Humidity is heavy, all diseases are sick, the water in the kitchen is often drunk, the moisture is gone, the spleen and stomach are good.

Humidity is heavy, all diseases are sick, the water in the kitchen is often drunk, the moisture is gone, the spleen and stomach are good.

Moisture is the evil of all evils, often causing general malaise, internal injuries and internal organs, causing weakness of the spleen and stomach, weak lungs, kidney deficiency, and external manifestations of dry mouth and bitterness, dizziness, skin flare, eczema flooding, body muscle joint pain, fullFace acne, obesity and edema.

Therefore, once the body is found to be heavy, it is best to adjust the moisture in time.

Some of the symptoms of moisture in daily life: 1. In the morning, tiredness always feels tired after the morning, and it is weak, and people don’t want to move. It is likely to be wet and heavy.

2, the tongue is rough and thick. If you find the tongue is rough and heavy when you look in the mirror, if it is yellow and greasy, then the moisture in the body is heavier.

3, skin abnormalities If the skin suddenly appears dry, itchy and other symptoms, you need to raise awareness.

People with severe moisture will have acne, spots and other adverse conditions.

What is the cause of heavy moisture in the body?

1, love sweets and sweets in the sugar or oil is relatively high, the material inside is easy to oxidize, the formation of oxides in the body, eating too much will hurt our spleen, Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is transported, once the spleen is damaged, thenYunhua lost the company, wet turbid endogenous.

It will cause the water in the body to be wet and cannot be removed smoothly, resulting in excessive humidity.

2, do not want to exercise a lot of people talking about sports will refuse to exercise because they do not have time as an excuse, but if people do not exercise regularly, there is no way to get better water in the body, and in the long run, it will lead to the bodyThe moisture in it is getting worse.

3, often staying up late in daily life, the night is the time for our body to rest, whether it is the spleen or stomach organs, it is necessary to rest.

But for friends who stay up all night, the spleen and stomach can’t get enough rest, and it is easy to cause moisture problems in the body for a long time.

Thousands of colds are easy to remove, and it is difficult to get wet.

Moisture can sneak into our bodies quietly and unknowingly, “uncovering” our organs until our health gradually “falls off”. So what should we do with moisture?

Moisture-ridden, remember to drink three beans and a cup of tea!

In order to excrete the body’s moisture, you can drink tea to achieve the first diuretic tea, and diuretic is very helpful for dehumidification. In addition, tea is composed of homologous substances of medicine and food, which is both food and certain pharmacological effects.There hasn’t been any conditioning for a long time, and drinking tea is also a health care.

The formula of Sandou comes from the medical writings of the Song Dynasty, “Zhu’s Collection”, white lentils, glutinous rice, red beans (ie, Chixiaodou), which is a very common heat-clearing medicated diet.

One skin is dried tangerine peel, tangerine peel, warm to the lungs, spleen, spleen and qi, dampness and phlegm, promote digestion, enhance appetite and other effects.

The essence of three beans and one skin tea is spleen and dampness.

Therefore, people with spleen and moisture are most suitable for use.

Tea: Add 500-1000 ml of water, boil over high heat, cook for about 30 minutes on low heat (the time for the electronic health pot needs to be extended to about 50 minutes).

Taking: Generally, I recommend drinking it as a tea, drinking it in a small mouth, and not being uncomfortable when drinking it in one breath.

Note: If you drink three beans and a cup of tea, do you want to drink more water?
Taboo: Do not drink during menstruation, do not drink during pregnancy, infants and young children do not drink, avoid cold and spicy.

This is the correct manual for the use of three beans and a tea, knocking on the blackboard, do not wait until the points are deducted before saying that the teacher did not say.

Three beans and a cup of tea have added yam and medlar, and all of them are homologous ingredients for medicine and food, which is safe and reliable!

Summer is a good time for you to get wet. If you need a friend, click below to find out more!

