2016 Snooker National Championship semi-final match live video Ding Junhui VS Trump

2016 Snooker National Championship semi-final match live video Ding Junhui VS Trump
On October 28, the 2016 Snooker National Championship entered the semi-finals (attachment: 2016 Snooker National Championship complete schedule schedule + contestant match list / signing form), Ding Junhui who played first will face offTrump, a lifelong enemy, met again after the 2016 World Championships.Despite his opponent’s strength, Ding Junhui has won four games in the last five matches, and his psychological advantage is not small.  Day 6 schedule (9 wins in 17 innings) 14:00 Ding Junhui VS Trump (first eight innings) 19:30 Ding Junhui VS Trump Ding Junhui data map Trump information Ting Junhui last seasonAfter reaching the finals of the World Championships, the state of the season began to fully recover. The Shanghai Masters won the championship and broke through the shortage of championships. However, it was slow and hot in the current National Championships, but after the first round victory over Mann, Lienke Grace, StevenSri Lanka, Wharton and Higgins, playing better and better, have become the biggest championship favorites in this tournament.  Ding Junhui encountered a strong enemy Trump in the semi-finals, and also has the title of Ding Junhui’s lifetime enemy. In 2010, Trump broke out strongly and won the Chinese championship at the end of the season. He scored the final in the World Championships.The most impressive part of the World Championships was the semi-final match with Ding Junhui. Trump’s precision platform had no temper in that game. Ding Junhui was expected to be promoted to the final for the first time.Rump blocked.  In the 2015 World Championship semi-finals, the two met again. At that time, Trump’s 13-4 score swept Ding Junhui. The two world championships left the impression that Trump was Ding Junhui’s nemesis.The last match between the two sides was the second round of the 2016 World Championships. At that time, Ding Junhui was not optimistic about the 13-10 Lectra Trump, and then reached the finals all the way to completely wipe out the curse of the World Championship invincible Trump.But in fact in the entire career, the two played 13 times Ding Junhui 7 wins and 6 losses slightly superior, especially in the last five fights, Ding Junhui has won 4 games, completely overwhelming the two players to their own advantage.  Although Ding Junhui did not have the slightest fear of Trump, but his state strength is indeed one of the top players today. This season’s European Masters final reversal of O’Sullivan is a classic, and later scored against the English Open.The finals, plus the National Championships, once again reached the semifinals, showing the terrible stability.  The biggest attraction of this game will be the accuracy of the two men’s long table, so Trump is famous for the long table offensive, and Ding Junhui’s long table in this national championship is also amazing, and this season has also recovered a lot.Attacking the madman’s momentum, the performance of the two on the offensive end will determine the final trend of the game.  Follow Ding Junhui》》》Ding Junhui 2016 Snooker National Championship Live Video 2016 Snooker National Championship Live Video

Yinlun Shares (002126) Important Matters: European Landing Helps Customer Expansion

Yinlun Shares (002126) Important Matters: European Landing Helps 武汉夜生活网 Customer Expansion
The company acquired 100% equity of Setrab AB in Sweden, and is committed to expanding high-end customers and improving its global business layout.In terms of products, from traditional thermal management to new energy vehicle thermal management, from thermal management components to heat pump air conditioning integrated products, the new energy business has gradually entered a high-speed growth channel.Continue to focus on recommendation and maintain the “Buy” level. Matters: The company announced that it would acquire 100% of equity in Setrab AB for SEK 70 million.We comment on this: The acquisition of 100% equity of Setrab AB, the European layout has been implemented, and it has helped expand high-end customers.According to the announcement, the company plans to acquire 100% equity of Setrab AB with its 杭州桑拿网 own funds of SEK 70 million.The target is the manufacture of high-end sports car intercoolers and oil coolers. The main customers include Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley and other super sports car companies.The acquisition will help the company date high-end customers, expand the European passenger car market, establish a European base for thermal management products, and improve its global business layout.The company’s thermal management products have been matched with mainstream domestic car companies in the field of passenger cars, including Great Wall, Geely, GAC, Changan, Jiangling, BYD, etc., joint venture brands have been equipped with SAIC-GM, Changan Ford, and overseas, have entered Ford, Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover’s Supply Chain.Through this acquisition, the company will accelerate the expansion of high-end customers and further enhance the global competitiveness of its products. The heat pump air conditioner was awarded a fixed-point contract by JMC’s suppliers, and the new product of the heat pump air conditioner achieved a historical breakthrough.The company won a fixed-point contract from Jiangling New Energy Vehicle in early 2019. The company will provide a GSE heat pump air-conditioning system for this purpose. Delivery is expected to begin in June 2020, and the total internal replacement rate is expected to reach 6.8.7 billion.This was a breakthrough in the new energy thermal management business after obtaining a contract for a Geely Electric BE12 platform liquid-cooled plate fixed-point supplier in December.The company’s new energy thermal management has entered the supply chains of Geely, GAC, BYD, Yutong, Weimar, Ningde Times, Changan Ford, Jiangling and other mainstream electric vehicle companies and battery companies.In order to comply with the development of electrification of automobiles, the company is continuously increasing the supporting development of new energy vehicle projects, expanding the vast domestic market, rapid response capabilities, and cost advantages. It is expected to gradually develop into more global mainstream electric vehicle planning supply chains, which will benefit from newThe rapid development of energy vehicles. The joint-venture component company is expected to grow into a “Fuyao” for automotive thermal management.The company focuses on the field of thermal management, and customers range from construction machinery, commercial vehicles Caterpillar, Cummins, Weichai, to Geely for passenger cars, Ford, Volkswagen, Jaguar Land Rover, and Geely PMA platform for new energy vehicles, CATL The industry’s capabilities have begun to be recognized and endorsed by global customers. In the future, it is expected to grow into “Fuyao” in the field of thermal management, and become a truly global thermal management supplier with technical capabilities and supporting capabilities. Risk factors: Sales of major downstream passenger car customers are not up to expectations; new product development is not up to expectations; raw material prices fluctuate. Investment suggestion: Maintain the company’s EPS forecast for 2018/19/20 to 0.52/0.52/0.64 yuan.The company’s current price is 9.14 yuan, corresponding to 17/16/13 times PE in 18/19/20.The current estimate has reflected the downward trend of the industry’s business climate. Considering the company’s reserves of new energy automotive products and the expansion of customers, the excellent management team has started a second entrepreneurial plan.

