2016 snooker crown victory Higgins vs. Trump game live video recording result score 6-4

2016 snooker crown victory Higgins vs. Trump game live video recording result score 6-4
Tencent Sports In the early hours of November 11, the 2016 Snooker Championship Championship Tournament continued, in the 4th group finals, Higgins took the lead to break the hundred 5-2 to get the match point, Trump once saved two consecutiveOne match point, then Higgins scored a big 143 points and broke the 100 to secure the victory, 6-4 Rick Trump.Higgins successfully advanced to the quarter-finals, and then will compete with Ding Junhui for the finals.  Higgins performed well in the China Championship just ended, and finally faced Bingham’s last three innings to break through 100 consecutive wins.This time, the Heaths group semi-final wins Murphy. In the group final, the opponent is Trump, and the group semi-final defeated Gil by three shots.The two Air Forces have fought 23 times, Higgins 13 wins, 1 draw and 9 losses dominant, but the last three fights Trump has won consecutive victories.  In the first inning, Higgins took the lead in getting the mobile phone meeting, and turned to defense after 38-0. In the struggle, Trump jumped again and Higgins scored a 73-0 advantage.Trump caught Higgins leaking the red ball in the middle of the bag to get started. After scoring 31 points in a row, he played a snooker with a pink ball. Higgins lost two shots and lost the advantage.On the last red ball, Trump jumped into the red ball but missed the yellow ball. Higgins scored the yellow ball again.Trump’s basketball attempt to snooker failed, Higgins struggled to win the first game 1-0 lead.  In the second game, Trump won a 24-4 lead. Then Higgins seized the chance of a missed ball to gather, and scored a single shot to win the game. Higgins took a 2-0 lead.  In the third inning, Trump’s state rebounded significantly, Higgins missed the top pocket opportunity with a safety ball, and Trump took a 47-0 lead.Higgins left the chance once again in the safety ball fight, and Trump hit the score with a stroke to win the game, 1-2 behind.  In the fourth inning, Higgins leaked a red ball from the bottom of the safety bag. After Trump scored the red ball to get started, he scored 60 points and was about to become a super score.Higgins struggled to keep the long table and did not enter the reserved opportunity. Trump also scored again and scored the game with a 2-2 draw.  After a 15-minute break, in the fifth inning, Trump won the opportunity through the bench. After 33-0, the bench did not enter the bottom bag. Then Higgins turned to the defense after scoring 61 points.In the safety ball, Higgins made a snooker. Trump’s free throw was scored. Higgins again scored a 3-2 lead in this game.  In the 6th innings, Higgins lost the bottom bag with a red ball after 48-0, Trump then scored 55 points in a single shot, and K’s last post was a red ball.Trump’s safety ball left a chance, Higgins scored a red ball in the middle bag to start again, and scored a 4-2 lead in this game.  In the 7th inning, Higgins scored a red ball through a long bench to get started. After scoring 45 points in a row, he turned to the defense.Trump then made a major mistake, hitting the red ball with a thin edge and hitting the pile of missed balls. Higgins then hit a 135-0 clearance to win the game and came to the match point 5-2.  In the 8th inning, Higgins took the lead to get the mobile phone meeting through the long bench. After 52 points, the long bench attacked the red bag error of the top bag, leaving a bag of lipstick balls, Trump then scored 79 points.Hit the ball and scored a super score, saving the match point 3-5 behind.  In the 9th inning, Trump’s long platform got his start. After 66-0, he scored a black bag. Higgins tried to chase the score and lost the red ball. Trump jumped into the red ball to win the game.Save two match points 4-5 behind.In the 10th inning of the 4th group final of Trump snooker vs Higgins in the 2016 snooker crown, Higgins advanced the bench to advance the red bag of the bottom bag, and then scored 143 points in a single shot to break the 100-win platform to win this.In the end, Higgins finally defeated Trump, 6-4, and successfully advanced to the semi-finals. Next, he will play against Chinese famous Ding Junhui.

Review: the two cities opened higher and higher, the Shanghai index rose 2.

3% performance in the military sector

Review: the two cities opened higher and higher, the Shanghai index rose 2.

3% performance in the military sector

Sina Finance News February 17 news, the broader market opened collectively, the index quickly rose after the opening, the market, agriculture, technology stocks are relatively active, in the afternoon, the three major indexes continued to rise, the Shanghai index rose 2%, the market, securities, 5G, hydrogenThe energy sector rose.

In general, the stocks in the two cities rose in general, with over 180 stocks per day. The bulls were over-excited, and the 武汉夜生活网 market made good money.

  The final close, the Shanghai Composite Index reported at 2983.

62 points, up 2.

28%, with a turnover of 3670.

1.4 billion yuan (3080 in the previous trading day.

8 billion yuan); Shencheng Index reported 11241.

50 points, up 2.

98%, with a turnover of 5701.

