2015 NBA Playoffs 26th Warriors vs Rockets G4 Preview: Can Houston Fight Back

2015 NBA Playoffs 26th Warriors vs Rockets G4 Preview: Can Houston Fight Back
On May 25th, Beijing time, the fourth game of the Western Conference finals will start tomorrow. The Houston Rockets will play against the Golden State Warriors at home.The 0-3 backward Rockets retreat is irreversible. Is it a face-saving game, or is it goodbye to this season?  After leading 3-0, Stephen Curry was not worried about slacking in Game 4.It’s not difficult for us to maintain hunger and thirst, Curry said, because no one of us has ever had this kind of experience, nor has we really gained anything.  Win one more game, and the Warriors can reach the finals for the first time since winning the championship in 1975.In Game 3 Curry scored 40 points and led his team to a 115-80 victory.西决最后一场吗  主帅史蒂夫-科尔也不认为勇士会有什么改变,队员们深知,最重要的永远是下一场,科尔说,充满竞争意识,对一切细节保持专注,Focusing on the task to be completed, not the result, has always been our advantage, especially at this moment.Keep working hard and keep going.  The Rockets also hope to bottom out, after all, the difference between the first two losses is not big.We want to remain optimistic. Dwight Howard said that one person’s negative energy will be passed on to the next person. We seem to have disarmed, but we don’t want to be a team that will yield under pressure.  The Rockets trailing 1-3 in the second round had reversed their promotion.Although there has never been a 0-3 backward team in NBA history, the Rockets have no fear.  The next game of this round is about honor. Jason Terry said that we have to show that we are a tough team. We have shown this in the playoffs so far. I have no doubt that we will have a game 4Same performance.  When asked if he thought his teammates gave up in Game 3, Warcraft stated: I saw the give up from everyone’s face on the court, we can’t do this. no matter how much you lose, you can’t give up.We are indeed behind 0-3, but we have to continue fighting, this is the only way.If we are not confident ourselves, who else will believe us?  In Game 3, Curry, who is not good at rebounding, grabbed an offensive rebound in front of Warcraft, who was much taller than him. After learning that this scene was included by ESPN in the top 10 wonderful shots of the night, Curry shook his head and said: ThisIt may be beyond people’s expectations, most people are surprised, but I just appeared in the right place at the right time.  The World of Warcraft, who scored 14 rebounds, said: I didn’t see Curry at all. My teammates were in high positions. I thought there was no one at the rim. As a result, I turned around and saw Curry. He grabbed the next rebound.That’s it, this is basketball.  In Game 3, the Warriors took control of the post, grabbed 21 more rebounds than the Rockets, and scored 58-42 in the post.Kevin McHale was dissatisfied with this.If we can’t score in the penalty area or beat the opponent on the rebound, we can’t win most games. Mai Shuai said, you can look at our rebounding performance throughout the season.If one of our backcourt and frontcourt rebounds is good, we can win; if both are good, we will be good.Starting predictions:    Warriors: Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Green, Andrew Bogut;    Rockets: Terry, Harden, Trevor Ariza, Josh Smith, Howard.(Demon)

Two factors trigger A share merger and restructuring heat

Two factors trigger A share merger and restructuring heat

In recent years, improving the M & A and reorganization mechanism has been the focus of the work of the CSRC.

On May 11, Yi Huiman, Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, emphasized once again at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the China Listed Companies Association and the seventh meeting of the second council that we need to deepen comprehensive reforms, improve mechanisms for mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcy and reorganization, and supportHigh-quality assets are injected into listed companies to improve the quality and efficiency of listed companies.

  On May 13, Jin Dalai, a strategist at Pacific Securities, said in an interview with a reporter from the Securities Daily that the transformation of regulatory authorities to improve the positioning of the capital market and the further improvement of related systems, combined with the positioning of the capital market to serve the real economy, is expectedM & A and restructuring in the capital market will pick up in 2019.

  In fact, judging from the actual situation this year, the A-share market M & A and restructuring has shown a clear recovery momentum.

  According to the statistics of Flushing (300033), the reporter found that, according to the latest announcement date, for May 12th, 2019, excluding M & A and restructuring failed projects, a total of 1269 listed companies in the stock market participated in 1862 M & A project transactions.In the same period last year, only 726 listed companies participated in 947 M & A projects.

