These 10 warm little things make him hurt you more

These 10 warm little things make him hurt you more

You know, the 10 actions of the wife were summed up after soliciting the opinions of several husbands. They have significant effects, strong lethality, and the most important thing is that they are simple and easy to implement.


The husband was tired and fell asleep on the sofa. All his wife had to do was to turn off the TV volume.

The wife must not shake her husband, or scold her children, call and wait.


Expired or leftover food in the refrigerator should be removed in time. Yellow vegetables in the kitchen must be thrown away at any time to keep the trash can clean.


Never say divorce when quarreling, and cry more and have a more targeted language.

If the wife is wrong, after the quarrel, seeing that he still tenses his face tightly, pretend to be cute and stick his face to him.


When your husband comes home from work, he must let him see your smile first.

The newspapers of the day should be neatly folded and placed in a convenient place for the husband to read. Note that men are most disgusted with newspapers getting ridiculous.


When you watch a TV series or a movie, when you see that the marriage life in the story is miserable, think about your husband when he is good to you, call him if you are not around, and lie on your side if you are aroundHe cried for a while and said, “Let’s not do that well?”


When the husband earns a sum of money and hands it over to his wife, the wife must repeatedly count in an eye-catching manner. The wife must show a very excited look, and it is best to let her eyes shine. Then, the wife praises her husband for his ability or hard workLanguage.

Wife’s sentence “You are the best to me!

“It definitely adds to her husband’s sense of pride and honor. Do not believe his wife will try it now.


Be sure to remember your husband’s birthday, and be the first to say happy birthday to her husband.

Remember, birthday gifts are best material. Do n’t eat a meal or watch a movie. Men like to remember good memories. With material gifts, men ‘s memories can have a warm ending.


Once the husband is unwell, his wife must be frightened. Sometimes, he constantly touches her husband’s forehead, presses the quilt for her husband, and brings hot water to her husband. During work, you should also care about her husband, but do not callBest texting.


On rainy nights and cold dusks, his wife can cook a delicious dinner for her husband, and then turn on the lights in the house, waiting for her husband who is late to return home.

Men often feel the warmth of home in such situations.

Husband takes the work home. The wife should not try to let her husband’s attention shift to him. You can go to drink a quick drink and add water, or do some supper. The husband will feel particularly warm.


The wife must be good at getting along with her husband’s friends and colleagues. If she joins her husband’s friend party, the wife must dress up carefully. If her husband’s friends have children or women, it is best to prepare some small things without her husband’s knowledge.The gift will surely bring light to her husband.

This one is extremely effective!

Maintenance plan makes you stand out in the interview

Maintenance plan makes you stand out in the interview

Introduction: Xiaobian specially introduced seven tips for skin care, so that you can easily stand out in the interview, and become an “interview master” with internal and external training.

  First recruit: Cleansing products through deep cleansing, cleansing products can push your breakthrough new cell skin to the surface layer, and achieve the effect of restoring the skin’s smoothness and brightness, thereby showing your truest temperament.

  Recommended product: Laneige Moisturizing Foaming Face Wash Recommended reason: This product contains raspberry and blueberry extract, which can thoroughly cleanse the skin and protect the skin from external irritation.

  The second measure: toner Toner unique to add water, soften the effect of horny, can quickly stimulate the skin to absorb the nutrients in the cream.

Such characteristics just set off your ability to “learn well, learn cleverly”.

  Recommended product: Avene Soothing Spring WaterRecommended reason: Unique multiple trace elements and mineral ingredients, which can effectively alleviate skin sensitivity, soothe and repair sunburned skin, and then leave one on your skin’s hydrolipid filmA transparent protective film keeps you aware of gentleness and comfort.

  The third trick: the beauty lotion and the traditional skin care benchmark using the “cream” directly after the “toner”, the intervention of the beauty lotion is a great innovation.

Its light aqueous solution can quickly penetrate the skin and intensive skin care.

  Recommended product: Fu Lifang silk moisturizing repair beauty liquid Recommended reason: This product appeared in time, not only in line with the current trend of beauty skin care, but also moisturize the skin.

Its unique seaweed essence NMF natural moisturizing factor can penetrate easily dry and rough skin like a combination, so that every inch of texture is filled with moisture.

In essence, its unique peach kernel, barley kernel, honeysuckle and other strictly selected high-quality and low-irritant raw materials can also promote the absorption of creams and provide a full range of moisture for the skin.

  The fourth trick: the cream The unique effect of the cream is that it can make its unique oil form a thin film on the skin to prevent the moisture in the stratum corneum from evaporating, so that you can handle everything with ease.

  Recommended product: Clinique Moisturizing Moisturizing Cream Recommended reason: It not only can quickly replenish the skin’s required moisture, so that the skin is full and effectively soothes dehydrated and dry skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth at all times.

  Fifth trick: Eye cream is the most delicate part of the body. The quality of the eye skin directly affects your overall charm display.

And a small bottle of eye cream can show your youthful beauty, why not?

  Recommended product: Fulifangsi nourishing eye creamRecommended reason: Honeysuckle, jujube, tangerine and other carefully selected high-quality and low-irritant raw materials will not add any burden to the soft skin, and can use its unique effects to form around the eye skinProtective film prevents skin from drying out and achieves moisturizing and healthy skin on eyes.

  Sixth trick: Isolation cream Isolation cream can not only prevent the intrusion of harmful substances in the air, but also provide a clean and gentle environment for the skin, so that your unique temperament is consistent.