A wonderful way to eliminate eyelid stalks

A wonderful way to eliminate eyelid stalks

I think many people will have experience in long-grain swells. It must be very painful in the long process. It is light and itchy, but the eyes are swollen, it is difficult to open the eyes, and the time of maintenance is unpredictable.Days, more months.

  The rush of rush is an acute suppurative inflammation of the orbital gland.

At the beginning of the first time, the eyelids are red, itchy, painful, and gradually become the size of the grain, and it will continue to purulent.

  When I was young, I had this disease. It can even be called a serious illness. Because it has not improved for two consecutive months, the situation has become more serious. I have been treated in many hospital clinics and can be cured.

Seeing here, you must really want to ask what happened after that?

What will happen to my eyes now?

Are there any scars left?

Will there be repeated stys under the eyelids?

Tell you, because my father has a good way to treat sty, and the sty in the eyelids will not last more than 2 days.

  Therefore, I specifically asked my father to let him pass this method to me so that I can tell more friends who need help in this regard.

  Dad introduced: “The sty, can be cured with the heart of the lamp.

“This is the treatment that my father got at a village doctor when I was young and streaked. I used a heart-burning peanut oil to cure the stye.”

Dad treated me, and the next day my scalp on my eyelids healed.

Later, my father used this method to treat two people with the same sty, and the stye disappeared the next day.

  The specific treatment method Dad introduced as follows: First, find the reaction point.

In the case of sty, the sulcus on the back of the skin has a small grain-sized reaction point that can be clearly seen.

  Second, take a small wick (a kind of traditional Chinese medicine) with pure peanut oil wet one end, ignite with fire, then touch the reaction point to burn it, point to the end, can not hurt the skin.

  This method is reasonable and affordable, people who encounter this disease may wish to try.

How do you feel first aid after the death of 8 kinds of feelings?

How do you feel first aid after the death of 8 kinds of feelings?

Many people have chest tightness, chest pain, sometimes dizziness, sometimes because of physical weakness, or just getting sick.

But if you have high blood pressure and poor control, or have high blood fat, arteriosclerosis and other diseases, then you should pay attention to the signs of sudden death.

The eight feelings before death are generally said to be sudden death of cardiogenic death, which is simply the sudden death caused by heart-related diseases.

Most sudden deaths can have symptoms of coronary heart disease, some chest tightness, chest pain, chest tightness, palpitations, shortness of breath, transient dizziness, fear, and dying.

Still others have cold sweats, difficulty breathing, a lot of sweat, and even black eyes, syncope, and convulsions.

In particular, patients with heart-based diseases, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and arteriosclerosis should be more vigilant if they develop these symptoms.

If self-adjustment is passed and the body is rehabilitated and restored, if the symptoms are still not relieved, you should go to the hospital for further examination.

How can I be rescued after sudden death?
If you are a person who knows that you have a coronary heart disease, you should take the quick-acting rescue pills under your tongue for basic prevention if you have chest tightness, nausea, difficulty breathing or chest pain.

If someone has a sudden death around us, we should all learn the basic methods of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The general first aid method is to place the patient flat on a hard flat bottom, stack the hands in the center of the humerus 30 times, then breathe the mouth twice, repeat the process, and wait until the ambulance arrives.This can help the dying people around you get the first time of ambulance.

What should I do to prevent sudden cardiac death?

1, control of basic diseases: most of the patients with sudden cardiac death are coronary heart disease, hypertension patients, so the most important thing to be aware of to prevent sudden cardiac death is coronary heart disease, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

Regular physical examination of armor in the daily routine to detect these underlying diseases and active treatment.

Hypertensive patients should pay attention to medication according to doctor’s advice, and should regularly monitor blood pressure, patients with coronary heart disease should also take this measure.

2, to avoid excessive fatigue and tension: the phenomenon of sudden increase in the death of middle-aged people is inseparable from factors such as overwork.

Middle-aged people are the pillars of the family. The pressure of life and work is generally contradictory, and it is easy to appear “overwork death.”

It is recommended that everyone should work and rest, arrange their work and life, control the pace of work and working hours, and maintain a good attitude.