In terms of the participation of listed companies this year, the annual growth rate is 74%.

  Judging from the transaction amount, the amount of M & A and reorganization involved in 1272 listed companies this year is about 1.

063 trillion, compared with 3820 in the same period last year.

71 trillion US dollars increased by 178%.

  ”The reason for the rebound in the number of M & A and restructuring of A-share listed companies this year is related to the recovery of the capital market, especially the strong rebound of the A-share market after the year, which has further increased the number of companies with capital operation expectations.

At present, the valuations of many listed companies are in a reasonable range, and mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations have a certain participation value. Reorganizations are also related to the internal integration and transformation of the industry during the economic downturn.

Jindalay analysis said.

  Judging from the statistical results of the above data, the listed companies involved in mergers and acquisitions and reorganization this year are indeed concentrated in 都市夜网 the machinery and equipment, chemical, pharmaceutical and biological industries.

  It is undeniable that the current capital market has gradually become the main channel for mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations, and the main battlefield for inventory activation.

Data show that the amount of M & A and restructuring transactions of listed companies increased from 1 in 2014.

45 trillion to 2 in 2018.

56 trillion yuan, accounting for about 60% of the domestic M & A market, and has leapt to become the world’s second largest M & A market.

  ”Through the increase in the activity of M & A and restructuring in the A-share market, it is necessary to improve the construction of related supporting systems in the future.

“Yang Ouwen, the head of the financial product team of the Sichuan Financial Securities Research Institute, said to the Securities Daily reporter that if the information disclosure system is further strengthened and supervision is implemented.

Carry out special inspections on individual listed companies that may have excessive packaging, promptly investigate and deal with illegal activities such as fraudulent performance, and amend the performance commitments that deviate from actual corporate transactions.

  Jin Dalai added that it can also start with supporting financing and other systems to motivate the participation of social capital.

In the absence of other equity financing alternatives, the existing refinancing requirements can be moderately relaxed, especially in terms of the pricing base date and the issue reserve price.

Ziguang Guowei (002049): plans to acquire Ziguang Liansheng for US $ 18 billion to welcome Weiwei three times

Ziguang Guowei (002049): plans to acquire Ziguang Liansheng for US $ 18 billion to welcome Weiwei three times
Event: Purple Light Micro China 2019.0602 issued an announcement saying that the company intends to purchase shares of Beijing Ziguang Liansheng Technology Co., Ltd. (“Ziguang”Liansheng”) 100% equity, the initial consideration of the transaction is 180 trillion, and the additional issue price is 35.51 yuan / share.  Purple Light Micro-dedicated 武汉夜网论坛 to becoming a “security chip leader”.The company is a leading provider of integrated circuit chip products and solutions, focusing on the field of integrated circuit chip design. Its business covers intelligent security chips, highly stable memory chips, special integrated circuits, FPGAs (generic), semiconductor power devices, and quartz crystal devices., Covering leading market segments.Among them, security chips and special integrated circuits are the company’s main source of income.The company intends to divest the memory chip business, focus on the field of security chips, and strive to become a “security chip leader”.  Ziguang Liansheng-one of the world’s largest vendors of smart security chip components.Unisex is a shareholding company that provides operating entities in France, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, China and other countries through its core assets, Linxens. It is a technology and market-leading technology company in the field of intelligent security chip components.Linxens’s main business is the design and production of smart security chip micro-connectors, RFID inlays and antennas, and ultra-thin and flexible LED light strips. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of smart security chip components.  Cooperate in a win-win situation and expand the smart security chip industry chain.The synergy effect of this transaction is obvious. On the preliminary synergy, Ziguang State Micro will obtain a secure and stable supply of micro-connectors, realize the layout of “security chip + smart connection”, and complete a more complete smart security chip industry chain; horizontalSynergistically, Ziguang Guowei will expand the company ‘s overseas smart security chip business through Ziguang Liansheng ‘s overseas sales channels and customer relationships to increase its market share and global competitiveness.At the same time, relying on Ziguang Guowei’s accumulation of customers in the field of intelligent security chips for many years, this transaction will bring broader business opportunities to Linxens.  FPGA- “5G theme expansion + domestic alternative logic” dual engine push.There is still room for contradictions in the special integrated circuit market, and the domestic substitution of civilian FPGAs has been promoted. The company’s FPGA future market is broad.FPGAs have increased in scale in the field of electronic communications, and their applications are expected to expand rapidly. The demand for 5G + AI as the main application scenario will rapidly increase the market capacity of FPGAs. The global FPGA market continues to grow, and the major players in the world are foreign giants.In the acceleration of localization, the localization rate of the FPGA market in Croatia is very low, and the domestic application rate is less than 30%, and there is huge room for improvement.Ziguang Tongchuang and its predecessor have more than 10 years of development history of topological logic devices. It is a leading manufacturer of domestic FPGAs in China.  Based on the bright market prospects of Ziguang Guowei’s intelligent security chip and FPGA, we expect the company’s 2019-2021 EPS to be 0.66, 0.91, 1.14 yuan / share (without considering the future consolidated contribution of Ziguang Liansheng), maintain target price of 63.7 yuan, give “Buy” rating risk warning: M & A activities are blocked and cannot be carried out smoothly; the synergy effect is less than expected; the end market demand is less than expected