China Pet Holdings (002891) Quarterly Review: Internally go hand in hand with high growth pets

China Pet Holdings (002891) Quarterly Review: Internally go hand in hand with high growth pets

The domestic market put down the performance and maintained the “overweight” rating. The company announced its 18-year annual report and the first quarter of 19 years.

1.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of +39.

09%, achieving net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 0%.

560,000 yuan, 23.


In a single quarter, the company achieved revenue of 4 in 2018Q4.

02 ppm, +39 year-on-year.

14%, achieving net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 0%.

140,000 yuan, +1.


2) In the first quarter of 2019, the company realized revenue3.

8.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of +37.

45%, achieving net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 0%.

0.7 million yuan, 45 million year-on-year.


Lower than we expected.

We expect the company’s net profit to be zero in 2019-21.

8.9 billion yuan, 1.

270,000 yuan and 1.

9 billion.

With reference to Petie’s 29 times PE in 19 years, we give the company 40 years in 19 years?
43 times PE, corresponding to a 19-year target price of 35.


27 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Strong market-side sales, sales and R & D expenses have dragged down the company’s performance. Since 2017, the company has set out on the domestic market based on overseas markets.

From the perspective of the sales side, the company’s market-side is aggressive. In 2018 and 2019Q1, the company’s revenue recorded a growth rate of more than 35%.

Among them, the company’s domestic market realized sales revenue in 20182.

510,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of +69.


However, the development of the domestic market requires a large amount of investment, resulting in the company’s profit in the first quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019.

Specifically, in Q1 of 2018 and 2019, the company’s selling expenses1.

400,000 yuan and 0.

32 ppm, an increase of 107 per year.

21% and 99.


In addition, the substantial increase in research and development expenses is also one of the factors that reduce the performance. In 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, the company’s research and development expenses exceeded the increase by 1349.

21% and 424.

75% continued to promote the construction of marketing channels and comprehensively improve the development of domestic and foreign markets. In 2018, the company reached strategic cooperation with Alibaba and Suning to actively promote the construction of online channels and new retail models in the domestic market.
In addition, the company has successively established e-commerce teams such as Nanjing Cloud Cat, Zhongsong Songzhi and Weihai Haotong to focus on the expansion of online channels.
In 2019, the company also signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with JD.com, thus achieving the full layout of major domestic e-commerce platforms.

Completely, the company actively promotes its strategic layout.In 2018, the company 成都桑拿网 acquired New Zealand Pet Food Company to meet the market demand for high-end pet food, and established Wanpy EuropePetfoodsB in the Netherlands.


, Responsible for the company’s product sales overseas and market development, to achieve the company’s ability to integrate domestic and foreign pet food industry resources.

The development of the domestic market continues to advance, and we maintain an “overweight” rating. We expect that the company’s net profit will be 0 in 2019-21.

8.9 billion yuan, 1.

270,000 yuan and 1.

9 billion yuan.

Referring to the 29-time PE level of Petty in 2019, 2018 is the company’s internal team and the first year of channel construction. Considering the growth space of domestic pet industry communication and the company’s domestic sales breakthrough in 2018, we believe that the company’s domesticThe business will go further than 2018, we give the company 40 in 2019?
43 times PE, corresponding to a target price of 35 in 2019.


27 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: intensified competition in overseas markets, fluctuations in raw material prices and exchange rate fluctuations.