8.9 billion yuan (5048 in the previous trading day).


18 points, up 3.


  From the surface of the disk, the agricultural planting, defense industry, and logistics sectors are at the forefront of the rise in the sector, and none of them are weak.

  Sina Finance chief commentator Lao Ai[Weibo]said that the refinancing new policy is beneficial for both coexistence and negativeness. When foreigners were dumbfounded, domestic capital was not stupid. Finally, they were clever for a good reading and swarmed into the 武汉夜生活网 market to grab money.

This is the power of the bull market and the power of the trend. The simplest method of operation is “midline holdings, buy small, buy small, and buy big.”

(Full text) Scenic Spots: 1. Logistics Xinning Logistics, Oriental Jiasheng, Shentong Express, Zhongchuang Logistics, Debang daily limit, Shanghai Yashi, SF Holdings and so on.

  According to the news, the Ministry of Transport issued a toll highway free policy. From 00:00 on February 17 to the end of the epidemic prevention and control work, toll highways throughout the country are free of vehicle tolls.

Many people said that according to the policy, logistics companies, especially express logistics companies, will directly benefit from the free road policy, which will significantly reduce the cost of transportation.

Considering that the initial oil price is in a downward path, the cost of logistics companies is expected to decrease significantly.

  2, GaN is full of electronics, high-tech high-tech, Hailu Heavy Industry and other stocks have a single daily limit.

  On the news, Xiaomi ‘s annual flagship new product launch conference was held last week, and the Xiaomi gallium nitride (GaN) charger that was unveiled together detonated the third-generation semiconductor concept stock of A shares.

  News surface: 1. The Office of the Hangzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group issued a notice today, saying that today Hangzhou has enabled the “Hangzhou Health Code” scan code authentication function in public places and public places in the city.

Enter the community, restaurants, subways, buses and other public places, you can scan code authentication.

  2. Foshan will become the first city to introduce an incentive policy for automobile consumption in 2020.

Recently, the official website of the People’s Government of Foshan City issued the “Notice on the Trial Implementation of Foshan’s Measures to Promote the Consumption Upgrade of the Auto Market in Foshan City”, and proposed to encourage the consumption of “National Six” standard-displacement vehicles and replace each vehicle with 2000-5,000 yuan.

The encouragement policy will be officially implemented on March 1.

  3. To further support the prevention and control of new coronary pneumonia outbreaks in the province, the Provincial Department of Finance urgently allocated a central subsidy fund of 3.5 billion US dollars for epidemic prevention and control on February 17, focusing on patient treatment costs and accumulating temporary work subsidies for medical staff.

As of now, the province’s budget and finance have raised a total of 10.5 billion US dollars in subsidies for epidemic prevention and control to provide funding for the province’s epidemic prevention and control work.

  4. According to the announcement of Jingzhou, in order to effectively respond to the current severe trend of epidemic development, resolutely control the source of transmission, build the first line of defense for grassroots prevention and control, and comprehensively upgrade the epidemic prevention and control measures in Jingzhou Development Zone.

All township and village markets, villages (communities, sub-fields), communities (groups) and approved start-up enterprises in the region will be fully closed except for re-allocation of emergency channels.

  5. According to foreign media reports, Didi Chuxing will launch a ride-hailing service in Australia in March.

  6. According to China Civil Aviation Network, as of February 16, the passenger traffic during the Spring Festival period of civil aviation was 3806.

10,000 person-times, 45 fewer than the same period last year.


Among them, February 21 will be shipped on a single day.50,000 person-times, a significant decrease of 88 compared with the same period last year.

1%, an increase from February 15; load factor was only 46.

74%, a decrease of 38 compared with the same period last year.

78 averages.

  7, the municipal health and health committee news called Zheng Jin said that we must soberly realize that in the next week, the city’s level crossing traffic, urban commuting, and return to production will gradually return to normal.

Anti-input and non-proliferation, the indicators are still grim, we still have to adhere to full prevention and control, scientific prevention and control, precise prevention and control, and do our best to ensure urban public health and safety and public health.

  8. According to the statistics of Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, as of February 16, a total of 6,995 large-scale industrial enterprises in the province have started and resumed work, with an enterprise return rate of 42.

3%; 65 were on duty.

880,000 people, 23% of employees on duty.

  Market outlook: Haitong Securities said that it is expected that the short-term market shocks this week may increase, especially if the GEM opens higher on Monday and it is recommended not to chase the rise, grasp the rhythm of the rotation, and pay attention to the securities firms, real estate, appliances, etc., which have a relatively large rebound in this roundThe 5G industry chain (upstream communication equipment, midstream electronics, downstream cloud services, media) and the new energy industry chain (lithium, photovoltaic) are still the main offensive directions.