  Recommended product: L’Oreal Paris Multiple Sunscreen LotionRecommended reason: Its unique high-efficiency UV A and UV B filter membrane patented skin vitality, which can effectively prevent skin darkening and pigmentation, and can make skin size clear, withoutGreasy.

  Seventh trick: Lip balm In the cold winter, a thin layer of lipstick can even moisturize your skin, warm your psychology, and make you truly feel that this winter is actually not cold.

  Recommended product: Mentholatum Moisturizing Lip Balm Recommended reason: unique moisture moisturizing formula and mint moisture, while moisturizing the lips, it can soothe tiredness and revitalize the spirit.

  In the end, Xiaobian came up with a rally about “beauty”: comrades, for the glorious 2010, in order to make yourself a “interview master” who is both inside and outside!

Please remember that beauty should begin with the skin.

Y-shaped abs

Y-shaped abs

Fashion trends, stars praise, “Y” abdominal muscles have become a new indicator of beautiful belly, beautiful belly will also become an indicator of whether a woman cherishes her body or even loves life.

“Y” shaped belly, derived from the perfect ratio of muscle and aunt.

Therefore, if you want to show “Y” in the abdomen, you must go through a long and hard exercise.

Mortality therapy?

Can only have dried up; Liposuction?

It can be very intolerable when exposed . Really, there are no shortcuts, practice it, you!

  ”Y” training points 1.

Slower movements cause the focus to focus on abdominal muscles and experience muscle contraction.


Perform abdominal muscle exercises 3-5 times a week, choose 2-3 actions each time, and do 15-20 times each.

Take 1 minute rest between movements.


Train for one and a half hours after a meal or eat after half an hour.


The diet is based on the principles of high protein, low feces and low carbohydrates. Only abdominal exercises can not have a charming belly. It must be accompanied by aerobic exercise.


Hang your legs and grab the horizontal bar on your head with both hands.

Lift the bilateral extensor upwards, inhale while squeezing and contracting the abdominal muscles, and then lower your legs to extend the abdominal muscles.

If you twist your body while your legs are raised, you can shift your focus to the abdominal obliques.


Pull the loader and turn the handle of the puller to the same height as the waist. Hold the handle of the puller with both hands and keep it straight on the body.

Keep your chest still, keep your arms straight, turn your waist, and turn the puller handle to the other side of your body.

Exhale when exerting force and inhale when reducing.


Lie on your back with your head up, and lie on your abs training board, holding your hands to secure your body.

Stretch your legs together and straighten, and slowly lift them to the front to leave the board.

Then lower it, but do not let your feet touch the ground.

Exhale when exerting force and inhale when reducing.

Cantilever legs and knees are straightened, hold the parallel bars with both hands to support the body, and hang the body in the air.

Put your legs together and bend your legs to close your abdomen.

Exhale when exerting force and inhale when reducing.

Pull the body to bend the abdomen with both hands. Hold the puller with the tip of the rope facing down, kneel on the mat, bend your elbows and keep it still, make the body bend down to the body in an arc.vertical.

The medicinal bath has to be known as a taboo

The medicinal bath has to be known as a taboo

First, pay attention to moderate temperature (optimal temperature is 40 ° C -45 ° C), it is best to make the water temperature gradually adapt to the foot.

  Second, the time is 30-40 minutes, only to maintain a certain temperature and ensure the specified foot bath time, in order to ensure the maximum effect of the drug.

  Third, before meals, it is not advisable to take a foot bath within 30 minutes after a meal.

  Fourth, when the foot medicine bath treatment, some drugs can be used for external use, or local skin redness and itching.

  Fifth, the external treatment drugs used in the foot medicine bath, the dose is prolonged, and some medicines are still toxic, so it is generally not suitable for entrance.

At the same time, after the foot bath treatment is completed, the affected area should be washed and dried.

  Sixth, in the foot bath, due to the expansion of blood vessels in the feet and lower limbs, increased blood volume, can cause acute anemia in the head, dizziness, dizziness.

  Seven, patients with bleeding and other symptoms, should not take a foot bath.

For those who have heart disease and physical weakness, the time to wash your feet should not be too long, generally not more than 10 minutes.

  Eight, drinking water within 30 minutes after massage should be heated (the kidneys and high blood pressure patients can drink less), in order to facilitate blood circulation, and have a certain detoxification effect.

Ten psychological truths must be known for a happy life!

Ten psychological truths must be known for a happy life!

Introduction: Among the three principles of psychological happiness listed by Professor Martin Seligman, it is most important to grasp the present happiness.

The fast pace of modern life and the extreme future mentality of modern people will make us forget the present.

All the technological advances, from the telephone to the Internet, are good for you to do more, to do the time, to save time so that we can plan for the future, but saving time and planning for the future has made us lose the present.
  1. Happiness is highly hereditary. We are willing to believe that once you work hard, every emotional state and every personality trait can be improved. Of course, it also includes positive emotions such as optimism that support happiness. Only in this way, it is relatively weak.Talent has the confidence to stand up.

More than 40 years ago, when Seligman entered the field of psychology and began to study, the idea that “people can be changed” has been hanging over the psychology community.

  However, in the 1980s, personality studies of twins and adopted children began to appear. The above was called a failure, and there is no possibility of a comeback.

Identical twins have more psychological traits than fraternal twins. The adopted children’s personality traits are more like their biological parents than their adoptive parents. There are more than a hundred research reports of this kind, and they all show the same thing: about 50Personality traits are genetically determined.