The daily limit of January 20th knew early: Seven major benefits are expected to ferment

The daily limit of January 20th knew early: Seven major benefits are expected to ferment

For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!

  Sina Finance News on January 19 news, there are seven major benefits that may affect tomorrow’s stock market, specifically: Huijin shares: 2019 operating results increased by 1561% to 2198% Huijin shares (300368) January 19 evening disclosure performance forecast, 2019The annual profit is 41 million yuan-52.1 million yuan.

In 2019, based on the implementation of business and asset strategy adjustment in 2018, the company realized the focus on core resources and core business. The company’s overall asset quality and profit quality improved significantly. It replaced non-recurring gains and losses during the reporting period.The same period last year increased by 1560.

73% to 2198.

37%, which indicates that Huijin has basically succeeded in focusing its strategic transformation.

  Jayne Design (300668) announced on the evening of January 19 that the company’s controlling shareholder and actual controller replaced the repurchase company’s shares.share.

In addition, the company has a profit of 7942 in 2019.

620,000 yuan -9196.

720,000 yuan, the annual variation range is -5% to 10%.

  Zhengbang Technology: 2019 net profit pre-increased by 727% -831% Zhengbang Technology (002157) disclosed the performance forecast in the evening of January 19, 2019 pre-profit of 16 trillion to 1.8 billion US dollars, an increase of 727.

2% -830.


According to the report’s baseline, hog prices increased by half a year.

  Yinlun Co., Ltd .: A wholly-owned subsidiary was awarded Geely’s new energy vehicle supplier. Yinlun Share Co., Ltd. (002126) announced on the evening of January 19 that Yinzhili, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, won a Geely PMA-2 platform (SMART model) heat pump air conditioning projectAuthorization, the project products are expected to begin volume shipments in 2022.

According to customer forecasts, the internal life cycle is expected6.

9.5 billion.

The company’s acquisition of Geely’s new energy platform heat pump air conditioning project is a customer’s recognition of the company’s new energy vehicle thermal management system product research and development supporting capabilities, which will have a positive impact on the realization of the company’s long-term strategic goals.

  Jinyi Technology: Net profit for 2019 is expected to increase 3602% -4253% in ten years. Jinyi Technology (002869) reproduced its performance forecast on the evening of January 19, and it has a profit of 8 in 2019.

01 million to 9.

420,000 yuan, an annual increase of 3601.


61%, the company made a profit of 2164 in the same period last year.

910,000 yuan.

The sales volume of ETC-related products of the company has increased significantly in ten years.

  Hisun Pharmaceutical: Mortimer Mycophenolate Tablets passed the generic drug consistency evaluation. Hisun Pharmaceutical (600267) announced on the evening of January 19 that the company received the “Clinical Trial Notification” of HS234 tablets approved and issued by the State Drug Administration.””.

HS234 Tablets is an oral selective estrogen receptor down-regulating agent, which also has the functions of preventing and promoting estrogen receptor degradation.

Hisun 杭州夜生活网 Pharmaceutical also announced that the company’s morphocolipol tablets have passed the consistency and quality evaluation of generic drugs.

Mortiscoin tablets are suitable for the prevention of interventional organs in patients undergoing allogeneic kidney or kidney transplantation, and should be used simultaneously with corticosteroids and cyclosporine or tacrolimus.

  Urban Land Shares: 2019 net profit is expected to increase by 340% -395% per year. Urban Land Shares (603887) disclosed the performance forecast on the evening of January 19th, and it is expected that net profit will be realized in 2019.

1.8 billion yuan -3.

5.7 billion, an annual increase of 340% -395%.

Among them, the subject of the restructuring of Xiangjiang Technology Co., Ltd. achieved net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company.

100 million to 2.

500 million yuan.

City Land shares also announced that the company won the bid for the Liangzhu New Town Shulan International Medical Center pile foundation and enclosure engineering project, and the bid price was 1.

5.1 billion yuan, more than 10% of the company’s 2018 operating income, and the construction period requires 150 days.

Goldwind Technology (002202): Large-scale trend is obvious, fans are expected to usher in volume and profit