Hualu Hengsheng (600426): The price of chemical products has dropped H1 net profit position 22% for many times

Hualu Hengsheng (600426): The price of chemical products has dropped H1 net profit position 22% for many times

The 2019H1 net profit gradient is 22%, and the performance is slightly higher than expected. Hualu Hengsheng released its 2019 Interim Report on August 7, and the company’s 2019H1 revenue was 70.

800 million, an increase of 1 in ten years.

1%, net profit of 13.

1 ppm, a decrease of 22 a decade ago.

1%, performance slightly exceeded market expectations.

Follow 16.

2.7 billion of the latest equity calculation, the corresponding EPS is 0.

81 yuan.

Q2 achieved revenue of 35.

300 million, down one year.

7%, net profit 6.

700 million, downgraded 29 quarterly.


We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 1.



67 yuan to maintain the “overweight” level.

The main chemical product business climate gradient dragged down the performance, and the R & D expenses increased significantly. Most of the company’s main product business conditions remained. According to Baichuan Information, the average price of DMF / adipic acid / acetic acid / octanol / carboxylic acid in East China in 2019H1 was 0.





48 million / ton, with annual changes of -22.

0% /-27.

4% /-39.

5% /-9.

4% /-36.


The company’s organic amine / adipic acid and intermediate products / acetic acid and derivatives / polyols achieved sales of 17 respectively.




In January, they increased at least 4% / 9% / 0% / 80% respectively, corresponding to the realization of revenue 8.




600 million US dollars, a year change of -16% /-16% /-37% / 93%.

The company’s comprehensive gross profit rate will be lowered 3.8 points to 29.

4%, the selling / administrative expense ratio changed by 1.


1pct to 2.

7% / 0.

9%, the increase of project-based R & D expenditure led to an increase of 363% to 1.

6.1 billion.

Under the advantage of “one head and multiple lines”, the fertilizer sector performed well. According to Baichuan Information, the average price of urea in Shandong in 2019H1 was 0.

200,000 yuan / ton, a slight increase of 0 in ten years.

4%, of which Q2 average price is 0.

20 million / ton, the company’s fertilizer segment achieved sales of 122.

In April, the year-on-year growth was 55%, of which Q2 sales were 64.

9 to the lowest, the chain continues to increase. Considering the overall low price of the methanol industry chain products since 2019, the company has fully leveraged the “one head, multiple lines” advantage based on the coal gasification platform to increase the output of liquid ammonia industry chains such as urea / carbon ammonia.

Reported significant revenue 18.

3 ‰, an increase of 51% per year. As the average price of bituminous coal (Shanxi Youhan, Q5500) drops by 8% in 2019H1, the profit of the segment is expected to increase significantly.

The prices of acetic acid and adipic acid rebounded to the bottom, and the price of urea dropped. Recently, the prices of the company’s main chemical products have mostly bottomed or have rebounded, especially the Yima Gasification Plant exploded on July 19, involving 24 methanol, 25 The prices of anionic ethyl acetate, acetic acid and derivatives rose sharply. According to Baichuan Information, the prices of acetic acid / adipic acid / octanol in East China in early August were 0.