However, high heritability does not mean that it cannot be changed. Some genetic traits (such as sexual orientation and weight) are immutable. Other genetic traits, such as pessimism and fear, can be changed.

  2. Happiness treadmill Many people have had this experience. When the position is elevated, expectations are getting higher and higher. Past efforts have brought fame and wealth to no longer bring happiness.

Professor Martin Seligman said that this is the happiness treadmill at work. If happiness is equal to wealth and fame, we must have more, otherwise we will not feel happiness.

  Without this “treadmill”, the people in fortune should be happier than ordinary people.

As a result of Professor Martin Seligman’s argument, ordinary people are happier than those who are noble.

Studies have found that fortunate things and high achievements do not bring long-term happiness, only short-term effects.

  3. Money cannot buy happiness. In fact, our views on money affect our happiness more than money itself.

According to Professor Seligman’s research, among all classes, the more value-oriented people are, the more dissatisfied they are with his income and the more dissatisfied with his life.

  Professor Seligman’s team conducted a survey of life satisfaction in more than 40 countries and found that: in countries with strong purchasing power, people’s life acceptance is also high; once the national income exceeds $ 8,000 per capita, this correlation begins to disappear, and the increase in wealth cannotContinue to increase life satisfaction.

Money cannot buy happiness. In the second half of the 20th century, changes in the purchasing power of rich countries also brought us the same message: the actual purchasing power of the United States, France, and Japan has doubled, but life has not changed.

  4. Happiness is not a temporary pleasure. Some people ask, “How can I be happy?

“For Professor Martin Seligman, this is a wrong question, because if we cannot distinguish between pleasure and satisfaction, we will rely entirely on shortcuts to find the joy that is easily available in life.

Pleasure is immediate, it comes from the senses, and it is temporary.

Once the external stimuli disappear, they quickly disappear, and we gradually have these habituation effects, which will require stronger and more stimuli in the future to bring the same level of pleasure.

  We all know that it is not temporary happiness. Real happiness must come from our own efforts.

However, humans have invented many shortcuts for temporary sensory pleasures: drugs, chocolate, sensuality, shopping, and television.

  5, happy but not stupid Many evidences show that although depressed people are more sad, they are more correct.

Depressed people are more practical, and they can more accurately judge how much talent they have; while people with happiness generally evaluate their ability more than others judge him.

Although it is easy to have “happy but stupid” accusations inside the coaxial.

But it turned out to be untenable.

  People with happiness remember more happy things. They remember even more than they actually happen. They often forget bad experiences.

In contrast, depressed people have good memories of both events.

Happiness people think that if they succeed, they are of course proof of their ability; if they fail, they believe that failure will soon pass, and only because of bad luck.

Much of the evidence gathered by Utah State University professor Aspinwall shows that happy people make important decisions better than unhappy people.

  6. Happiness is getting satisfaction. The biggest benefit of separating pleasure and satisfaction is that although half of the people can’t achieve positive emotional happiness, they still get happiness because they have satisfaction.

Satisfaction cannot be obtained from physical pleasure, nor from drug use or any shortcut.

Only after noble behavior is done will it naturally occur.

Pleasure is sensory and emotional, and satisfaction comes from exerting personal strengths and virtues.

  Getting satisfaction is actually quite simple.

It is to do something that is challenging and requires technology; to focus on; to have a clear goal; to get immediate feedback; you should be deeply involved in the thing you are dealing with; you have the feeling of being able to control;Time has stagnated.

  7. Happiness comes from advantages and virtues. Happiness comes from your own advantages and virtues. Only the happiness you get through your own efforts can have a true feeling of happiness.Doing things that are pleasing to the senses, such as chatting with friends, watching movies, and scoring with the feeling of doing good, are overshadowed.

When we naturally help others, we all have a happy day.

  Strengths and virtues are positive personality traits that bring positive feelings and satisfaction.

The optimistic person is worried that the current difficulties are interpreted as temporary, he has control, and only in this situation; on the contrary, the pessimistic person thinks that his difficulties will not be escaped in a lifetime, and it is unluckyOne after the other, and I can’t stop it.

  Optimism is just one of more than twenty attributes that make you happier.

Harvard’s Professor George Valiente conducts research on “mature defense”. Maturity includes: altruistic behavior, the ability to delay gratification, full of expectations for the future, and a sense of humor.

“Wind-knowing grass, loyal ministers in troubled times”, can even sharpen a person’s character in a disaster.

  8, happy people are more willing to altruistic happy people have a common characteristic is altruistic behavior.

Many people may think that an unhappy person is more sympathetic to the pain of others, because he has felt it, which should be more conducive to his behavior.

Experimental results show that happy adults and children are more compassionate and are more willing to donate money to those in need.

In other words, happy people are more likely to be altruistic.

  When we are happy, we will not focus on ourselves, we will like others more, and even willing to share our good luck with strangers.

When we are down, we don’t trust others, we become very introverted, and we focus on defending our needs.

  9. Marriage is a guarantee of eternal happiness. Marriage is much more relevant than money and happiness.

Empirical data support that marriage is a guarantee of eternal happiness.

The National Center for Public Opinion Research in the United States has surveyed 35,000 Americans over the past 30 years, and 40% of married people say they are “very happy,” while only 24% of unmarried, divorced, and separated say they are happy.

  Professor Seligman does not really believe in the relationship between marriage and happiness, because he believes that happy people are more likely to make friends and get along with each other, so it is easier to approach marriage.