Guoke Huanyu: Domestic aerospace key electronic system suppliers continue to benefit from major projects such as manned aerospace and Beidou

Guoke Huanyu: Domestic aerospace key electronic system suppliers continue to benefit from major projects such as manned aerospace and Beidou

Investment points: The company is a major core supplier of domestic manned aerospace engineering and Beidou systems, focusing on the provision of key aerospace electronic systems and solutions.

The company’s core product, the aerospace key electronic system, is mainly used for space vehicle platforms and its effective control for information processing and operation control.

The company has obvious advantages in the field of key aerospace electronic 无锡桑拿网 systems. The company relies on major scientific and technological specialties such as manned aerospace and Beidou systems, and has developed mature products., Initially expanding its business to airborne and missile-launched military fields and nuclear power and other special fields.

The company actively participates in the commercial aerospace industry chain. Under the guidance of the national commercial aerospace policy, the company has provided key electronic system products and services for some commercial satellite development units, and has made important contributions to national scientific and technological progress.

The company’s operating income has grown rapidly and its customer structure is stable.

The company is located in a high-speed growth period, with a compound growth rate of 72 in 2016-18.


The company’s gross profit margin inflation has continued to grow and is at a relatively high level, with gross profit margins of 21 in 2016-18.

52% / 32.

01% / 38.

79%, the company ‘s gross profit margin continued to increase for two years, mainly due to changes in the research and development cycle of space electronic product systems such as manned aerospace and Beidou systems, which gradually transformed into the stereotype and mass production stages in 17 years.In the military industry, such as bomb carrier, the gross profit margin is expected to further increase.

The company’s R & D expenses have declined in the past 3 years, and the R & D expenses accounted for 17% of revenue in 2016-18.

90%, 6.

96%, 5.

19%. The decrease in R & D expenses was mainly due to the continuous iteration of core technologies in 2016, breakthroughs in expenses, and the subsequent annual transfer to R & D investment in the mass production delivery stage.

The company has a leading position in domestic aerospace-level effective radial signal processing and operation.

The company has made significant breakthroughs in highly reliable computer architecture, high-performance data processing and transmission technology, intelligent measurement and control, and scientific experiments in orbital displacement technology. It is in a leading position in China.The second prize is similar to the “Outstanding Contributor to China’s Manned Space Project”.

The company’s military salaries are complete and the industry has deep accumulation. The company has obtained the “Class III Secret Qualification Certificate of Weapons and Equipment”, “Warm Equipment Research and Production License” and “Registration Certificate of Equipment Research Institute”, which has obvious advantages in industry qualification.

It is recommended to use PE or PEG estimation.

According to the “Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board Stock Issuance and Listing Review Rules” issued by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the listing standard chosen by the issuer is “the estimated market value is not less than 1 billion U.S. dollars, the net profit in the last year is positive and the operating income isBelow 100 million “, PE or PEG estimation method is recommended.

risk warning.

The company’s next-generation GEOVIS development progress is not up to expectations; the risk of changes in the national digital earth policy.

Guangri Co., Ltd. (600894): Transforming Hitachi Elevator Profit Growth

Guangri Co., Ltd. (600894): Transforming Hitachi Elevator Profit Growth

This report reads: Hitachi Elevator’s profit has increased significantly, and investment income has driven the company’s performance to rebound significantly.

The company’s market share has increased, benefiting from the recovery of the elevator industry, and the old retrofitting elevator policy has been catalyzed.

Investment Highlights: Conclusion: Hitachi Elevator’s profit growth, investment income has driven the company’s performance to rebound significantly.

The 佛山桑拿网 company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.

63, 0.

70, 0.

73 yuan, considering the company’s future performance growth rate, given a target price of 11.

4 yuan, corresponding to 18 times PE in 2019, increasing holdings.

Hitachi Elevator’s profit increased significantly, and the company’s related party transaction growth rate increased by 3.

5% increased to 20%.

①The company holds 30% equity of Hitachi Elevator, and the investment income contributed by Hitachi Elevator in 2019H1 is 2.

380,000 yuan, accounting for up to 93% of the company’s non-net profit deduction; non-net interest rate of the company’s main business deduction is less than 1%.

② Demand in the beneficiary industry is picking up, and the company’s costs are under control. Hitachi Elevator ‘s net profit margin has rebounded significantly to 杭州夜网论坛 2015 levels.

In 2019H1, Hitachi Elevator’s revenue will increase by 28% each year, and its net profit will increase by 151%; its net profit margin will increase from 6 in 2018.

7% rebounded to 9 in 2019H1.


③ The company provided spare parts for Hitachi Elevator, and the company’s growth rate of Hitachi Elevated Associated Transactions in 2019 was 3.

5% increased to 20%.

This confirms the high revenue growth of Hitachi Elevator, and the investment income has greatly boosted the company’s performance.

The company’s market share has increased, benefiting from the recovery of the elevator industry, and the old retrofitting elevator policy has been catalyzed.