76 million / ton, up 21% / 8% / 9% from the previous May / June lows, respectively. DMF / cholesterol quotes are 0.


44 million / ton, in the historically relatively low range.

Due to the end of agricultural demand and weak construction work recently, the latest urea price in Shandong is 1,860 yuan / ton, which is equivalent to a 12% drop from the March high.

Overall, the company’s profitability is solid, and the cost side of CO2 / gasification platforms is still improving.

Maintain “overweight” rating We maintain the company’s net profit forecast 苏州桑拿网 for 2019-2021 is 32.



4 trillion, corresponding to EPS for 2019-2021 is 1.



RMB 67, combined with a comparable company’s estimated level (8 times PE in 2019), the company has excellent cost control capabilities, building caprolactam and nylon new material projects and refined adipic acid projects, further extending the industrial chain and building subsequent performance growth points, giving the company 20199-10 times PE, corresponding to a target price of 17.


60 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk Warning: Downstream demand is not up to the expected risk, and raw material prices fluctuate greatly.

China Railway (601390) 2019 Interim Report Comment: Q2 Revenue Accelerates Significantly

China Railway (601390) 2019 Interim Report Comment: Q2 Revenue Accelerates Significantly

In the first half of 2019, the company gradually signed a new contract value of 7013.

400 million, an increase of 10 in ten years.

5%, mainly contributed by railway and municipal orders.

Among them, Q1 and Q2 new level orders are 3132 respectively.

900 million, 3880.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 0 in ten years.

3%, 20.

4%, in the second quarter of the new millennium single growth rate accelerated significantly.

As of June 2019, the company’s outstanding contract value was 30,946.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 11 over the same period last year.

7%, more than 4 times the 2018 revenue.

In the first half of 2019, the company 杭州桑拿网 achieved operating income of 3608.

21 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years.


Among them, infrastructure construction, survey and design and consulting services, engineering equipment and component manufacturing, real estate development and other business migration separately. 17.

05%, 4.

82%, 9.

69%, 12.

56% and -11.


In the first half of 2019, the company achieved a comprehensive gross profit margin of 9.

85%, a decrease of 0 from last year.

14 points.

, Mainly due to the gross profit margin oxide of railway, operation business and material trading business.

In the first half of 2019, the company achieved a net interest rate of 3.

11%, an increase of 0 from the previous year.

13%, the net net amount increased with the decrease in gross profit margin, mainly due to the decrease in 武汉夜生活网 the proportion of impairment losses and the decrease in the management expense ratio and compensation expense ratio.

The company’s net operating cash flow per share for the first half of 2019 was -2.

18 yuan, a decrease of 0 compared with the same period last year.

92 yuan / share, the deterioration of the company’s cash flow is mainly due to the increase in the payment of supplier budgets and real estate business investment.

The profit and loss of minority shareholders of the company increased significantly, mainly due to the rebound in profits of non-wholly owned subsidiaries.

The proportion of net profit attributable to shareholders other than listed companies in the company’s net profit has increased significantly.

Earnings forecast and rating: We maintain the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.

80 yuan, 0.

94 yuan, 1.

05 yuan, the corresponding PE on August 30 closing prices are 7.

5 times, 6.
4 times, 5.
7x, maintaining the rating of “prudent increase”.

Risk Warning: Macroeconomic downside risks, new growth trends, orders on hand fall short of expectations, cash flow conditions deteriorate, and bad debt losses exceed expectations

Gree Electric (000651) Double eleven profit-taking activity review: accelerate destocking to seize market share

Gree Electric (000651) Double eleven profit-taking activity review: accelerate destocking to seize market share

Event: On November 9, 2019, the company issued a double eleventh announcement of a profit of 3 billion to combat low-quality and shoddy products. This move will have a certain impact on the company and the air-conditioning industry.

The background of the activity is that the short-term industry faces growth difficulties and high inventory.

Industry online data show that the first three quarters of 2019 gradually reduced home air conditioners.

97%, sales volume gradually decreased1.