Goldwind Technology (002202): Large-scale trend is obvious, fans are expected to usher in volume and profit
Event: Goldwind Technology released the third quarter report of 2019. In the first three quarters, 淡水桑拿网 the company achieved revenue of 247.3.5 billion yuan, an increase of 38.84%, net profit attributable to mother 15.91 trillion, the same increase -34.24%, net profit after deduction to non-returned mother 14.29 trillion, the same increase -37.91%; of which, Q3 achieved revenue of 90 in a single quarter.02 trillion, with an increase of 32.65%, net profit attributable to mothers4.0.6 billion, the same increase -54.30%, net profit after deduction is 408 trillion, the same increase -53.41%. Bidding volume and prices have risen, wind power has clearly recovered: Since this year, with the promotion of electricity price policies and the improvement of external conditions, the wind power market has clearly recovered.In the first three quarters of 19, national wind power was added to the grid13.08GW, an increase of 47%; the number of domestic open tenders reached 49.9GW, with an increase of 108.5%, exceeding the annual bidding budget of previous years, of which Q3 single-quarter bidding volume reached 17.6GW, an increase of 144 per year.4%.In terms of tender prices, since the fourth quarter of 2018, the average bid prices of various departments have stabilized and rebounded, and the growth rate has continued to expand, of which 2.The average bid price for a 5MW-class unit in September 19 was 3,898 yuan / kw, a 17% increase from the low point of August last year.The average bid price of 0MW unit Q3 was above RMB 3,700 / kw, reaching RMB 3,900 / kw in September.With the rush to install the upstream forecast, it is expected that the tight supply of wind turbines will push the bidding price upward continuously. The order structure and sales structure have reversed, and the inflection point for gross profit margins already exists: Due to the effects of low-priced wind turbine orders in 18 years, the gross profit margins of wind turbines have increased significantly this year, dragging down the company’s comprehensive gross profit margins in the first three quarters.2pcts to 20.3%, net interest rate 7.2pcs to 6.4%.However, the beneficiary industry has recovered, and the sales of wind turbines have grown rapidly, with export sales in the first half of the year3.19GW, an annual increase of 52.4%, the first three quarters achieved external sales of 5.25GW, of which 2S platform units are mainstream, accounting for 64.8%.From the perspective of the company’s orders in hand, at the end of the third quarter, the company’s orders in hand totaled 22.8GW, an increase of 25 per year.1%, and from the perspective of the order structure, 2.The average order quantity and proportion of prototypes above 5MW increased: 2.5S platform sample order 9.7GW, an increase of 142%, accounting for 42%; 3S platform unit orders5.8GW, an increase of 315%, accounting for 26%; 6S platform unit orders1.1GW, an increase of 125%, accounting for 5%; 2S platform unit orders fell to 5.8GW, the proportion dropped sharply from 40pcts to 26%.The 2S platform unit, as the mainstream model tendered last year, saw the biggest price drop, and the main models delivered in the first three quarters were also the 2S platform unit, so the gross profit margin showed a significant deviation, and 2.As the main timetable for annual tenders, 5S and 3S platform units continue to rise in price, and at the same time they can bring a significant decrease in cost. Therefore, we expect the gross profit margin of wind turbines to pick up significantly in the fourth quarter and next year. The utilization hours decreased slightly, but the continuous optimization of the installed structure: shortened due to changes in wind resources. In the first three quarters of 2019, the standard operating hours of the company’s own wind farms were 1,645 hours, at least slightly reduced by 9 hours.The self-operated wind farm’s regional structure is continuously optimized.As of the end of the third quarter of 2019, the company’s merged and connected self-operated wind farm equity installed capacity reached 4,596MW, of which 34% were located in the northwest region, 34% in the north China region, and 20% in the east and south regions.At present, the company’s domestic equity is 1,390MW, with more than 56% of the regions having better consumption such as South and East China. Overseas business has developed smoothly, and the duration of the increase in orders in hand: At the end of the third quarter of 2019, the company’s international orders in hand reached 1,207MW, an increase of 62.5%, mainly distributed in Canada, Philippines, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia and other countries.In essence, the total equity capacity of the company’s overseas 无锡桑拿网 construction and development projects reached 1,535MW, which provided an alternative basis for the company’s continued expansion of overseas business. Investment suggestion: We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers for 2019-2021 will be 29.2.3 billion, 44.68 ppm, 50.77 trillion, the growth rate was -9.13%, 52.84%, 13.64%; EPS are 0.69/1.06/1.20 yuan.Maintain the company’s buy-A investment rating and target price of 15.9 yuan. Risk warning: domestic wind power installed capacity exceeds expectations; abandoned wind power cut improvement is lower than expected; overseas market operating risks, etc.

Great Wall Motor (601633) Equity Incentive Budget Review: The First Equity Incentive Plan Landed Optimistic for Company Performance Conversion