3, pay attention to diet: in high blood pressure, the diet of patients with coronary heart disease, eating more fish in daily life can effectively reduce the probability of sudden cardiac death.

This is also related to the fact that fish can resist atherosclerosis and reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease.

In addition to maintaining a balanced budget, it is also very important to eat less greasy food.

Related recommendations: a young man who never wakes up in a nap and never awake to death must know!

When a woman massages, she will pay attention!

These three situations should not be pushed to show these 3 major signals when running, be careful!

May be a precursor to sudden death!

Eat more white food in the fall, clear heart and lungs to go to autumn dry

Eat more “white food” in the fall, clear heart and lungs to go to autumn dry

First, breakfast, a cup of almonds and almonds is a long-established food and medicine. There are two kinds of almonds, one is bitter, called bitter apricot or north apricot, which is used for treatment;It is called sweet apricot or southern apricot and is for edible.

Applied to the daily action of almond milk, does not hinder the use of South almonds.

The practice is very simple. Add almonds, slag, water, sugar, milk, or directly buy freshly ground almond powder. A cup of delicious almond juice is ready.

A cup of almond milk, served with wholemeal bread, eggs, etc., is made with a hearty breakfast.

Second, lunch to eat lotus root soup or radish soup “Holly Lotus one treasure, autumn 藕 most complemented”, autumn dry, lotus root is one of the moisturizing good products.

Fresh sorghum is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and various vitamins, replacing high fiber content.

The elderly often eat cockroaches, can adjust the appetizer, benefit the blood and marrow.

For the radish, the folks have the saying “October radish ginseng”, “Compendium of Materia Medica” praised the radish, called it “the most beneficial person in the vegetable”, white radish can eat spleen and spleen.

Lotus root white radish stewed bones or lotus root white radish yak 腩, is a good soup or good dish for lunch.

Third, dinner, drink lotus lily, white fungus, fresh lily, nourish the heart and soothe the nerves, lungs and cough; the fresh lotus seeds are sweet and sweet, can eliminate the heat, spleen and diarrhea, kidney and solid essence; and the health function of the white fungusMany are well known.

Dinner, after eating the staple food, eat a bowl of fresh lotus lily, white fungus, clear and faint, moisturizing and soothe the nerves.

Fourth, you may wish to eat pear pear, also known as fruit, fast fruit, honey father, jade milk.

Because of its crispy and juicy meat, sweet and fragrant, unique flavor and rich nutrition, it has the reputation of “the fruit of the hundred fruits”.

Chinese medicine believes: pear is sweet, slightly sour, cool, return to the lungs, stomach, have lungs to eliminate phlegm, heat and heat, suitable for hot cough or dry cough, fever or post-drinking polydipsia, diabetesWait.

How do we view weight loss health products and medicines?

How do we view weight loss health products and medicines?

In the advertisements of illegal drugs and illegal health products notified by the Municipal Food and Drug Administration, including the cylindrical Xibu Quming capsule (Qumei), Yushengtang brand intestinal tea and Jialong brand three-leaf slimming teaAdvertising is on the list.

  Generally speaking, the diet pills, in addition to the prescription drugs of the drug batch number, are mostly weight loss health care products of various health word batches.

  The biggest difference between health care products and drugs is that one is food and the other is medicine.

The Ministry of Health clearly defines that health products (also known as health foods) are foods that are only suitable for a specific group of people and that are not intended for treatment.

  Most weight loss supplements claim to have good weight loss without side effects.

Many people, under the temptation of advertising, turn all kinds of weight loss health care products into the first choice for weight loss.

  In fact, if you don’t add any prescription ingredients, pure foods don’t lose weight.

If there is obvious weight loss effect after taking it, the western medicine ingredient must be added to the food.

However, health care products with the addition of western medicine ingredients are particularly harmful to the human body.