78%, the growth rate of the industry has been frustrated, and since the beginning of this year, the industry’s destocking rate has been slower than expected, and inventory pressure 武汉夜生活网 must be released as soon as possible.

Aowei’s data shows that as of October 31, 2019, Gree Air Conditioner’s market share for the year was 35.

56%, a year down 2.

03 average values, the average price is 4,562 yuan, an increase of 82 yuan; and Midea’s annual average market share is 28.

5%, an increase of 3 per year.

43 averages, with an average price of 3708 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 239 yuan; Haier Air Conditioner’s annual market share.

92%, an annual increase of 0.

27 averages, with an average price of 3989 yuan, a decrease of 159 yuan per year.

Gree recently launched offline factory tour exhibitions and online double eleven profit-sharing promotions aimed at consolidating market share.

Profit-making activities have advantages and disadvantages in the short-term, which will help optimize the industry 深圳桑拿网 structure in the long-term.

The company’s promotional activities are unprecedented, with a minimum of 1599 yuan for inverter air conditioners and a minimum of 1399 yuan for fixed-frequency air conditioners. The total profit is 3 billion yuan.

18 ppm, so short-term profitability will have some impact on profit indicators.

In the medium term, the new energy standard for air conditioners will be officially implemented early next year. Some energy efficiency indicators will be replaced by price reduction promotions to replace the old ones, thereby reducing the inventory and related capital occupation.Excess, the industry must be reshaped, and the relationship between supply and demand can return to benign. It is expected that companies will further eliminate third- and fourth-tier brands and long-tail brands through price and brand advantages.

A short-term price war is inevitable, and a follow-up strategy is introduced.

The company’s leading profit is limited to the Double Eleven event, but the price war has opened the “Pandora’s Box”, and a short-term price war is unavoidable.

According to relevant media reports, after Gree’s price reduction raid, the United States quickly “hit back”.

Midea Air Conditioning issued notices to various agents, direct sellers, and distributors on November 10, objectively proactively attacked, daily sales sniper, and duel on the same day, and fully seized the market share of Double Eleven’s revenue. Part of the period from November 10 to 11You can make profit promotions, and the price reduction ranges from 100 to 800 yuan.

Haier announced 1.

The price of 5 air conditioners is as low as 1699 yuan, the lowest price of 1 air conditioner is as low as 1499 yuan; the price of 1 inverter of Hisense Air Conditioner is 1499 yuan; the minimum price of 2 inverter air conditioners is 3599 yuan, and free installation service is launched.

Investment advice: Maintain the recommended level.

Industry and company inventory is high, and profit-making activities will have a short-term impact on the company’s profit indicators. Although the profit-taking period is short, Pandora’s Box has been opened. Short-term changes are expected to affect the duration.Obviously, the implementation of mixed reforms and the proportional increase of the MSCI ratio will help reduce the short-term capital pressure. The price war will optimize the industry’s long-term competition track. After short-term pressure, you can pay attention again.

In 2019, the EPS in 2020 is 4.

71 yuan, 5.

26 yuan, corresponding to 14 times and 12 times the PE, maintaining the recommended level.

Risk warning: intensified competition in the industry triggers price wars and changes in raw material prices.

Yili (600887): 3Q performance exceeds expectations

Yili (600887): 3Q performance exceeds expectations

The 3Q19 performance was better than expected in the first 3Q results announced by the company: total operating income 686.

800 million, ten years +12.

0%, attributable to net profit of 56.

3 ‰, ten years +11.

5%, corresponding to a relative profit of 0.

93 yuan, of which 3Q single quarter operating income / net profit attributable to mother increased by +10.

8% / 15.

5%, better than expected.

We think it is currently estimated to be attractive and recommend a positive layout.

  Development trend Revenue growth has remained stable, and 4Q is expected to accelerate slightly.

According to our grassroots research, we expect the company’s liquid milk to continue to maintain a solid double-digit double-digit growth in the 3Q single season. Among them, liquid milk at room temperature performs well. Nielsen data shows that the market share from January to September reached + 2 ppt to 38.

8%, low-temperature liquid milk is expected to decrease from January to September, and the decline in 3Q has slightly expanded. The market share in January-September has fallen by -1ppt to 15.