Great Wall Motor (601633) Equity Incentive Budget Review: The First Equity Incentive Plan Landed Optimistic for Company Performance Conversion
Event Overview The company released the 2019 annual stock and stock investment incentive plan budget, with a total of 1 proposed equity.8.5 billion shares, accounting for about 2 of the company’s total share capital.028%, the underlying stocks involved are A shares of common stock.Any stock is 0.7.4 billion shares, accounting for about 0 of the company’s total share capital.807%, the 无锡桑拿网 grant price is 4.12 yuan / share; stock budget 1.1.1 billion shares, accounting for 1 of the company’s total share capital.221%, the exercise price is 8.23 yuan / share.The incentive plan involved 1,928 people, and the evaluation criteria mainly related to the company’s vehicle sales and net profit. Analysis and Judgment: The company’s first equity incentive plan covers a wide area and its efforts have converged. The draft stock and stock budget incentive plan is the first to be launched in the company’s history. The incentive targets include directors, senior managers, core management personnel and technical backbones totaling 1,928 people. According to our calculations, it accounts for about the number of company management and technical employees9%, covering a wide area.Among them, the budget stock incentive object was 306 people, and a total of 0 was awarded for the first time.5 billion shares, corresponding to 16 per capita.20,000 shares, corresponding to the current sustainable market size of 135.80,000 yuan; 1,622 stock budget incentive targets, a total of 0 for the first time.8.9 billion shares, corresponding to 5 per capita.50,000 shares, corresponding to the current sustainable market size of 46.10,000 yuan, the joint strength of equity incentive programs.In summary, we believe that this equity incentive plan can effectively help the company attract and retain talent, and motivate the core team to work. The evaluation criteria are sales-oriented and profit-oriented. Market share is still the primary goal. For the first time granting stock / stock budget exercise rights to the company’s performance evaluation standards, the net profit weights each account for 65% / 35%, of which the sales target is 2019?No less than 107/115/125 million vehicles in 21 years, corresponding to a two-fold increase in sales2.5% / 7.5% / 8.7%, if the sales target is reached, the company’s market share will be further increased; the net profit target is 2019?21 years is not less than 42/45/50 billion US dollars, corresponding to a gradual growth rate of -20.0% / + 7.1% / + 11.1%, net profit target is slightly conservative, lower than our forecast. It can be polished from the assessment standards, and ensuring the market share is still the company’s current priority. Positive changes are brewing in various business segments, and after the inflection point of the industry is confirmed, the performance elasticity is expected to erupt. There are positive changes in the company’s main product lines: 1) SUV segment: the short-term F-series division of traditional products has an increase in controllable costs, a significant increase in the minimum center, which supports the sales and profit growth of the Haval brand;After the accumulation of history, it is expected to achieve the company’s high-end goal.2) Other business segments: Launch of the Euler brand, joint venture with BMW, shares in Yujie, the company actively transforms electric vehicles, and at the same time deploys Sandian and lithium mines in the upper and middle reaches to ensure the supply of resources and core components; the company’s pickup market share is 30%, Is the biggest beneficiary of the release of restricted lines, recently launched the “Great Wall Cannon”, in line with the development trend of high-end pickup and passengerization of pickup trucks; continuous integration and optimization of component resources, increase scale effects, and will contribute additional performance flexibility when demand increases.We expect the inflection point in passenger car demand to occur at the end of the third quarter, optimistic about the outbreak of the company’s performance elasticity. The investment proposal estimates that the company’s EPS for 2019-21 is 0.47/0.64/0.79 yuan, the corresponding PE is 17.8/13.1/10.6x, the company is currently at a profit low, given the company’s PB level over the past 5 years 南京桑拿网 to the company2.3x PB estimate, corresponding to a target price of 12.97 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating. Risks suggest that the economic downturn has caused passenger car sales to exceed expectations; the market share of independent brand SUVs has changed; new energy vehicle sales have fallen below expectations.

Tips for women discharging to men


Tips for women discharging to men

“Funny is an act of pleasure, because people are happy because they have charm.

And because women are inherently more sensitive than men, generally the woman sends a provocative signal first and controls the rhythm of the whole provocative action. The man is usually the passive one.

“This provocative process is called” discharging “,” it feels like an electric shock “, and” calling “means that there is a feeling.

  Maybe many women think that beautiful women are often full of power and very attractive to men.

In fact, although appearances play a very important part in attracting the opposite sex, there are other ways to enhance their attractiveness: choosing appropriate environmental bars, cafes, dance halls and other public places is a good place to meet the opposite sex.

The dim lights in the venue can make the outline look better, soft music helps to create a romantic atmosphere, and strong music can make people feel more open and enthusiastic.

  Those who know how to “discharge” and release “signals” are more popular with both men and women.

Experiments have shown that taking women as an example, if 35 “courtship signals” are issued in one hour, they can attract the attention of four men on average.

However, it should be noted that the signal cannot be the same when sending the signal, and the mode must be constantly changed.

  Outstanding clothing dresses Ladies should apply a little fat powder to make themselves more visible in the crowd, while men do not prevent them from showing their social form with a straight suit or mature clothes.

  Appropriate eye contact uses the “window of the soul” to communicate. It is an extremely important part of the “discharge” process. It is best to maintain eye contact for one or two seconds, because too long will make you feel uncomfortable, but too short and easyNeglected.

The eyes that refuse to return can best catch the eyes of others.

  For the right conversation, try to open each other’s boxes with a more humorous sentence.

Personalized content can touch your own education or simple background, so as to find common ground with the other party and increase the intimacy of each other.