  First of all, weight loss health products will not clearly indicate the list of prescription drugs added by themselves. In fact, sibutramine, thyroid hormone and fenfluramine, which are often added to weight loss health care products, can be adapted to any one of them.The crowd, not everyone is suitable for use, such as high blood pressure patients are not suitable for sibutramine; thyroid hormone increases metabolic rate, but there will be adverse effects such as increased heart rate and palpitation.

If it is a drug, these will be specified in the manual.

However, weight loss health care products conceal the added ingredients, consumers often blindly use, take it at will, and people who are not suitable may have serious consequences after taking it.

  Basically, since there is no name added to the weight-loss health care products, it is even more impossible to clearly state how much has been added.

In order to quickly achieve significant weight loss effects, consumers will increase the dose at will; the amount of weight loss health care products after taking them is obvious, causing harm to the human body.

  Currently approved by the State Food and Drug Administration are weight loss supplements including Qumei, Nome Ting (Sibutramine) and Xenical (Orlistat).

Orlistat weight-loss drugs inhibit micro-absorption and can control further weight gain.

Sibutramine can reduce the intake by enhancing the feeling of fullness, and can reduce the fatigue of the human body without affecting the body’s absorption of normal essential nutrients, and accelerate the abnormal natural consumption in the body to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Both types of weight loss health supplements must be used under the guidance of a professional doctor.

Be alert to major suspected cold respiratory diseases

Be alert to major suspected cold respiratory diseases

Core Tip: In the spring, due to the poor resistance of children’s respiratory tract, the number of children with colds increased significantly in spring.

  In spring, due to the poor resistance of children’s respiratory tract, the number of children with colds increased significantly in spring.
Now most parents have mastered some health knowledge about child-rearing. When they see a child with stuffy nose, hooliganism, sneezing, sore throat, fatigue, high fever. Isn’t this a cold?

Expert: Not necessarily, it may be pediatric mycoplasmal pneumonia, or mumps.

  Is sneezing runny nose a cold?

Severe suspected colds and respiratory diseases ■ Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection seems to have symptoms of cold: fever, headache, chills, cough, general malaise Clinical symptoms: Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection is mainly transmitted through respiratory droplets, more frequent in winter and spring, more common in children.

Most children have fever, headache, chills, cough, general malaise, loss of appetite and other symptoms.

At the beginning of the cough, it is a dry cough, and then it turns into an intractable acute cough, no sputum or a small amount of sticky sputum.

  In particular, severe coughing at night, infants and young children manifest as wheezing and difficulty breathing, and severe cases can occur with mycoplasmal pneumonia.

Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection may also cause deformation of other organs of the respiratory tract, such as myocarditis, hepatitis, arthritis, nephritis, meningitis, hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenic purpura and the like.

  Corrective measures: Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection should be treated early, parents should let the children rest more, keep the indoor air fresh.

Also pay attention to the child’s diet and nutrition, encourage children to drink more water, give children some nutritious and easy to digest food, and should eat less meals.

  Because mycoplasma pneumonia is contagious and prone to recurrence, treatment should be thorough and attention should be taken during isolation.

The prevention of Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection mainly depends on strengthening the body.

Take more children to carry out outdoor activities, exercise, especially strengthen breathing exercise, improve breathing function.

  ■ allergic rhinitis looks like a cold symptom: nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing clinical symptoms: nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing symptoms “unstoppable”, and no matter whether it is antibiotics or detoxification of traditional Chinese medicine symptoms have not touched.
The child is like the dwarf “Sneeze” in “Snow White”. I need to change a few handkerchiefs every day, or use a box to draw paper.

  The nasal congestion is so serious that you can’t sleep while lying down, and you have to sit and sleep.

If the above symptoms are present, and you have to go through more than two months of recurrent episodes of cold in the spring, you can basically judge that you are not a cold, but allergic rhinitis.

  Corrective measures: First of all, keep away from allergens. The outdoor allergens are mainly pollen. Therefore, when there are a lot of pollen floating in the spring air, avoid going out between 5 and 10 in the morning.

Strengthen exercise, increase the body’s resistance, and also desensitize treatment for allergens.