But he also said frankly that in the survey of people who are very happy, the happiest top 10% of people almost have close life partners, only one person does not.

  Another finding is that the correlation between physical health and happiness in the objective sense has just reached a significant level (that is, the correlation is small), and the correlation is our subjective perception of our health status.

Survey data also show that people with religious beliefs are happier and happier in life than atheists.

  10. The true meaning of happiness: forget the past, seize the present. Why do people hold on to the past hatred?

Why is it not our nature to rewrite unfortunate history?

In fact, forgiveness can turn pain, hatred into neutral or even positive emotions, which can increase life satisfaction.

Remember, “You can’t hurt the perpetrator without forgiving him, but forgiveness can set you free.

  Among the three principles of psychological happiness listed by Professor Martin Seligman, it is most important to grasp the present happiness.

The fast pace of modern life and the extreme future mentality of modern people will make us forget the present.
All the technological advances, from the telephone to the Internet, are good for you to do more, to do the time, to save time so that we can plan for the future, but saving time and planning for the future has made us lose the present.
  There is a little trick to seize the happiness now: make surprises.

To surprise yourself often, it is better to create surprises with the people around you. This surprise does not have to be a dozen roses. A sudden cup of coffee may be effective.

It’s worth spending five minutes a day planning to surprise your spouse, child, or colleague.

absolution anti-aging countermeasure organic essence

absolution anti-aging countermeasure organic essence

Anti-aging countermeasures Organic Essence 15ml / 3,000 Applicable lifestyle: mature age, lack of skin elasticity, dry muscles Facing busy people who have been under high pressure for a long time and have no time to maintain.Skin problems such as aging and loss of elasticity!

Combining the precious herbs of the West with Maca, which is known as “Peanuts,” as the main ingredient, so that various vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, and flavonoids are injected into the skin full of nutrients, and permanent flower gel is more suitable.Quickly rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin for a youthful glow.

Spirulina is the secret weapon of anti-aging anti-organic essence. It is rich in plant-based proteins and minerals to enhance the vitality of the skin. It also adds whitening musk rose essential oil and acerola, vitamin C content of acerolaIt is 20 times more than citrus, can brighten skin tone, and is full of anti-oxidant.

-Of all 99.

31% comes from 99% of natural ingredients-plant ingredients.

5% verification is 60% of the total organic product-product capacity.

11% for organic farming

Tianliang easy to bloat Chinese medicine

Tianliang easy to bloat Chinese medicine

The weather is getting cooler and more people have indigestion.

Too many patients are bloated, burping, do not want to eat, and hope to take some Chinese medicine for conditioning.

Professor Guo Shuyun, Department of Gastroenterology, First Affiliated Hospital of Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that indigestion is a very common disease, and you can take some proprietary Chinese medicines with mild symptoms. There are many common proprietary Chinese medicines that you can choose from.

  The weather is getting cooler and more people have indigestion.

Too many patients are bloated, burping, do not want to eat, and hope to take some Chinese medicine for conditioning.

Professor Guo Shuyun, Department of Gastroenterology, First Affiliated Hospital of Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that indigestion is a very common disease, and you can take some proprietary Chinese medicines with mild symptoms. There are many common proprietary Chinese medicines that you can choose from.

  The first group of Liuwei Anxiao Capsules, Professor Chen Shuyun of Chenxiang Huazhi Pill, said that this group of Chinese patent medicines has metabolic aids in digestion and anti-bloating effects. It has a laxative effect when used in large amounts.Caused by indigestion, stomach fullness and constipation.

Liuwei Anxiao Capsules write 3 every time?
6 capsules can be quantified according to the condition of the stool when eating.

You can eat 6 capsules at a time when the stool is dry and 3 capsules at a dry time.

A smaller amount, two capsules at a time.

When you eat gastrointestinal comfort, you can stop the medicine and use diet conditioning.

At this time, the diet should be light, and the amount should be less, so that the body can be fully rested.

Children can take “Wang’s Baochi Pill” and other drugs to guide the stagnation.

  The effect of Chenxiang Huazhi Pill is similar to that of Liuwei Anxiao Capsule, but the function of defecation is relatively weak, it is relatively peaceful, and the price is cheap.

  The second group of Jianwei Xiaoshi Tablets, Baohe Pill, Xiangsha Liujun Pill Jianwei Xiaoshi Tablets is suitable for people who are usually weak in spleen and stomach, eat a little more, and have a full stomach.

This medicine contains Pseudostellaria heterophylla and Yam, which can strengthen the spleen and strengthen the qi, and is also effective for the treatment of the symptoms of fatigue and physical weakness.

However, if there is a thermal image such as dry mouth and bitter mouth, it is not suitable for taking.

  Baohe Pills have a digestive effect, and the effect is gentle, suitable for people with poor digestion and less heavy food.

If accompanied by fatigue, anorexia, snoring, and diarrhea, you can use Xiangsha Liujun Pill for conditioning.

In the Xiangsha Liujun Pill, there are Codonopsis and Atractylodes for invigorating the spleen and invigorating qi, which can be used for diarrhea and diarrhea, but the constitution is too hot, and those who are constipated should not take it.

Patients should have a regular diet, eat less frequent meals, do not eat cold, greasy and other non-digestible food, so that the spleen and stomach function can rest.

Those who have tooth marks on the tongue all year round can take glutinous rice yam porridge.

The practice is: 60 grams of barley kernels, 60 grams of yam, 100 grams of rice, 9 red dates, boiled together for porridge after washing.