① From the perspective of Hitachi, China, maintenance, and renovation needs are gradually released.

Hitachi’s global elevator business, China’s revenue accounted for 53%, in 2018 Hitachi’s market for new orders for elevators in China accounted for the first.

② The company’s elevator market share has increased, and prices have worked hard to stabilize.

Increasing the market share is the company’s operating goal. The company’s elevator sales growth rate in 2018 will be 30%, changing the industry demand and stabilizing. It is expected that the price will stabilize.

③ The elevator industry has bottomed out and is picking up. The demand for the relay is expected to be renewed, and the installation of elevators is welcome to catalyze the policy.

Potential demand for the installation of 2 million elevators in the old quarters, the old city reconstruction policy subsidies are extra, trying to quickly increase volume.

Catalyst: The old policy of retrofitting elevators.

Increased risk: The scale of new real estate starts has expanded, industry competition has intensified, and investment returns have reduced risk.

Depth-Company-Yutong Bus (600066): Q3 sales grow rapidly, gross profit margin continues to improve month-on-month

Depth * Company * Yutong Bus (600066): Q3 sales grow rapidly, gross profit margin continues to improve month-on-month

The company released the third quarter report for 2019, and achieved a total of 208 operating income in the first three quarters.

6 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

7%, the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company is 13.

2 ‰, an increase of 10 in ten years.

6%; net profit after returning to the mother 11.

2 ‰, an increase of 9 in ten years.

6%; budget benefit 0.

60 yuan, the performance is slightly higher than our expectations.

Complementary excellent decline, the company has some control over terminal prices, ensuring profitability, sales volume, revenue and net profit growth against the trend, the gross profit margin continued to improve, highlighting the company’s excellent management capabilities, leading and stable, stable market shareIt is expected to continue to improve.
The company’s estimated earnings for 2019-2021 are 1.

15 yuan, 1.

32 yuan and 1.

53 yuan, maintain BUY rating.

The main points of the support level are to strengthen the control of terminal prices, and the performance has improved significantly.

In the first three quarters of 2019, the company’s passenger car sales were 42,140, an increase of 6 per year.

6%, including 14,940 new energy buses, an increase of 22 per year.

7%; average price of bicycle is 49.

50,000 yuan, +1 a year.


The increase in sales and new energy share plus the company’s strengthening of price-end controls, the first three quarters of 2019 operating income +7.

7%, gross profit margin 23.

4%, a slight decrease of 0 a year.

2pct; sales cost +13 each time.

3% is expected to be mainly due to the increase in sales volume and the extension of the financing period leading to an increase in mortgage service fees; management costs for ten years +10.

5% is mainly due to the increase in management labor costs; R & D costs are extended by +5.

4% is mainly due to the company’s new product trials 杭州桑拿网 and increased R & D projects; financial expenses extended by +7.

9%, mainly due to the reduction in interest rate expenses; the four expense ratios totaled 16.

4%, ten years +0.

3 points; recognition of non-recurring gains and losses 2.

100 million (government subsidy 1.

200 million, impairment receivables of funds reversal to 0.

600 million, etc.), net profit attributable to mother +10 per year.

6%, an increase of 9 in the next ten years.


Q3 sales volume grew rapidly, and gross profit margin continued to increase month-on-month.

The company sold 16,711 passenger cars in Q3, +13 a year.

2%, +12.

5%, including 6,195 new energy buses, +80 per year.9%, +6 from the previous quarter.

8%, it is expected that the sales volume will increase rapidly due to the impulse of new energy transportation during 杭州桑拿网 the supplementary transition period; the average price of bicycles will be 50%.

0 million yuan, almost the same year, -3.

1%; income +13.

6%, +9.

0%, gross margin 24.

1%, which is reduced by 3 per year due to subsidies.

2pct, but up 2 from the previous quarter.


2019Q3 sales expenses temporarily increased 37.

The 6% is expected to be mainly due to the increase in market expansion and sales volume increase during the transition period of new energy supplements; research and development costs have declined year by year24.

1%, mainly because the company’s new product trials were mainly completed in the off-season in the first half of the year; the extension of financial expenses dropped significantly by 130.

7% is mainly due to the reduction of corporate borrowings and the reduction of interest expenses; the management cost is +15 per year.

6%, four expense ratios total 14.

1%, year-on-year decline of 2%.

3 points.

In 2019Q3, the revenue increased and the expense ratio decreased. The gross profit margin continued to increase sequentially, and the company’s net profit attributable to the mother realized 10.

4% faster growth.

The leader is solid overall, and the market share is expected to continue to increase.

According to data from China Passenger Network, the market share of 5m bus companies in the first three quarters of 2019 was 31.

8%, +3 per year.

7pct, the market share of new energy bus companies over 6 meters is 30.

8%, +6 per year.

6pct is mainly because the company seized the critical moment of the new energy supplement policy switch and jointly promoted order delivery with customers during the transition.

