

Milk is the food of choice for calcium supplements

Milk is the food of choice for calcium supplements

Calcium supplement, milk is not a substitute for “milk is the best calcium supplement food”, Professor Jiang Zhuoqin is so prominent, “No food can provide the same calcium supplement effect as milk.”

  Professor Jiang Zhuoqin said that calcium is the most abundant inorganic element in the human body and has many important physiological functions.

If the body’s intake of calcium is insufficient, it will seriously endanger human life and health.

Frequent leg cramps, backaches, pain around the body, fatigue, fatigue, loose teeth, anorexia, dreaminess, insomnia, irritability and other symptoms may be a reaction to calcium deficiency, rickets, osteoporosis, etc.Therefore, calcium supplementation should be passed through a person’s life.

  Food is the main and primary source of human calcium.

The “Guide to the Diet of Chinese Residents” states that milk is the food of choice for calcium supplementation, and other foods are difficult to replace.

The reason is that milk is rich in calcium, the calcium content per 100 grams of milk reaches 110 mg, and the body’s absorption rate of calcium in milk can reach 40%.

The recommended daily intake of calcium for adults is 800 milligrams. The latest survey on the nutrition and health status of Chinese residents shows that higher adults can obtain 389 calcium from three meals a day, and the remaining 410 milligrams need to be passed through foods such as milk.To add.

  Professor Jiang Zhuoqin said that for Chinese people, drinking too little milk, the absorption is far from enough.

In the United States, 267 kg of dairy products are consumed each year by people.

In China, the average person consumes only 10 kg of milk per year.

For China, a country that mainly eats cereals, the amount of milk per capita is far from enough, and there is no problem of general overdose. Therefore, milk is still necessary or even necessary every day. It is the first choice for calcium supplementation., Or should promote “a glass of milk per person per day.”

  There are disadvantages to milk. “Any food has its advantages and disadvantages, and milk is no exception.

“Jiang Zhuoqin said.

There are many nutritional advantages of milk. For example, the minerals and trace elements in milk are in a dissolved state, and the proportion of various minerals is relatively suitable. It is easy to digest and absorb, especially the calcium content and absorption rate are high. The protein content in milkAlthough it is not high, it is high-quality protein with a digestibility rate of up to 98%; it contains 9 kinds of amino acids that are necessary for the human body in a proportion of more than 20 amino acids; it is also rich in vitamin A and B2; a small amount in milk isGlucose, the easiest to digest and absorb, can promote the absorption of calcium; and low in cholesterol, only 16 mg of cholesterol per 100 grams.

  But milk also has fatal flaws, that is, the aunt of milk is a saturated aunt, too much food will cause too much, and blood lipids will rise. Therefore, some people or people with high blood fats should remove skim milk.

In addition, the iron content in milk is low, if infants and young children eat pure milk as a staple food, they will produce “iron deficiency anemia.”

  What if I do n’t want to drink milk?

  Melamine has caused a serious crisis of trust in dairy products. To prevent risks, too many people have decided not to drink milk for the time being.

Is there any food that can replace milk?

Soy milk, maybe this is the first alternative people think of.

But in terms of calcium content, soy milk is far less than milk.

This is because although the calcium content of soybeans is not low, the calcium content is very low after being ground into soybean milk with water.

A cup of soy milk contains far less than one-seventh of the equivalent amount of milk.

  However, tofu is the best plant calcium supplement.

This is because a calcium-containing coagulant is added when solidifying tofu, so people who do not drink milk should consciously eat more tofu, which not only supplements calcium, but also obtains a large amount of high-quality protein and bioactive substances in soybeans.

However, lactone tofu is not a good source of calcium because it does not contain a calcium-containing coagulant, but uses gluconolactone as a coagulant.

At the same time, lactone tofu has too much water, and the content of protein and calcium is very low.

  In addition to bean products such as tofu and dried tofu, you can also eat more seafood such as shrimp skins and shellfish to add calcium.

It contains 991 mg of calcium per 100 grams of shrimp skin and 555 mg of calcium per 100 grams of shrimp, which can be used instead of milk for calcium supplementation.

  ”From a long-term perspective, milk is still the best calcium supplement.

Professor Jiang Zhuoqin emphasized, “It is impossible to completely replace milk with one kind of food, but considering milk, dairy products are the best carrier for calcium supplementation. After not drinking milk, we should focus on calcium supplementation.Eat more high-calcium foods to meet the body’s need for calcium.

“Expert / Dr. Supervisor Jiang Zhuoqin, Professor, Department of Nutrition, School of Public Health, Sun Yat-sen University