This porridge has a spleen-to-humidity effect.

  Professor Guo is outstanding. The second group of proprietary Chinese medicines is suitable for people with chronic indigestion.

When eating high-protein foods and tonics, this type of people should not take too much each time, otherwise “nothing tonic” is prone to occur, leading to bloating, but it is more difficult to eat.

The most civilian medicine: Cassia protects the liver and eyesight, lowering blood pressure 5 practical effects

The most civilian medicine: Cassia protects the liver and eyesight, lowering blood pressure 5 practical effects

Cassia is a cheap but very practical Chinese herbal medicine.

Because it can clear the liver and improve eyesight, most people will use it to soak in water.

In addition, Cassia has the functions of regulating immunity, inhibiting bacteria, lowering blood pressure, and regulating blood lipids. The effect is quite a lot, but there are some contraindications for consumption that require special attention.

How can people properly eat to be healthy without hurting their bodies?

Cassia seed health effect is the most affordable: weight loss, eyesight, moisturizing, blood pressure, liver protection in recent years is very popular to drink cassia tea to lose weight, because the weight loss method is simple, the price of medicine is cheap and the weight loss effect is fast, it seems that there is no substitute, Cassia teaIt has become the first choice for women to lose weight.

The humble “wild grass” changed the show’s fate. Cassia also has a legend of a lucky show.

In ancient times, there was a poor talent. Because he wanted to learn hard and learn hard, nearly 60 Huajia suffered from eye diseases. Not only did he not read clearly, but he even walked on crutches. Therefore, the villagers called him “Xunzi Xiucai”.

Destiny is so helpless, I sit in front of my house all day.

One spring, a businessman who bought medicine from the south walked past him. He saw an inconspicuous “weed” in front of him. He asked the scholar: “Are you selling these grasses to me?”

“The businessman who bought the medicinal materials walked past him. When he saw the inconspicuous “weed” show in front of Xiu Caicai, he thought that the businessman had teased him. He did not sigh with resentment: “How much do you give me?”

“The drug dealer’s attitude is casually half-joking and said: “How much do you want, how much will I give you?

“The show is angry: “Do not sell!

How much does not sell?

When the drug dealer saw that he was in a bad mood, he left in disappointment.

Summer is here, the grass in front of the show has grown to 2?
3 feet high, the stem is full of bright yellow flowers, bursting with fragrance.

The southern drug dealer came again, still want to buy those “wild grasses” with the scorpion show.

At this time, the show thought that these “wild grasses” must have any effect. They wanted to stop selling and understand the decision. Then they refused him. The drug dealers again disappointed.

Soon in the fall, the weeds in front of the door were filled with diamond-shaped, green-brown, shiny seeds with aroma.

Although the scholar could not see the eyes, he smelled the scent of the seeds. He thought that this must be a good medicine, so he grabbed a pair of scissors and used it to make tea.

Every day.

Unexpectedly, his eye disease gradually improved after a long time. He first walked without a crutches, and then read the book.

In a few months, the southern drug dealer came again to buy “wild grass.”

He saw that the eye disease of Xunzi Xiu was greatly improved, so he asked the scholar: “Do you drink with grass seeds?


“The old man said that he accidentally used the “wild grass” seeds to cure eye diseases.

After listening to the drug dealer, he said: “This weed is called Cassia. Its seed is called Cassia. It is bitter, salty and slightly cold. It has the effect of clearing the liver and improving eyesight.

It can treat liver and kidney yin deficiency, and it is a rare medicine!

Or why should I come to buy it with me?

From then on, Xunzi Xiucai often used Cassia to make tea, gradually became clear-eyed, and finally took the fame and lived in his 80s.

Therefore, he once recited a poem, describing his unusual relationship with Cassia: the foolish eighty-nine eyes, the number of days and the night of the stars; not a good eyesight, only long-term drinking cassia.

Chinese medicine shows that Cassia has five major uses. Since Cassia has such a good effect, how can we use it to regulate our body?

Let’s take a look at how the Chinese medicine community uses Cassia to treat diseases.

Chinese medicine believes that cassia has a clear heat and eyesight, and it can reduce the sputum.

Clinically, Chinese medicine practitioners usually use it for treatment: 1.

The eye circles caused by liver fire are red, and many eye diseases are red and swollen, afraid of light, tearing more, and feeling the wind and heat, and there is red eye disease.

In the above situation, you can eat “Cassia Chrysanthemum porridge” to clear the liver and improve eyesight.

Cassia chrysanthemum porridge is used to treat habitual closed stools, glaucoma caused by liver fire, cataracts, conjunctivitis and other eye diseases.
Cassia chrysanthemum porridge medicine: 10 grams of chrysanthemum, cassia 10?
15 grams, 50 grams of previous rice, the right amount of crystal sugar.
Practice: first add cassia seed to the casserole, stir fry until slightly fragrant.

After the cold, fry the chrysanthemum juice, remove the juice from the slag, and add the previous rice porridge.

When the porridge is cooked, add rock sugar and cook 1 more?
2 boiled and ready to eat.

Usage: 1 time a day, 5?
7 days is a course of treatment.

Note: Deficiency of the spleen and stomach, stool diarrhea are not allowed to take.


High blood pressure caused by inflammation of the liver, headaches, dizzy every day?
20 grams of cassia seed soaked water several times, replaced by tea, can relieve high blood pressure, dizziness, and have blood pressure lowering, lowering blood fat, decomposing abnormal weight loss in the body, preventing arteriosclerosis and so on.