The replenishment of new energy has substantially subsided, and the performance of companies’ technologies and funds has gradually improved. The company is the industry leader and the technology and management level are leading in the industry. The company grasps the industry development trend, high-end, intelligent network-connected products are being launched,Energy transportation products have been completely upgraded and lightened. They have obvious advantages in technology, products, and marketing, and the city’s share has continued to increase.

We estimate that the company’s estimated earnings for 2019-2021 will be 1.

15 yuan, 1.

32 yuan and 1.

53 yuan, taking into account the current assessment level of the company, maintain a BUY rating.

The main risks faced by the rating are 1) the decline in automobile sales; 2) the rise in prices of raw materials; 3) the decline in the value added of new energy.

6 causes of premature ovarian failure in white-collar women

6 causes of premature ovarian failure in white-collar women

Introduction: The menopause of women in the modern workplace is greatly advanced, and the phenomenon of premature ovarian failure occurs. There are many causes of premature ovarian failure, which have a great relationship with psychology, environment, diet, disease and even heredity.

The causes of premature ovarian failure in white-collar women are as follows: 1. Psychological factors.

Poor emotional conduction Reduces secretion of immune-active substances in the body.

Strong mood swings or sudden huge mental stimuli alter central nervous system changes, cause menstrual disorders, and cause premature ovarian failure.

Frequent business trips, changes in the environment, and emotional stress can also cause menstrual disorders.

2. Infectious factors.

Mumps in young girls can be combined with ovarian inflammation and eventually develop premature ovarian failure.

3. Environmental factors.

Rubber products, flame retardants, pesticides, plastic products, antioxidant metabolite 4-ethylene, tobacco, etc., endanger human reproductive function.

4, living eating habits.

Women who fall asleep after 23:00 due to lack of sleep, poor sleep quality will affect immunity, cause menstrual disorders, premature ovarian failure.

Long-term birth control and drug weight loss cause malnutrition and lack of protein, which can cause premature ovarian failure.

Adolescence is the stage of ovarian development. If you wear tight underwear and make it develop and evolve, your ovaries are vulnerable.

5, menstruation, marriage and childbirth history.

The menarche is earlier in menopause and the menarche is later in menopause.

Menopause time is related to the initial number of follicles and the rate of follicular failure.

Repeated egg retrieval or ovulation-promoting drugs for birth can also cause premature ovarian failure.

6, genetic history, previous surgery history.

Chromosomal abnormalities, menopause before the age of 40 years, and a history of pelvic surgery are risk factors for premature ovarian failure