8%; infant milk powder is affected by the gradual disappearance of the second child dividend. It is expected that the growth rate of 3Q will be vertical to a single value, but the double-digit growth in the first three quarters will continue to increase the city’s share.

Grassroots research shows that 3Q Gold Code and An Muxi still maintain a rapid growth rate of 15% -20%. An Muxi is affected by competition and scale competition. The growth rate has increased slightly, but it is still increasing.

We expect 4Q to benefit from the Spring Festival about 10 days in advance, and the revenue is expected to accelerate slightly. We expect to complete the 13% revenue growth plan probability conversion.

  3Q gross profit margin was stable, and the increase in profit margin was mainly due to the compression of sales expense ratio.

3Q gross margin constant +0.

2ppt, of which the raw milk price increased by more than 8% in 3Q, but the optimization of product structure effectively replaced the impact of cost growth and promotion.

Selling expense ratio for half a year -2.

3ppt / ring ratio-3.

4ppt to 21.

8% is the initial improvement in profitability.

Grassroots research shows that the competitiveness of 3Q offline dairy products has further expanded. We judge that the decline in the sales expense ratio in a single quarter may be caused by the imbalance between the quarters of advertising expenses, but even the sales expense ratio from January to September was even 1.

The decrease of 3ppt is related to the exertion of the company’s scale effect and the continuous improvement of expense utilization efficiency. We gradually see a slight reduction in the sales expense ratio, and the net profit margin may be better than the company’s initial estimate.

Looking forward to 2020, although there is uncertainty, we believe that the company’s scale will expand, and the trend of product structure optimization will not change. It is expected that the industry’s promotion efforts will improve under the background of cost growth.decline.

  Earnings forecast and forecast are raised by 19-year gross 深圳桑拿网 margin forecast, and considering the increase of stock amortization expenses in 19-20, adjust 19/20 income forecast + 0% / 0 accordingly.

6% EPS forecast + 4% / 0% to 1.


26 yuan, the current contradiction corresponds to 19/20 23/21.

5x P / E, correspondingly raise target price by 4% to maintain target price of 35.

7 yuan, corresponding to 30/28 times P / E in 19/20, 32% more upside than currently expected. Maintain Outperform rating.

  Risks: fluctuations in raw materials, the impact of category demand, increased competition in the industry, and food safety incidents.

Yuxingcao decoction bath for urethritis

Yuxingcao decoction bath for urethritis

Reader Zheng Xia of Lanxi, Zhejiang: When I was a child, I always saw my grandmother planting grass in the yard, especially in summer.

Sometimes I saw my grandmother cut off some of this grass, washed it and put it in a pot to fry water. Later, I saw her washing her lower body with this water. I was surprised, so I asked my grandmother why?

She told me that this is Houttuynia cordata. Use it to fry the water, drink it to cool down and reduce fire. If you wash it, you can treat frequent urination and have a good effect.

Since then, I remember Houttuynia cordata.

Not long ago, a little sister became ill and said it was a urinary tract infection. She wanted to urinate all day long, but it was painful and itchy, and she was distressed. I introduced her to this formula, which was cheap and convenient. She tried it. NoJust a few days.

  Liu Yongheng, Doctor of Oncology, Guang’anmen Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences: Houttuynia cordata, named after its strong fishy smell in its leaves.

It has good antipyretic, detoxifying, broad-spectrum antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and damp-wet effects, so it has certain curative effects on frequent urination and dysuria caused by bacterial infections.

  For external use, Houttuynia cordata, 10-30 grams of dried product (double the fresh product), simmer in a bath.

It should be reminded that because Houttuynia cordata contains volatile oil, it should not be fried for a long time.

This recipe applies only to women.

Moreover, once the condition worsens, you should go to the hospital in time.

Watch small gestures to expose your relationship

Watch small gestures to expose your relationship

When couples get along, many small movements can clearly indicate the reliability of the relationship between the two. Try to see these body language codes that represent the meaning of caress.

  Speech is pale and unreliable. Experts who study body language believe that more than 90% of the communication between men and women does not need to speak, so you can understand by analyzing your body language and some intimate little movements between you and your lover.The union of feelings between you.