Your aging password is hidden somewhere

Your aging password is hidden somewhere

Aging is the enemy of human beings. Everyone does not want to grow old. In addition to the increasing wrinkles on the body, there are actually many aging manifestations that we have not noticed. Have you noticed the following?


hzh{display:none;}  肠道——便秘  你没有想到?This coiled up to 5?
The 6-meter guy turned out to be the place where you started aging?

This is true, because intervention is an important digestive and absorption system in our body, where nutrients are absorbed, toxins, and waste are discharged from here.

Medical experts point out that 90% of diseases in the human body are related to uncleanness in the body, and one day of not defecation is equivalent to smoking 3 packs of cigarettes.

  The most direct problem caused by initial aging is constipation, which can accumulate up to about 6 during initialization.

5 kg of stool, a large amount of stool was inserted in it, resulting in toxins, garbage can not be transferred in time or even re-absorbed as “nutrition”, resulting in a large amount of dullness, spotted acne, bad breath, both.With too much waste oil, the small “waist” essence was upgraded directly into a small “belly” woman.

  Dietary recommendations: Sweet potatoes, miscellaneous grains, and other foods that contain fiber. Spine-After 35 years of age, the spine and lumbar spine begin to recede.

The S-shaped figure that women desire is not to say that your spine has to be S-shaped.

Scoliosis of the spine can cause many diseases.

The proportion of women to men is 3 times that of men with scoliosis. Women with scoliosis are particularly vulnerable. A slight movement of things may cause them to lie flat on the bed for a month.

Spinal diseases may also affect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and mental health.

  The investigation found that long-term warping of Erlang’s legs is prone to cause bending and hump, causing uneven pressure distribution in the lumbar and thoracic spine. In the long run, it will inevitably compress the spinal nerves, and warping of Erlang’s legs will distort blood circulation in the legs and cause leg varicose veins.

  Dietary recommendations: Proper supplementation of collagen and calcium, sun exposure!

  Teeth-Rabbit’s front teeth!

  If you find that your teeth have become longer than before, it is not because they are growing, but because the gums are shrinking, and even some of the roots are exposed.

The average length of the front teeth is generally 10?
12 millimeters, root exposure caused by shrinking gums, this number will increase to 15?
17 mm.

The gradual aging of body functions causes the skin to lose its elasticity and the gums begin to relax.

  The best way to protect yourself is to keep your gums free from germs: make sure you brush your teeth twice a day, and clean them with dental floss.

Gingival peristalsis caused by bacteria will aggravate the condition of gingival atrophy. Similarly, excessive brushing of the teeth will also take away the gingival tissue, and it should be avoided.

  Nose-Pinocchio effect The nose has a beautiful time limit. The most beautiful time of the nose is 20-40 years.

After 40 years of age, you wake up every morning and you will find that your nostrils are drooping, your nose shape changes, and the bridge of your nose is slightly sunken. Even, you can feel that your nose is much larger than before, so after 45, you can’t tell any more lies.!!

This is because the nose atrophies like other soft tissues (skin, aunt, and muscle).

Over time, the bones will shrink, and without the support of the bones, these soft tissues will lack a supported base frame.

  Although it is not possible to completely avoid nose and ear atrophy, we can follow the advice of experts and take more precautions in normal times: avoid too much sunlight, smoke, and start using skin care products that can awaken regenerating cells.

  Hair-getting thinner Under normal conditions, everyone replaces some hair every day.

However, if you find that your hair is thinner and thinner, and you have retreated the hairline, or the place where the hair replacement becomes thinner is getting bigger, then you are aware of the problem.

After the age of 35, the same proportion of men and women will gradually leak thinning hair.

The reason is also related to the secretion of estrogen, which has been considered as a protective umbrella for hair growth.

These 10 warm little things make him hurt you more

These 10 warm little things make him hurt you more

You know, the 10 actions of the wife were summed up after soliciting the opinions of several husbands. They have significant effects, strong lethality, and the most important thing is that they are simple and easy to implement.


The husband was tired and fell asleep on the sofa. All his wife had to do was to turn off the TV volume.

The wife must not shake her husband, or scold her children, call and wait.


Expired or leftover food in the refrigerator should be removed in time. Yellow vegetables in the kitchen must be thrown away at any time to keep the trash can clean.


Never say divorce when quarreling, and cry more and have a more targeted language.

If the wife is wrong, after the quarrel, seeing that he still tenses his face tightly, pretend to be cute and stick his face to him.


When your husband comes home from work, he must let him see your smile first.

The newspapers of the day should be neatly folded and placed in a convenient place for the husband to read. Note that men are most disgusted with newspapers getting ridiculous.


When you watch a TV series or a movie, when you see that the marriage life in the story is miserable, think about your husband when he is good to you, call him if you are not around, and lie on your side if you are aroundHe cried for a while and said, “Let’s not do that well?”


When the husband earns a sum of money and hands it over to his wife, the wife must repeatedly count in an eye-catching manner. The wife must show a very excited look, and it is best to let her eyes shine. Then, the wife praises her husband for his ability or hard workLanguage.