角质过厚,不仅护肤品吸收不了,还会引起痘痘、粉刺等问题。很多时候,就算用了很多滋润产品,皮肤也像是反应迟钝,怎么都不能彻底白滑起来。不过,去角质也不是越勤越好,如果去得太频繁,反而会让皮肤干痒,甚至发红、敏感,可谓过犹不及。  如何正确的去角质  油性肌肤每周一到两次,干性皮肤每周至多一次,而且去除多余角质后,建议用保湿面膜为皮肤补充水分,最后涂抹温和的乳液滋润肌肤。需要注意的是,一定不能把皮肤弄的过薄,否则容易出现红血丝等过敏症状。  小贴士:平时不要总去角质,特别不要用磨沙颗粒的,而是要把角质养厚,避免用刺激的东西。不要用清洁力太强的洗面奶,注意保湿,少用化妆品。  Q:绿豆粉真的可以用来洗脸、敷脸,而且具有去角质效果吗?  A:绿豆粉本身是硬质颗粒,研磨后加上外壳,的确可以去角质,而且由于豆科植物普遍含有皂素,具有洁面活性剂的去油功效,所以也可以拿来洗脸。用市场买来的绿豆自己磨成粉就可以使用,不过磨完绿豆后要用筛子筛掉过大的研磨颗粒,避免搓伤肌肤。  Q:去角质属于深层清洁,因此可以省略洗脸,直接去角质吗?  A:洗脸是基本的清洁步骤,是不可以省略的。单纯的颗粒性去角质没有办法将脸上的油脂污垢洗下去,所以洗脸和去角质是两件不同的事情,基本清洁天天都需要做到,而深层清洁定期做一下就可以了。正确的步骤是先洗脸,再去角质。但需要注意的是,洗脸时已经做了揉搓动作,去角质的时候就要温和一点,不要太过用力。  Q:遗传性的手臂、腿上摸起来一粒粒、粗粗的,该怎样去角质?  A:遗传性的肌肤不管有没有去过角质,毛孔都会粗粗的。但如果定期做角质,肌肤就会变得比较平滑,如可以使用磨砂膏等的物理性去角质产品,或果酸、水杨酸等化学性去角质产品。一定要长期坚持才有效果,否则毛孔还是会变粗的。  Q:使用果酸产品后就不用去角质了,是真的吗?  A:这种说法没有错。果酸是化学性去角质的成分,使用果酸产品已经是做了一次去角质动作,如果再使用物理性的磨砂膏产品,肌肤可能因过度去角质而变得敏感。对于这两种去角质产品,建议最好间隔使用,这样对肌肤会比较有保障。   Q:摸起来粗糙的肌肤就是需要去角质了?  A:皮肤摸起来比较粗糙的原因有两种:一种是如果皮肤本身比较干,摸起来便会有粗糙的感觉;另一种是属于油性角质性肤质和粉刺肤质的人,也可能皮肤摸起来比较粗糙。去角质之前要先了解自己是哪种肤质。如果是干性或敏感性肌肤,本身肌肤就很干燥了,再去角质指挥让肌肤脱皮更厉害。如果是油性肌肤,就比较需要去角质了。   Q:颗粒状的去角质磨砂膏会让毛孔越来越大吗?   A:这种现象不容易发生。但是发炎性痘痘肤质和敏感皮肤不适合使用磨砂产品,因为磨砂膏若是把痘痘弄破了,更容易留下疤痕,敏感性肌肤会因被颗粒状的物质摩擦,而变得更加敏感。一般来说颗粒状的去角质产品在使用上要比较小心,要注意揉搓的力度,如果太用力,不仅会对肌肤造成微小的伤痕,导致擦伤其他保养品容易产生过敏现象,长期下来还可能会留疤。   Q:去角质产品有水状的、凝胶状的、粉末状的、颗粒状的,哪种效果好呢?   A:这就要看你是哪种肤质了。去角质产品有化学性和物理性两种,水状类的产品通常属于化学性,凝胶、颗粒状产品属于物理性,而粉末状的就要看成分了,例如加入木瓜酵素的是化学性产品,加入高岭土成分的则是物理性产品。一般油性或角质层较厚的肌肤,比较适合用颗粒状的产品,而中干性或角质层较薄的肌肤,比较适合用水状或乳状的产品。   Q:为什么已经常做去角质了,还是一直在长黑头粉刺?   A:因为肌肤的代谢周期是28天,毛孔也是肌肤的一部份,其代谢方式就是产生粉刺,所以想要藉由去角质彻底除去黑头粉刺是不可能的。但是去角质的确会将露在毛孔外的粉刺去除,让皮肤表面暂时变得比较干净。再经过一段时间后,内层的粉刺会继续生长往外代谢,在接触空气氧化后还是会产生黑头粉刺的问题。   Q:晒后肌肤很粗燥,需要去角质吗?   A:千万不可以。很多人接受阳光曝晒后都发现肌肤变得粗糙了,这是因为表皮在紫外线的作用后,细胞死亡所致。这时候如果去角质、擦果酸乳液,那你的肌肤就会受到太大的刺激。建议加强保湿、镇定的工作,敷保湿面膜、芦荟露等都是不错的选择。   Q:为什么已经常做去角质了,还是一直在长黑头粉刺?   A:因为肌肤的代谢周期是28天,毛孔也是肌肤的一部份,其代谢方式就是产生粉刺,所以想要藉由去角质彻底除去黑头粉刺是不可能的。但是去角质的确会将露在毛孔外的粉刺去除,让皮肤表面暂时变得比较干净。再经过一段时间后,内层的粉刺会继续生长往外代谢,在接触空气氧化后还是会产生黑头粉刺的问题。   Q:晒后肌肤很粗燥,需要去角质吗?   A:千万不可以。很多人接受阳光曝晒后都发现肌肤变得粗糙了,这是因为表皮在紫外线的作用后,细胞死亡所致。这时候如果去角质、擦果酸乳液,那你的肌肤就会受到太大的刺激。建议加强保湿、镇定的工作,敷保湿面膜、芦荟露等都是不错的选择。

Ten psychological truths must be known for a happy life!

Ten psychological truths must be known for a happy life!

Introduction: Among the three principles of psychological happiness listed by Professor Martin Seligman, it is most important to grasp the present happiness.

The fast pace of modern life and the extreme future mentality of modern people will make us forget the present.

All the technological advances, from the telephone to the Internet, are good for you to do more, to do the time, to save time so that we can plan for the future, but saving time and planning for the future has made us lose the present.
  1. Happiness is highly hereditary. We are willing to believe that once you work hard, every emotional state and every personality trait can be improved. Of course, it also includes positive emotions such as optimism that support happiness. Only in this way, it is relatively weak.Talent has the confidence to stand up.

More than 40 years ago, when Seligman entered the field of psychology and began to study, the idea that “people can be changed” has been hanging over the psychology community.

  However, in the 1980s, personality studies of twins and adopted children began to appear. The above was called a failure, and there is no possibility of a comeback.