  Holding in your hands when you are afraid of kissing a couple, holding each other’s face in your hands is one of the strongest and most natural feelings. This action has far exceeded the meaning of kissing itself.

Usually people do not need to design in advance when making this action, or an expression of near-instinct love, this action expresses the emotion that two people want to be completely isolated from the outside.

  The sweetest and most touching moment of hair mess is yours. He stares affectionately at your face and gently helps you to brush a strand of hair hanging on your face behind your ears . If this action is done in a large court,It’s tantamount to declaring to everyone that you are in a relationship.

If in the presence of only you two, this action represents his silent voice: I want to take good care of you.

  Don’t forget to honor your lover in the same way, why?

I am afraid that this must be changed from the perspective of chemistry. Primates are used to grooming their partners’ hair. This is a way of caring for each other. Therefore, you should also pick up this forgotten instinct and instill your love in each other.Body.

How do women respond to men’s touch?

  When you join the PARTY, you may have the following experience: in the crowd, when you are not ready, you gently squeeze his side, or he walks around you and suddenly grabs your waist from the back .Moving your feet usually chooses the way of anticipation, which is a natural behavior and contains a lot of playful elements.

The implicit word is: Remember us last night .?

In addition, you can make this kind of gentle hoeing, and the small twisting movement shows that they know the tolerance and habits of the other person’s body very well.

What couples do through this behavior is not physical pleasure, but psychological satisfaction.

  But be careful, if your move in the crowd contains the meaning of “marking”, something you want to express is: he is mine, take your paw away!

Then it means that your relationship hinders conflict and requires fresh motivation and vitality to sustain it.

  The conjoined baby walked side by side with two people walking on the street with broken bones proclaiming how harmonious you were. When you surrounded the cross on each other’s waist and advanced at the same pace, it also showed that you are not just couplesYou can also reach the realm of good buddies emotionally. When you face the world with this harmonious and unified attitude, it shows that you are a real couple. You not only feel like a fish in terms of emotions, but also build a trust.And mutual assistance.

  Except for the strangers who flirted in the row at the Pilohan bar, one sitting on the other’s leg was firstly a couple proclaiming their relationship and at the same time promoting their happiness.

Whether it is a man or a woman who sits on each other’s legs, at the beginning of the relationship between the two, this posture declares that your relationship has developed in depth, the depth of the relationship occurs, and this posture has the meaning of declaring territory.

  The most popular Pilohan sitting method is the seat belt type. The person who is used as a chair tightly embraces your waist from behind with his arms. This situation usually indicates that one of you is not very secure about this relationship. MaybeThere is a feeling of discomfort in the tightness of one party’s body. The true feelings are only known to the two of you.

  Hold hands!

Hold hands!
  Observe the couples who like to hold hands. Most of their hands are held tightly in their palms and their fingers are crossed, like the claws of two birds clasped together; perhaps you would think that they did so at will.When you hold hands in this way, you can easily transfer information to each other through the movements of your fingers. The tightness of your fingers also shows that your relationship is inseparable, and it is the most important gesture that can rub the degree of the relationship between the couple.

But this posture of holding hands usually also appears in those occasionally paired male and female playmates, especially two people who decide to be together temporarily unaccompanied at night, this posture will make you feel trust and dependence on each other.

In addition, the fingers holding hands will not make people feel nervous and awkward.

  The movement of leg friction under a table that no one else can see is using the friction of legs to communicate lightly. This is a common scene in public places.

Although you are already close, this little action is very provocative and full of sneaky adventures.

When the teased party leans their legs more towards the other side, or a woman puts a leg on a man’s thigh, let alone doubt the firmness of their relationship.

At the same time, this method is also suitable for one party who wants to draw the attention of the other party back to themselves. For example, women find that men have been watching the waitress for too long, and they will use this small gesture to remind him: it ‘s useless to see you.Gotta go home with me.

This trick is more brilliant than the effect of turning his face on the spot for a long time.

  Ominous body language may be the time to say goodbye when he has the following gesture of rejection.

  Inability to hold hands: This lack of passion is analyzed from the perspective of human physiology that he has tried to get away.

  Avoid eye contact: Men with other thoughts in their hearts are usually afraid to look directly into your eyes.