Wife’s sentence “You are the best to me!

“It definitely adds to her husband’s sense of pride and honor. Do not believe his wife will try it now.


Be sure to remember your husband’s birthday, and be the first to say happy birthday to her husband.

Remember, birthday gifts are best material. Do n’t eat a meal or watch a movie. Men like to remember good memories. With material gifts, men ‘s memories can have a warm ending.


Once the husband is unwell, his wife must be frightened. Sometimes, he constantly touches her husband’s forehead, presses the quilt for her husband, and brings hot water to her husband. During work, you should also care about her husband, but do not callBest texting.


On rainy nights and cold dusks, his wife can cook a delicious dinner for her husband, and then turn on the lights in the house, waiting for her husband who is late to return home.

Men often feel the warmth of home in such situations.

Husband takes the work home. The wife should not try to let her husband’s attention shift to him. You can go to drink a quick drink and add water, or do some supper. The husband will feel particularly warm.


The wife must be good at getting along with her husband’s friends and colleagues. If she joins her husband’s friend party, the wife must dress up carefully. If her husband’s friends have children or women, it is best to prepare some small things without her husband’s knowledge.The gift will surely bring light to her husband.

This one is extremely effective!

Soldier Assault Revelation of College Entrance Examination

“Soldier Assault” Revelation of College Entrance Examination

Classic quotations: The head of the group said, “There are two words in the middle of wanting and getting, and that is to do it.

You can only get it if you do it!

Enlightenment in the college entrance examination: “Thinking” can be understood as goals, ideals, dreams, etc. For every senior student, after twelve years of hard work, the senior year is indeed undergoing transformation and cocooningIn the process of butterfly, there are many hopes for future life, some kind: which university to enter?

What major do you choose?

Which city is the ideal university?

Wait, the mystery of all of this will be revealed after the college entrance examination “mysterious cotton yarn”.

  ”Getting” can be understood as realizing your dreams and achieving your goals.

  ”Done” is the action to achieve the goal. If you don’t take specific action and just want to get in there, then you will definitely not get it.

Therefore, I encourage all senior students to work hard and gain something. Only by studying hard and down to earth can you get what you want, achieve your goals, and harvest your dreams. Otherwise, it ‘s just imagination.Eternal truth.

  Classic quote: Gangqilian’s slogan “Don’t give up, don’t give up!

“Enlightenment in the college entrance examination:” Don’t give up, don’t give up!

“It’s the slogan of the steel seven company with iron bones, and it’s also the core value of the TV series” Soldier Assault “.

Xu Sanduo is based on “Do not give up, do not give up!

Perseverance and conviction only completed 333 abdominal exercises, and eventually transformed into the “Bing King.”

This sentence is worth remembering for every senior teacher and student.

  For teachers, not giving up, not giving up any high school senior is the minimum professional ethics. Even if that student has a monthly test, the mock test is ranked very low. From the ranking of his school, grade and class, it may be trueCa n’t go online or meet school requirements, the degree rate the teacher hopes, etc., but the potential of the student is unlimited. Before the final college entrance examination, who can hardly predict what the student will be like?

As long as the students are still working hard, there is no reason for our teachers to abandon these students for the so-called “concentrated strength to reach the online rate and undergraduate rate prescribed by the school.”

What’s more, at the last minute, these students become more sensitive. If they say that the teacher has given up on them, then these students may really be “desperate”.

  For students, do not give up, do not abandon any subject, any weak knowledge point, clenched their teeth, each break, without any luck.

I think that these knowledge can be confused. In fact, every time an exam comes down, many students say that the more knowledge points that usually feel underpowered, the easier it is to come across in the exam.

  Classic quotation: The company commander said: “Every time he does a little thing, he is holding it like a straw for life-saving. One day I saw it. Good guy, he is holding a towering tree that has made me look up.”

  Enlightenment in the college entrance examination: In addition to studying during the senior year of the senior year, there are many small things, cleaning of environmental sanitation in some classes, layout of classrooms, blackboard newspapers, radio operations, eye health exercises, and even stillYou need this theme class, you need to rehearse such events as the opening ceremony of the sports meeting.

It can’t be because the senior year is tight, and no one is responsible for these things in the class. It is precisely these small things that reflect the personal qualities and accomplishments. If it can be like Xu Sanduo, it means that “deficiency is good”.When they are small things, they are grasped like life-saving straws. Doing these small things is perfect, maybe there will be unexpected gains. You can say, “One day I see, good guy, what he is holding is already lettingThe towering tree I look up to. ”
What’s more, these things are a kind of adjustment for the intense senior high school study life, that is, to gain relaxation and exercise ability, why not do it?

  Classic quotation: Xu Sanduo said: “It’s a multiple-choice question, and I can’t stand it. I find that I don’t have the right to choose.

“Enlightenment in the college entrance examination: Beyond the college entrance examination is a total review of twelve years of knowledge learning. It is also a challenge and test of physical strength and perseverance. It is a hurdle facing every senior student.