Identical twins have more psychological traits than fraternal twins. The adopted children’s personality traits are more like their biological parents than their adoptive parents. There are more than a hundred research reports of this kind, and they all show the same thing: about 50Personality traits are genetically determined.

However, high heritability does not mean that it cannot be changed. Some genetic traits (such as sexual orientation and weight) are immutable. Other genetic traits, such as pessimism and fear, can be changed.

  2. Happiness treadmill Many people have had this experience. When the position is elevated, expectations are getting higher and higher. Past efforts have brought fame and wealth to no longer bring happiness.

Professor Martin Seligman said that this is the happiness treadmill at work. If happiness is equal to wealth and fame, we must have more, otherwise we will not feel happiness.

  Without this “treadmill”, the people in fortune should be happier than ordinary people.

As a result of Professor Martin Seligman’s argument, ordinary people are happier than those who are noble.

Studies have found that fortunate things and high achievements do not bring long-term happiness, only short-term effects.

  3. Money cannot buy happiness. In fact, our views on money affect our happiness more than money itself.

According to Professor Seligman’s research, among all classes, the more value-oriented people are, the more dissatisfied they are with his income and the more dissatisfied with his life.

  Professor Seligman’s team conducted a survey of life satisfaction in more than 40 countries and found that: in countries with strong purchasing power, people’s life acceptance is also high; once the national income exceeds $ 8,000 per capita, this correlation begins to disappear, and the increase in wealth cannotContinue to increase life satisfaction.

Money cannot buy happiness. In the second half of the 20th century, changes in the purchasing power of rich countries also brought us the same message: the actual purchasing power of the United States, France, and Japan has doubled, but life has not changed.

  4. Happiness is not a temporary pleasure. Some people ask, “How can I be happy?

“For Professor Martin Seligman, this is a wrong question, because if we cannot distinguish between pleasure and satisfaction, we will rely entirely on shortcuts to find the joy that is easily available in life.

Pleasure is immediate, it comes from the senses, and it is temporary.

Once the external stimuli disappear, they quickly disappear, and we gradually have these habituation effects, which will require stronger and more stimuli in the future to bring the same level of pleasure.

  We all know that it is not temporary happiness. Real happiness must come from our own efforts.

However, humans have invented many shortcuts for temporary sensory pleasures: drugs, chocolate, sensuality, shopping, and television.

  5, happy but not stupid Many evidences show that although depressed people are more sad, they are more correct.

Depressed people are more practical, and they can more accurately judge how much talent they have; while people with happiness generally evaluate their ability more than others judge him.

Although it is easy to have “happy but stupid” accusations inside the coaxial.

But it turned out to be untenable.

  People with happiness remember more happy things. They remember even more than they actually happen. They often forget bad experiences.

In contrast, depressed people have good memories of both events.

Happiness people think that if they succeed, they are of course proof of their ability; if they fail, they believe that failure will soon pass, and only because of bad luck.

Much of the evidence gathered by Utah State University professor Aspinwall shows that happy people make important decisions better than unhappy people.

  6. Happiness is getting satisfaction. The biggest benefit of separating pleasure and satisfaction is that although half of the people can’t achieve positive emotional happiness, they still get happiness because they have satisfaction.

Satisfaction cannot be obtained from physical pleasure, nor from drug use or any shortcut.

Only after noble behavior is done will it naturally occur.

Pleasure is sensory and emotional, and satisfaction comes from exerting personal strengths and virtues.

  Getting satisfaction is actually quite simple.

It is to do something that is challenging and requires technology; to focus on; to have a clear goal; to get immediate feedback; you should be deeply involved in the thing you are dealing with; you have the feeling of being able to control;Time has stagnated.

  7. Happiness comes from advantages and virtues. Happiness comes from your own advantages and virtues. Only the happiness you get through your own efforts can have a true feeling of happiness.Doing things that are pleasing to the senses, such as chatting with friends, watching movies, and scoring with the feeling of doing good, are overshadowed.

When we naturally help others, we all have a happy day.

  Strengths and virtues are positive personality traits that bring positive feelings and satisfaction.

The optimistic person is worried that the current difficulties are interpreted as temporary, he has control, and only in this situation; on the contrary, the pessimistic person thinks that his difficulties will not be escaped in a lifetime, and it is unluckyOne after the other, and I can’t stop it.

  Optimism is just one of more than twenty attributes that make you happier.

Harvard’s Professor George Valiente conducts research on “mature defense”. Maturity includes: altruistic behavior, the ability to delay gratification, full of expectations for the future, and a sense of humor.

“Wind-knowing grass, loyal ministers in troubled times”, can even sharpen a person’s character in a disaster.

  8, happy people are more willing to altruistic happy people have a common characteristic is altruistic behavior.

Many people may think that an unhappy person is more sympathetic to the pain of others, because he has felt it, which should be more conducive to his behavior.

Experimental results show that happy adults and children are more compassionate and are more willing to donate money to those in need.