Hot knot constipation treatment of young people constipation or habitual constipation, fried cassia 10?
15 grams, 10 grams of rock sugar, brewed with boiling water, when the tea is replaced.

1 dose per day, 3 times per dose.

Old age habitual constipation, fried cassia 10?
15 grams, decoction for about 10 minutes, redeem 20?
30 grams of honey and mix well, each serving a dose or morning and evening.


Hyperlipidemia, obesity The following two cassia teas have good weight loss, lowering blood fat effect: lotus leaf Cassia tea: Cassia 10?
15 grams, lotus leaf 10?
20 grams, 9 grams of chrysanthemum, boiled for 10 minutes together, when the tea simmered.

Have the effect of losing weight, lowering blood pressure and blood lipids.

Hawthorn Cassia Tea: Hawthorn 9?
15 grams, cassia 10?
15 grams, boil water for about 10 minutes when tea is put.

There are weight loss, lower blood pressure, lower blood fat, digestion and stagnation, diuresis and pain relief, but also for the treatment of dietary stagnation, chest and abdomen, women’s blood stasis and abdominal pain.

In addition, lowering blood fat is also available: Cassia 10?
15 grams, Alisma 9?
15 grams, Akasaka 9?
12 grams, Ganoderma 9?
15 grams, Hawthorn 9?
15 grams, one dose per day, 2 times water simmer; or take 30 grams of cassia seed, raw mountain 楂 15?
30 grams, Pueraria 9?
20 grams, decoction 2 times and 2 times service.


Fungal vaginitis cassia 30?
50 grams, add 1,000 water?
2,000 ml, soaked in cold water for 1 hour, boil 15?
After 20 minutes, filter and juice.
Fumigation of the vulva and vagina for about 15 minutes, once a day, 10 times for a course of treatment.

What kind of person is not suitable for eating cassia?

● Deficiency of the spleen and stomach, feces and diarrhea, people with cold and abdominal pain, people with cold and stomach pain; ● People with qi deficiency and constipation; ● Patients with low blood pressure should not take it; ● Pregnant women may cause premature birth.

Cassia has a mutant cassia “sexual cold” and cannot be replaced continuously.

If the cassia seed is taken a little larger, it will cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Note: The cassia can not be broken.

Cassia has some bitter taste, such as adding sugar, honey will improve the taste.

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Yoga Class: 14 Questions for Beginners

Yoga Class: 14 Questions for Beginners

1. Practice in a dry, well-ventilated room.

Because yoga is practiced together, and it particularly emphasizes breathing, the air is fresh.

Circulation is very important.

  2. It is best to keep fasting for 3-4 hours before practicing, at least 1-2 hours. The burden on the stomach should not be too heavy.

Yoga’s posture is centered on the human’s spine. It performs contraction, squeezing, squeezing, and overburdening the stomach. The practitioner may experience nausea, headache, chest tightness during exercise, and even vomiting.It is important to keep fasting exercises.

If you have hypoglycemia or are worried about being overweight, you can eat some easily digestible fluid foods 1-2 hours before the exercise.

In the same way, drinking a lot of water before practice can cause an overburden on the stomach, so you should also pay attention to drinking water appropriately.

  3, do not eat a lot of food within 1 hour after practice.

After the exercises, our stomachs were in a relaxed state. Immediate diet reduced the burden on the stomach.

In addition, after the exercise, the body’s blood is distributed in the skeletal shape of the body, and the muscles immediately eat the food and the blood flows to the stomach, which greatly reduces the blood flow to the heart.

Causes increased heart burden.

This is the same reason that you can’t eat immediately after other sports.

But it should be noted that if you are practicing power yoga or high temperature yoga, you may feel very fat after practicing.

But even if you are obese, you should eat food after half an hour.

  4, bathing, 30 minutes after Sang Zhang should not do yoga.

Bathing speeds up blood circulation, and yoga practice also allows blood to circulate fully, which will inevitably speed up the heart rate and increase the burden on the heart.

Yoga yogis in India usually take a cold water bath before practicing. The purpose is to clean the body. The speed of blood circulation in the body is slowed down, which will not increase the burden on the heart.

  5. Don’t bathe immediately after practice.

Many people have questions about this issue.

In fact, even ordinary fitness programs require that you wait for your heart rate to return to normal before bathing.

For traditional classical yoga, the practice is not to sweat, but to adjust the breath and position to make qi and blood run more smoothly. The increase in body temperature, especially the skin temperature, increases the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands.

Sebum and sweat form a sebum film, which can nourish the skin very well (this is also one of the reasons why yoga has a cosmetic effect).

Immediate bath destruction destroys this beneficial substance.

Therefore, it is recommended not to take a bath immediately.

However, for hot yoga, strength yoga or physical yoga training, the situation is different.

These best yoga practitioners sweat a lot, and the toxins emitted by sweat need to be flushed and excreted, and the sweat stains make people feel uncomfortable.

Even so, remember to wash after breathing and heart rate return to normal after practice.

  6, should not wear tight clothes when practicing.

Yoga exercises are generally general aerobics and physical training. When practicing, you should choose loose, sweat-absorbent, and breathable clothes for physical activity.

Because yoga is a physical relaxation exercise, too tight clothing is not conducive to relaxation.

The choice of clothing is pure cotton and linen.

Tops can be fitted to suit.

The armor performs some tilt, handstand-type movements.

It’s best to have loose trousers on the lower body and waist tie.