The college entrance examination is a self-competition of will and quality. In the face of this multiple choice question, the senior students can only choose to survive like Xu Sanduo, which shows that you are really grown up and sensible.

The result is not important, because you have done your best for it, no matter what the result should be conscience.

  Classic quote: Shi Jin’s class leader said: “Everyone has flowers in his heart, one by one, but they are beautiful.

“You are no worse than anyone!”

After climbing up this time, no one can look down on you!

“When you start to doubt your own ability and your self-confidence is shaken, it is later than this, Mu Na, a tendon to the bottom, clumsiness, silly, who is called” Xu Mumu “by his comrades.Shouldn’t you rekindle your confidence?

Everyone’s potential is endless. As long as today is a little better than yesterday, isn’t that success?

Especially at this stage of the senior college entrance examination, you must give yourself a positive self-suggestion.

Because positive self-suggestion has an amazing effect, it can help you increase your self-confidence in taking the test.

Choose some self-motivated language, take a moment every day, or talk to yourself, or write it on paper and stick it to the bed, at the table, let the spirit embodied by these positive languages gradually infiltrate into self-awareness, inspiring morale, Stabilize emotions.

Just as the squad leader said, “Everyone has flowers in his heart, one by one, but they are beautiful.”

  Classic quote: Chengcai said: “How many opportunities are scarce, success is not easy, if you do n’t advance, you will retreat!
“Enlightenment in the college entrance examination: When facing the college entrance examination, it is also the time when youth passion is most in need of excitement and burst.

Then, people have only one chance in their lifetime to experience such an unforgettable “leap years” in the college entrance examination. It is because of the hard work of twelve years that they have waited for this time, so they can be educated as Xu Sanduo said: opportunities are scarce., Success is not easy, if you do n’t advance, you will retreat!
“High school seniors hurry up while it has not completely slipped away from you, seize every day, every minute, every second, cherish and seize the opportunity.

Because of the college entrance examination, everyone is going all out and going forward.

If you don’t progress, others will progress!

“Diligent can make up for clumsiness, stupid birds fly first” warned everyone: success is no fluke, achievement comes from hard work.

  Classic quote: Xu Sanduo said: “Dizziness in front of people and unexplainable suffering, this is the taste of success!

“Revelation in the college entrance examination: a rock-like faith and persistent” doing “will make it possible to win, because success can never be attached to lazy people, fluke people, and opportunistic people.

The cuteness of Xu Sanduo is his perseverance. He is serious, not afraid of failure, not afraid of being sneered, and diligently practiced. Everyone has so much respect for him that he has trained from the horizontal bar.Behind success must be sweat-soaked effort and effort unknown to others.

When you envy why others are ahead of you in each exam, and when you see others get the admission letter from the ideal university, do you ever think that “dizziness in front of people and unspeakable suffering are successful?Real taste!

“Classic quote: The old horse squad leader said:” Don’t hang around anymore, be careful about the days that confuse you!

“Enlightenment in the college entrance examination: For the senior students, all hard work, all efforts and efforts will be seen when the college entrance examination transcript is obtained every year.

Looking at your actions and plans is a joke of your future and destiny.

Too many students who failed in the college entrance examination when they returned to their alma mater would sigh sincerely: I really regret that I didn’t study well at the beginning of my senior year, but I was still foolishly playing basketball and playing computer games in the dim world.In the classroom, I don’t listen to the teacher’s explanations, and go to review rashly by my own temperament . Learning is not the whole of life.

But if you can’t conquer even a part of your life, what else can you do?

If you haven’t entered the state of mind before the exam, and you are still confused, please remember the words of the old horse squad leader, “Don’t mix up the days anymore, be careful that the days mix you up!

“The pain when studying is temporary, but the pain that is not learned is life-long.

  Classic quote: The captain said, “Every place, everyone, and everything you go through requires your time and life.

Enlightenment from the college entrance examination: Although the life of the senior year is very tense and full, sometimes it is a bit out of breath, but you can’t ignore the feelings of classmates and the friendship between teachers and students.

Because this is the most innocent student life.

Many years have passed, when you look up, and when you look back, high school life is enough to be the most memorable and treasured page of beautiful bookmarks, sandwiched in the book of your wonderful life.

Although the true love in the same class for three years has no life-and-death relationship on the battlefield, there is no life-saving grace, and there has not even been a dramatic passion shock. Why is this short affair of less than one-twentieth of life making others so unforgettable,Unforgettable?

Because no impurity is pure, no false is true.

Because you have paid for your time and life, when you feel that you do n’t judge the gatekeeper, do n’t ask for honor, do n’t ask for “complementary”, and do n’t seek “win-win” for the true feelings of your classmates. When you realize that “holding a heart,”Without a half-grass,” you will find yourself growing up, maturing, and forgetting the years of youth that will never come again!