In other words, happy people are more likely to be altruistic.

  When we are happy, we will not focus on ourselves, we will like others more, and even willing to share our good luck with strangers.

When we are down, we don’t trust others, we become very introverted, and we focus on defending our needs.

  9. Marriage is a guarantee of eternal happiness. Marriage is much more relevant than money and happiness.

Empirical data support that marriage is a guarantee of eternal happiness.

The National Center for Public Opinion Research in the United States has surveyed 35,000 Americans over the past 30 years, and 40% of married people say they are “very happy,” while only 24% of unmarried, divorced, and separated say they are happy.

  Professor Seligman does not really believe in the relationship between marriage and happiness, because he believes that happy people are more likely to make friends and get along with each other, so it is easier to approach marriage.

But he also said frankly that in the survey of people who are very happy, the happiest top 10% of people almost have close life partners, only one person does not.

  Another finding is that the correlation between physical health and happiness in the objective sense has just reached a significant level (that is, the correlation is small), and the correlation is our subjective perception of our health status.

Survey data also show that people with religious beliefs are happier and happier in life than atheists.

  10. The true meaning of happiness: forget the past, seize the present. Why do people hold on to the past hatred?

Why is it not our nature to rewrite unfortunate history?

In fact, forgiveness can turn pain, hatred into neutral or even positive emotions, which can increase life satisfaction.

Remember, “You can’t hurt the perpetrator without forgiving him, but forgiveness can set you free.

  Among the three principles of psychological happiness listed by Professor Martin Seligman, it is most important to grasp the present happiness.

The fast pace of modern life and the extreme future mentality of modern people will make us forget the present.
All the technological advances, from the telephone to the Internet, are good for you to do more, to do the time, to save time so that we can plan for the future, but saving time and planning for the future has made us lose the present.
  There is a little trick to seize the happiness now: make surprises.

To surprise yourself often, it is better to create surprises with the people around you. This surprise does not have to be a dozen roses. A sudden cup of coffee may be effective.

It’s worth spending five minutes a day planning to surprise your spouse, child, or colleague.

Be kind to your child’s rebellious psychology

Be kind to your child’s rebellious psychology

Due to the development of children’s self-awareness at the age of three or four, they have more and more subjective initiative, and have shown greater selectivity in adult command and arrangement.

Therefore, he often shows willfulness and disobedience. If you call him like this, he will have to be “noisy.” This phenomenon is called psychological inversion in psychology. It is a psychological characteristic and need not be strange.

If parents don’t treat their children’s education properly, it may aggravate the phenomenon of rebellion, such as: 1.

Paternalistic education methods: Some parents do not respect their children, and often do not allow this or that when disciplined; some parents are eager to learn from their children. If the children are not interested and want to learn, the parents put on a pair.The elders’ posture makes it easy to have emotional confrontation with children.


Style of education: some parents like to slap their children all day, this is to do this, that is to do it; this is not right, it is not, and they are muttering endlessly, this “knock-fish” styleEducation eventually leads to boredom and rebellious psychology.


Indifferent education method: young children have a strong curiosity and curiosity. They must ask everything to find out. Touch here and there. Sometimes electric sockets and gas switches are also the objects of their investigation. They do not understand the dangers.Sometimes, sometimes good toys have to be taken apart to look at them, and even valuable home appliances will be damaged.

If the parents are simply simple, rude or disregarded at this time, it will cause the child’s dissatisfaction and rebellious psychology.

  Parents should abide by the laws of children’s psychological development, master the knowledge of children’s psychology, and improve their education methods and attitudes towards children.

  First of all, respect the child, trust the child, treat him equally as a friend, aggravating, beating and scolding will make the child take your word to the ear, and psychologically it will also cause resentment.

  The reason is to calmly analyze the reasons for the child’s rebellious psychology. If it is an adult reason, they should pay attention to improvement, and the adult should be convinced; if the child is unreasonable, he can take a cold treatment method, causing the rebellious behavior to be ignored, afterwardsFurther education, induction, and explanation of the interests. Don’t “kick your head over the head” and add fuel to the fire to make things worse.

  Make full use of the child’s mentality to make children obey the correct education.

For example, if the child is playing outside and he is obviously moving but refuses to walk by himself, you must hug him. You can say to him, “You see, the little brother over there walks by himself, wouldn’t you be worse than him?”

“The child will walk on his own in order to show that he is competent.

This method is used properly and is no less than positive preaching.

  The last parent should be good at discovering the highlights of the child. For example, the child is curious, easy to ask, and loves to use his brain. Parents should be guided by the situation and explain some of the principles that the child understands. Don’t deny everything when it is rebellious.

Of course, when the child’s behavior is found to be dangerous, it should be stopped in time and the reason should be explained.

Colgate Fluoride Children’s Toothpaste

Colgate Fluoride Children’s Toothpaste

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