  7. Avoid wearing / wearing accessories (such as belts, watches, necklaces, earrings, etc.).

These accessories not only affect movement, but also easily hurt the body during practice.

  8. The practice area should not be too hard or too soft.

It is best to use a professional yoga mat, or spread a blanket or large towel on the floor. It is better to step on your knees without pain.It’s not safe to use gymnastic mats to practice yoga.

Excessive thickness will result in insufficient support when performing certain actions, and serious injury to bones.

Conversely, if the mat is too stiff, it will not provide the protection it deserves. The lighter will cause complications in the stressed part, and the severer will hurt the normal function of the joint and bone.

Beginners can choose a thicker one when choosing a yoga mat, such as 6 mm or more.

As the level of practice increases, the mat used will gradually become thinner.

  9. Slow movements during asanas and better breathing with proper breathing.

Breathing is usually performed through the nostrils, unless otherwise specified.

Breathing methods generally use natural breathing, and part of the movement will use abdominal breathing to relieve pressure on the chest.

Most of the primary posture exercises are contraction exercises without holding your breath. Breathe deeply and slowly. Breathing should be performed in conjunction with exercise, especially when maintaining movement.

  10, asana exercises should be based on their own replacement, not necessarily the same as the teacher.

Action exercises should be done step by step. Don’t rush to achieve success. It is the safest and most effective to achieve your own limit.

  11. Exercises should be guaranteed 3-4 times a week and at least 2 times.

According to the strict practice requirements of yoga, you should keep practicing every day.

If you don’t practice for a long period of time, you can practice in separate time periods. It is important to practice the practice.

To achieve results, you should ensure at least twice a week.

In this way, you don’t necessarily have to practice yoga in a yoga studio or fitness center. We practice yoga asanas or pacing for more than 15 minutes every day at home and in the office, and we can also get satisfactory results from the temple.

  12. If you feel any discomfort or discomfort during the practice, you should stop practicing immediately.

You should pay full attention to this exercise to get better results.

And focus can help you notice and stop immediately when you feel unwell, so as not to hurt yourself.

  13. Exercises should be performed barefoot.

In this way, the added force of relaxing your feet and pinching your feet is better, it feels more direct, and your posture is more stable.

In addition, you can press and rub the foot.

  14, it is best to empty the debris in the body before the exercise, so that you can clean the body and complete the yoga practice more intensively.

  Before practice.

After practice, communicate with the teacher in a timely manner, and solve your problems in a timely manner.

Soldier Assault Revelation of College Entrance Examination

“Soldier Assault” Revelation of College Entrance Examination

Classic quotations: The head of the group said, “There are two words in the middle of wanting and getting, and that is to do it.

You can only get it if you do it!

Enlightenment in the college entrance examination: “Thinking” can be understood as goals, ideals, dreams, etc. For every senior student, after twelve years of hard work, the senior year is indeed undergoing transformation and cocooningIn the process of butterfly, there are many hopes for future life, some kind: which university to enter?

What major do you choose?

Which city is the ideal university?

Wait, the mystery of all of this will be revealed after the college entrance examination “mysterious cotton yarn”.

  ”Getting” can be understood as realizing your dreams and achieving your goals.

  ”Done” is the action to achieve the goal. If you don’t take specific action and just want to get in there, then you will definitely not get it.

Therefore, I encourage all senior students to work hard and gain something. Only by studying hard and down to earth can you get what you want, achieve your goals, and harvest your dreams. Otherwise, it ‘s just imagination.Eternal truth.

  Classic quote: Gangqilian’s slogan “Don’t give up, don’t give up!

“Enlightenment in the college entrance examination:” Don’t give up, don’t give up!

“It’s the slogan of the steel seven company with iron bones, and it’s also the core value of the TV series” Soldier Assault “.

Xu Sanduo is based on “Do not give up, do not give up!

Perseverance and conviction only completed 333 abdominal exercises, and eventually transformed into the “Bing King.”

This sentence is worth remembering for every senior teacher and student.

  For teachers, not giving up, not giving up any high school senior is the minimum professional ethics. Even if that student has a monthly test, the mock test is ranked very low. From the ranking of his school, grade and class, it may be trueCa n’t go online or meet school requirements, the degree rate the teacher hopes, etc., but the potential of the student is unlimited. Before the final college entrance examination, who can hardly predict what the student will be like?

As long as the students are still working hard, there is no reason for our teachers to abandon these students for the so-called “concentrated strength to reach the online rate and undergraduate rate prescribed by the school.”

What’s more, at the last minute, these students become more sensitive. If they say that the teacher has given up on them, then these students may really be “desperate”.

  For students, do not give up, do not abandon any subject, any weak knowledge point, clenched their teeth, each break, without any luck.

I think that these knowledge can be confused. In fact, every time an exam comes down, many students say that the more knowledge points that usually feel underpowered, the easier it is to come across in the exam.

  Classic quotation: The company commander said: “Every time he does a little thing, he is holding it like a straw for life-saving. One day I saw it. Good guy, he is holding a towering tree that has made me look up.”

  Enlightenment in the college entrance examination: In addition to studying during the senior year of the senior year, there are many small things, cleaning of environmental sanitation in some classes, layout of classrooms, blackboard newspapers, radio operations, eye health exercises, and even stillYou need this theme class, you need to rehearse such events as the opening ceremony of the sports meeting.