  Hug indifferent: A hug that makes you not feel love means that he is not happy with you.

  Routine kissing: If he’s absent-minded when kissing in public, it means his mind is no longer with you.

  In the communication between two people, the party who has research on body language behavior can often put aside the initiative, because they don’t need to ask, they can understand your mind by “seeing”.

Observe your other half, from the gestures when he speaks to the number of times he raises his eyebrows, and explore the inner world you may never notice or imagine.

Maintenance plan makes you stand out in the interview

Maintenance plan makes you stand out in the interview

Introduction: Xiaobian specially introduced seven tips for skin care, so that you can easily stand out in the interview, and become an “interview master” with internal and external training.

  First recruit: Cleansing products through deep cleansing, cleansing products can push your breakthrough new cell skin to the surface layer, and achieve the effect of restoring the skin’s smoothness and brightness, thereby showing your truest temperament.

  Recommended product: Laneige Moisturizing Foaming Face Wash Recommended reason: This product contains raspberry and blueberry extract, which can thoroughly cleanse the skin and protect the skin from external irritation.

  The second measure: toner Toner unique to add water, soften the effect of horny, can quickly stimulate the skin to absorb the nutrients in the cream.

Such characteristics just set off your ability to “learn well, learn cleverly”.

  Recommended product: Avene Soothing Spring WaterRecommended reason: Unique multiple trace elements and mineral ingredients, which can effectively alleviate skin sensitivity, soothe and repair sunburned skin, and then leave one on your skin’s hydrolipid filmA transparent protective film keeps you aware of gentleness and comfort.

  The third trick: the beauty lotion and the traditional skin care benchmark using the “cream” directly after the “toner”, the intervention of the beauty lotion is a great innovation.

Its light aqueous solution can quickly penetrate the skin and intensive skin care.

  Recommended product: Fu Lifang silk moisturizing repair beauty liquid Recommended reason: This product appeared in time, not only in line with the current trend of beauty skin care, but also moisturize the skin.

Its unique seaweed essence NMF natural moisturizing factor can penetrate easily dry and rough skin like a combination, so that every inch of texture is filled with moisture.

In essence, its unique peach kernel, barley kernel, honeysuckle and other strictly selected high-quality and low-irritant raw materials can also promote the absorption of creams and provide a full range of moisture for the skin.

  The fourth trick: the cream The unique effect of the cream is that it can make its unique oil form a thin film on the skin to prevent the moisture in the stratum corneum from evaporating, so that you can handle everything with ease.

  Recommended product: Clinique Moisturizing Moisturizing Cream Recommended reason: It not only can quickly replenish the skin’s required moisture, so that the skin is full and effectively soothes dehydrated and dry skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth at all times.

  Fifth trick: Eye cream is the most delicate part of the body. The quality of the eye skin directly affects your overall charm display.

And a small bottle of eye cream can show your youthful beauty, why not?

  Recommended product: Fulifangsi nourishing eye creamRecommended reason: Honeysuckle, jujube, tangerine and other carefully selected high-quality and low-irritant raw materials will not add any burden to the soft skin, and can use its unique effects to form around the eye skinProtective film prevents skin from drying out and achieves moisturizing and healthy skin on eyes.

  Sixth trick: Isolation cream Isolation cream can not only prevent the intrusion of harmful substances in the air, but also provide a clean and gentle environment for the skin, so that your unique temperament is consistent.

  Recommended product: L’Oreal Paris Multiple Sunscreen LotionRecommended reason: Its unique high-efficiency UV A and UV B filter membrane patented skin vitality, which can effectively prevent skin darkening and pigmentation, and can make skin size clear, withoutGreasy.

  Seventh trick: Lip balm In the cold winter, a thin layer of lipstick can even moisturize your skin, warm your psychology, and make you truly feel that this winter is actually not cold.

  Recommended product: Mentholatum Moisturizing Lip Balm Recommended reason: unique moisture moisturizing formula and mint moisture, while moisturizing the lips, it can soothe tiredness and revitalize the spirit.

  In the end, Xiaobian came up with a rally about “beauty”: comrades, for the glorious 2010, in order to make yourself a “interview master” who is both inside and outside!

Please remember that beauty should begin with the skin.