  ■ Mumps symptoms like a cold: fever, headache, general malaise Clinical symptoms: Mumps is a respiratory infection caused by mumps virus, often prevalent in late winter and early spring, more common in children.

Often in the form of a common cold, manifested as increased body temperature, headache, myalgia, general malaise and so on.

Feeling unwell after 2 days or pain in the earlobe at both ends, swelling (swelling of the parotid gland), mouth opening, difficulty in chewing, or accompanied by vomiting.

  Most patients do not receive treatment or symptomatic treatment 1?
It will gradually improve in 2 weeks, and you can get lifelong immunity.

Improper handling may cause suppurative mumps and various complications such as encephalitis, parathyroiditis, acute pancreatitis and nephritis.

  Corrective action: Implantation of mumps vaccine is the best preventive method.

For mumps, there is currently no specific drug treatment.

Those with severe parotid swelling and pain can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine, and can take antipyretics when high fever does not return.

  Children should take a good rest during the illness, drink plenty of water, use cold water to rinse mouth, keep the mouth clean, eat liquid, semi-liquid diet, reduce chewing, cause pain; avoid sour food, sour food can stimulate parotid secretionIncrease the pain.

  ■ Measles looks like a cold: high fever, cough, mental dysfunction Clinical symptoms: caused by measles virus, infants and young children.

Pre- measles manifested as fever, headache, runny nose, fear of light accompanied by conjunctival hyperemia.

Over 3?
After 4 days, the heat increased, and the skin gradually appeared rosy papules. It began to sprout from the back of the ear and gradually spread to the forehead, face, neck, trunk and limbs. Finally, it was sent to the palm and sole of the foot. The rash gradually faded after it came out., leaving pigmentation.

  During the rash, the systemic symptoms are aggravated, and the body temperature is higher, reaching about 40 °C. At the same time, there is a lack of energy, drowsiness or irritability. Some patients are afraid of light and have slight edema on the face.

  Corrective measures: Implantation of measles vaccine is the best way to prevent it. It is also necessary to cut off the source of infection. Once the measles is found to be isolated and treated in time, the diet should be light.
Caregivers should wear isolated gowns, wear masks and wash hands frequently, for the patient’s long-stay bedroom, 1 per day?
Two times of UV disinfection can kill the measles virus in the air.

Male sleep posture can affect reproductive function and sleep on the best

Male sleep posture can affect reproductive function and sleep on the best

Does the predictive function of sleeping posture cause “bad consequences”?

The answer is yes.

For men, the best sleeping position is supine and the legs are separated; while prone and side lying may have an adverse effect on the male reproductive system.

  Nowadays, many people like to sleep and feel that they are sleeping well.

In fact, this posture will not only oppress the internal organs, resulting in poor breathing, it will oppress the scrotum, penis and other reproductive systems, affecting blood circulation.

  In addition, this posture is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the scrotum, and it also has an adverse effect on the production of sperm.

  Some people say that lying on the right side will not oppress the heart, nor oppress the scrotum, it should be a good sleep posture.

But they ignored an unexpected situation — the insulin pill twisted.

This disease is common in adolescents who are 12-18 years old.

In theory, it is not the gyroscope itself, or the slender rope above the slender rope, which is distorted and “knotted”.

Since the blood vessels supplying nutrients and transporting metabolites to the retina are passed through, once the spermatic cord is “knotted”, the retinal pill will “starve” and if it is more than 12 hours, it will be damaged and necrotic.

Most patients with retinal puncture are ill after intense exercise, but some also occur when sleeping on the side.

This is because when sleeping, the retina pill and the penis are squeezed between the legs. At this time, the pressure on the reproductive organs is obvious, and when some people are not sleeping well, the legs will twist and twist, and the sperm will beBeing “heap” becomes a group, so it is more prone to accidents.

  In summary, supine is indeed the best sleeping position.

At the same time, it is best for men to naturally separate their legs and give the scrotum and penis sufficient space for movement.

If a man is too obese, he will sleep on his back, and he may wish to lie on his back and his head will be slightly twisted.