It can’t be because the senior year is tight, and no one is responsible for these things in the class. It is precisely these small things that reflect the personal qualities and accomplishments. If it can be like Xu Sanduo, it means that “deficiency is good”.When they are small things, they are grasped like life-saving straws. Doing these small things is perfect, maybe there will be unexpected gains. You can say, “One day I see, good guy, what he is holding is already lettingThe towering tree I look up to. ”
What’s more, these things are a kind of adjustment for the intense senior high school study life, that is, to gain relaxation and exercise ability, why not do it?

  Classic quotation: Xu Sanduo said: “It’s a multiple-choice question, and I can’t stand it. I find that I don’t have the right to choose.

“Enlightenment in the college entrance examination: Beyond the college entrance examination is a total review of twelve years of knowledge learning. It is also a challenge and test of physical strength and perseverance. It is a hurdle facing every senior student.

The college entrance examination is a self-competition of will and quality. In the face of this multiple choice question, the senior students can only choose to survive like Xu Sanduo, which shows that you are really grown up and sensible.

The result is not important, because you have done your best for it, no matter what the result should be conscience.

  Classic quote: Shi Jin’s class leader said: “Everyone has flowers in his heart, one by one, but they are beautiful.

“You are no worse than anyone!”

After climbing up this time, no one can look down on you!

“When you start to doubt your own ability and your self-confidence is shaken, it is later than this, Mu Na, a tendon to the bottom, clumsiness, silly, who is called” Xu Mumu “by his comrades.Shouldn’t you rekindle your confidence?

Everyone’s potential is endless. As long as today is a little better than yesterday, isn’t that success?

Especially at this stage of the senior college entrance examination, you must give yourself a positive self-suggestion.

Because positive self-suggestion has an amazing effect, it can help you increase your self-confidence in taking the test.

Choose some self-motivated language, take a moment every day, or talk to yourself, or write it on paper and stick it to the bed, at the table, let the spirit embodied by these positive languages gradually infiltrate into self-awareness, inspiring morale, Stabilize emotions.

Just as the squad leader said, “Everyone has flowers in his heart, one by one, but they are beautiful.”

  Classic quote: Chengcai said: “How many opportunities are scarce, success is not easy, if you do n’t advance, you will retreat!
“Enlightenment in the college entrance examination: When facing the college entrance examination, it is also the time when youth passion is most in need of excitement and burst.

Then, people have only one chance in their lifetime to experience such an unforgettable “leap years” in the college entrance examination. It is because of the hard work of twelve years that they have waited for this time, so they can be educated as Xu Sanduo said: opportunities are scarce., Success is not easy, if you do n’t advance, you will retreat!
“High school seniors hurry up while it has not completely slipped away from you, seize every day, every minute, every second, cherish and seize the opportunity.

Because of the college entrance examination, everyone is going all out and going forward.

If you don’t progress, others will progress!

“Diligent can make up for clumsiness, stupid birds fly first” warned everyone: success is no fluke, achievement comes from hard work.

  Classic quote: Xu Sanduo said: “Dizziness in front of people and unexplainable suffering, this is the taste of success!

“Revelation in the college entrance examination: a rock-like faith and persistent” doing “will make it possible to win, because success can never be attached to lazy people, fluke people, and opportunistic people.

The cuteness of Xu Sanduo is his perseverance. He is serious, not afraid of failure, not afraid of being sneered, and diligently practiced. Everyone has so much respect for him that he has trained from the horizontal bar.Behind success must be sweat-soaked effort and effort unknown to others.

When you envy why others are ahead of you in each exam, and when you see others get the admission letter from the ideal university, do you ever think that “dizziness in front of people and unspeakable suffering are successful?Real taste!

“Classic quote: The old horse squad leader said:” Don’t hang around anymore, be careful about the days that confuse you!

“Enlightenment in the college entrance examination: For the senior students, all hard work, all efforts and efforts will be seen when the college entrance examination transcript is obtained every year.

Looking at your actions and plans is a joke of your future and destiny.

Too many students who failed in the college entrance examination when they returned to their alma mater would sigh sincerely: I really regret that I didn’t study well at the beginning of my senior year, but I was still foolishly playing basketball and playing computer games in the dim world.In the classroom, I don’t listen to the teacher’s explanations, and go to review rashly by my own temperament . Learning is not the whole of life.

But if you can’t conquer even a part of your life, what else can you do?

If you haven’t entered the state of mind before the exam, and you are still confused, please remember the words of the old horse squad leader, “Don’t mix up the days anymore, be careful that the days mix you up!

“The pain when studying is temporary, but the pain that is not learned is life-long.

  Classic quote: The captain said, “Every place, everyone, and everything you go through requires your time and life.

Enlightenment from the college entrance examination: Although the life of the senior year is very tense and full, sometimes it is a bit out of breath, but you can’t ignore the feelings of classmates and the friendship between teachers and students.

Because this is the most innocent student life.

Many years have passed, when you look up, and when you look back, high school life is enough to be the most memorable and treasured page of beautiful bookmarks, sandwiched in the book of your wonderful life.

Although the true love in the same class for three years has no life-and-death relationship on the battlefield, there is no life-saving grace, and there has not even been a dramatic passion shock. Why is this short affair of less than one-twentieth of life making others so unforgettable,Unforgettable?

Because no impurity is pure, no false is true.

Because you have paid for your time and life, when you feel that you do n’t judge the gatekeeper, do n’t ask for honor, do n’t ask for “complementary”, and do n’t seek “win-win” for the true feelings of your classmates. When you realize that “holding a heart,”Without a half-grass,” you will find yourself growing up, maturing, and forgetting the years of youth that will never come again!